Clashes, arrests during Ethiopians' housing protest
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 03.12.13, 15:36
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1. Supply and Demand
Mark ,   London   (12.03.13)
The cost of housing must be related to supply and demand in local real estate markets. c£60K seems a fair amount for a deposit to buy. Whatever happened to the rental market for newcomers? Perhaps building more housing units in areas outside the J&S is the answer - and ensuring there are plenty of jobs thereabouts. Creating a megalopolis around Tel-Aviv doesn't sound a good idea to me.
2. Shame Shame Shame
Daniel EILAT ,   Bergerac-France   (12.03.13)
looks like the government lost everything but violence in its toolbox. they will now explain (probably Yair Lapid) about the need to discus and solve problemes without violence.... And, by the way, why hide the cps' faces in the vidéo????
3. give me a break
Sophie Shriki ,   Rehovot   (12.03.13)
I'm also a new immigrant, this month will be 7 years i'm in Israel. Never got any aid to buy a home even lost all my rights of an immigrant when married an Israeli citizen. Never expected, never claimed a thing and even if i live in a rented flat i'm content with my life. So dear Ethiopian new immigrants, why do you think you worth more and deserve more than any other new immigrant? We all left a life and a home behind, you're not the one so try to understand you're not the number one priority of the state. Instead of protesting, learn a little serenity.
4. Ethiopians Housing Protest
sara ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.13)
Get real! I made aliyah and received nothing~That's life! I am fed up with these people who demand to be given everything. The majority of us are too busy working to protest. Get a job, earn your keep.
5. I have always believed that importing Ethiopians...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.03.13)
Was a tragic strategic mistake... We are just beginning to pay the price now...
6. This is how it begins...
Roy ,   USA   (12.03.13)
We imported thousands of "refugee" Somalians into our state about 15 years ago. The vast majority still mooch off the state, riot, steal, gang-bang, rape, loot, and cause issues. Good luck!
7. Especially these immigrants need support
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (12.05.13)
since they come from an underdeveloped country. Logically western olim should expect less support.
8. Amanasekanlo
Yeshua ,   Washington, D.C.   (12.07.13)
Although 2.5 on the mag. I'll try to do better,,,,,,,,,, let us pray,,, I am coming, this time prepare a place for me,,,,,,, amanasekanlo,,,,,,,, Yeshua.
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