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Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman
Shay Arzuan
Published: 04.12.13, 20:42
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1. She's quite a Gal
Corey ,   Canada   (12.04.13)
2. Looks like she'll have to gain some weight ..
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (12.04.13)
3. #2
Surrey, BC, Canada   (12.05.13)
What's your point of reference - the chubby women in your life?
4. Thank G-d she's a Jew,,,,
Mary Kay ,   Baltimore, M.D.   (12.04.13)
and aint got all them damn tatoos.
5. Most likely lead to non jewish marriage
Zionist forever   (12.05.13)
6. dear Gal, pls don't repeat Bar's mistake....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (12.05.13)
Bar Rafaeli didn't understand how replaceable & disposable actresses are in Hollywood; she simultaneously fixated her mind on an obsession with ultra-high-prestige males. Like most females, she didn't get it that those guys DO NOT commit to marriage - why should they? So now Bar is used & damaged marriage-goods in Israel, and can't get work in the USA. That's why she returned to Israel!
7. Superman, Wonder Woman, both Jews, what are the odds?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.04.13)
Jews only 0.02% of world population, so odds of two Jews winning the parts is... 1/500**2=0.000004, or 1 in 250,000.
8. She is cute, but ...
Mar ,   Babayit   (12.04.13)
If she was not anorexic she would be even cuter.
9. thin enough she does not match linda carter beauty end
joe ,   israel raanana   (12.05.13)
10. #5 and #6
Talyah   (12.05.13)
Before making inane comments, perhaps if you did some homework you'd discover that Gal Gadot is happily married to the (Jewish!) Israeli Yaron Versano and they have a baby daughter together.
11. Wonder Woman from the land of the Amazons
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (12.05.13)
And Gal Gadot from Israel, land of female warriors. Seems like a good fit. Definitely better than the other 2 on the list. Though I don't know how good she is with action shots... probably a lot of CGI will be used.
12. Gal Gadot & Intermarriage
David ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (12.05.13)
All you talking about intermarriage and similar things; the woman is already married! She already has one child. Read the facts first before yapping about intermarriage.
13. #5 - Gal already married to business man + kids
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.05.13)
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