A question of time
Oren Rosenstein
Published: 03.12.13, 11:07
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1. Summer break, winter break
Rinah   (12.03.13)
Time off in the hottest month and time off in the coldest month (to sleep later and be warm) instead of two months at a stretch make good sense to me!
2. Sukkot and Pesach?
Joseph ,   London England   (12.03.13)
If August is that hot and wrong for school holidays, think about making major school breaks for Sukkot and Pesach, similar to the traditional yeshivot and minimise the August break, assuming all schools are air-conditioned!.
3. Updating school hours
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.03.13)
If mothers are out working, how do school hours fit with this? Here in London most Jewish schools finish about 4 p.m., but Haredi boys schools often finish about 6 p.m. I understand some Israeli schools finish quite early. How do parents cope?
4. parents
Milana   (12.03.13)
when will parents and others realize that school exists in order to teach children, not as a solution to childcare. A connection should not even be made. When that happens then education will improve. As long as teachers are looked upon as babysitters, that is how everyone , including themselves will react. You are the parents and it is your job to raise the kids, and they deserve a life, not just school day in and day out.
5. too much vacation
lisa ,   israel   (12.04.13)
Children receive over 3 months of vacation throughout the school year. Also the school days are short. My daughter ends school around 1:30. We need to make changes to school system so kids spend less time at malls, and watching videos. Schools should end around 4:00 each day. Also Parents would have more energy if they would not feel so stressed out about finding a babysitter or camp to fill in when there is no school. They would also have more money to feed their families better as well as having more energy to spend with their children
6. #5 Are you seriously sugesting
Yaara ,   Israel   (12.04.13)
that the children learn until 4pm or you are saying that the children should have after school activity and come home at 4?
7. Focus on children
Akiva ,   NYC   (12.04.13)
Having a two month summer break because of the heat when we did not have air-conditioning, made sense because it was too hot for children to study. Two months is really too long and bad for the children. Therefore we should spread out several breaks when the weather is best to be outdoors. The children are the main concern for all concerned. Pesach and Sukkot are better times for children to be out of school than July and August. It also enhances simchat yomtov.
8. #4 In which country do you live?
Yaara ,   Israel   (12.04.13)
Certainly not in Israel!! I have three small children and 10 days of holiday per year. Every erev hag that my company is closed they take me one day of my holiday. The children have two months of summer holiday, two weeks Rosh Hashana and Sukkot holiday, one week Hanukkah and two weeks Pesah break. How that suppose to work out? Do you have any suggestion? No. I didn't think so. Thanks G-d that we live in the kibbutz and the children have activities during all holidays. But I have no idea what parent in the city do.
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