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Tug-of-war erupts over return of Jewish archives to Iraq
Published: 01.12.13, 07:44
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1. The artifacts deserve refugee status
Logic ,   Israel   (12.01.13)
especially after the trashing of the Baghdad museum during the war by pillagers, the destruction of Joseph's tomb under the PA, the destruction of the Afgan Buddah statues, the destruction of the Temple artifacts by the Waqf, and other countless crimes against history.
2. Do as the Moroccans Did:
AVouskila ,   South America   (12.01.13)
Establish a Jewish Museum, albeit a Second one in a Muslim State. In Morocco, where the Jewish Museum was establish long ago, the great initiative was interfaith and with the help of American Jewish volonteers who assisted the Museum Direct Dr. Levy (an anti Zionist intellectual, but a great Jewish Moroccan, proud of his origins) , a Muslim woman Curator (oh is she so enthusiastic about her Museum, and very much dedicated). And then you have the Beautiful ladies from the South, American Jews, who took pain to create an index of the Jewish Moroccan History. So, Irak should hopefully find a precedent and allow the establishment of such an institution where all the restored documents, books, etc..etc..should be on perpetual display for the benefit of Arab, Muslims and Jews. It could be done under the auspices of Iraki Jews that are pretty well competent to lend a hand for the creation of such Interfaith Vision.
3. to #2 that is nice, but jews do not live in
lili   (12.01.13)
Morocco any longer. Marrocco jews just visit there. the history is not as great as you think.
4. Is Obama turning the US into the Switzerland of the 1940's?
EST ,   Miami USA   (12.01.13)
5. #2, #3 not exactly
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.01.13)
In as late as 2004, there were 3,000 Jews in Casablanca; it's the largest Jewish community, but not the only one. At that time there were 10,000 Jews in Morocco. More recently, well-to-do South African Jews, most of whom are of Moroccan origin, are building communities of villas in Morocco. As of now, they are meant as vacation villas. The real precedent of Morocco is the King's declaration centuries ago that the Jews are under his protection. This was recently repeated by the present King in his reaction to attacks on Jews. I have not read of any such statement by the Iraqi government. Jews have been in Morocco since 70CE. The history is greater than you think, lili.
6. "The great book robbery"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.01.13)
"70,000 Palestinian books were systematically "collected" by the newly born state of Israel during the 1948 war"
7. good to have -facebooke ......
hala ,   jerusalem   (12.02.13)
it is evryone face and booke ..hahaha
8. to #6 yet no Israeli has ever saw one. really
lili   (12.02.13)
before you mumble ask the Israelies if they ever saw one of those "famous" books you are talking about, the truth is no, and not even care, since jews have older books. The Israeli arabs have a problem with the arabic, Israeli arabs have found out - litrature in arabic and the common day arabic are so different and difficult so they stopped reading. That was discovered by Arabic Linguistics research from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
9. 'to save face . .
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (12.02.13)
To save face for the Iraqi government, let the USA have the archive on permanent loan or indefinite loan. Iraq will retain ownership, but the collection will be displayed in the USA where scholars are more able to use it. The same arrangement should be suggested for the Lubavitch Library which should be moved from Russia to Lubavitch head office in New York.
10. solomon #5, your numbers are off.
Jake   (12.05.13)
As of 2012, the Jewish population in all of Morocco was 2000 - 2500 , so the numbers you cite for 2004 are doubtful. As for the Jew's historically being under the king's protection, this "protection" didn't count for much during bloody anti-Jewish riots and pogroms that drove much of the Jewish population out of the country. That is, I think, what lili was referring to when she said "the history is not as great as you think".
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