Opinion  Guy Bechor
The al-Qaeda takeover
Guy Bechor
Published: 08.12.13, 15:27
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1. Brilliantly said!
Joshua ,   USA   (12.08.13)
Spot on and couldn't be said any clearer! Anyone with half a brain or more in Israel and the US - pay attention, please!
2. Right on !
Israeli ,   Tveria   (12.08.13)
This is THE article every Prime Minister in Israel should read for the next 100 years !!!!!!!!
3. NATO enters from Jordan & deports Arabs to Mecca for Peace
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.08.13)
4. Self-immersion in paranoia
Helder Vieira ,   Porto, Portugal   (12.08.13)
The amount and type of arguments presented by the boers in order to preserve their drang nach Osten is quite amazing, it must be said, as the desperation quickly grows. Last week, flocks of persian nuclear missiles were raining on Tel-Aviv, now millions of al-Qaeda trained palestinians crawl with a horrid face from under the honest white people's beds... Could be tagged as paranoia, if it were sincere. Not being the case, however, it can be better described with just two words: Moral misery.
5. Endless excuses
Palestinian ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.13)
To keep on controlling and oppressing another entire people. Right on and spot on guys! Keep the wheel turning and the oppression nuturing, but remeber: History will never forgive and mankind will never forget this unprecedented magnitude of humiliating and dehumanizing another people. You should wake up real soon and smell the coffee realizing that only true justice and genuine will to live together on equal terms with THE other (opposed to an untamed desire to displace an entire nation) will bring both peace and prosperity to our troubled region that is marred with injustice and discrimination. Let us all re-celebrate our human essence and treat each other on equal footing as God, Allah or Hashem wanted us to do...
6. #4 Helder from Portugal
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.08.13)
I guess we should all be deferring to you as obviously your intelligence assessment is far greater than that of our intelligence services.
7. Ignorance is expanding
Ali Fahad ,   Kuwait   (12.08.13)
We used to say only Americans have monopoly on ignorance of the region political and social dynamics but not even some Israelis evidently do like our writer . For One ideological underpinnings are diminishing fast everywhere for large numbers of the Sunnis community , for second , only the poignant shote strand that is using a combination of ideology and Perisan nationalism is officially. Using ideology .Moreover , you donot seem to be. Equating fundemnalist shites with fundamentalist Sunnins , you are essentially fighting last decade war . Wake up .
8. #4..Portugal - Your colonies in africa, brutal exploitation
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Winnipeg, CANADA   (12.08.13)
#4.-- Someone from Portugal sure has a lot of nerve criticising Israel. Portugal -- in Africa, in 15 th , 16 th century Portugal brutally enslaved Africans and were active in slave trade and brutal exploitations of African natives. Also, Portuguese exploitations of Africans in Guinea and Angola, Mozambique. Portugal expelled Jews in 1497. Not a nice history of Portugal.
9. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.08.13)
You should have taken the deal in 1947. You chose to go to war instead. You lost. Get over yourselves already. We owe you nothing. And that is exactly what you are going to get; we've done enough for you as it is.
10. Almost pavlovian
Helder Vieira ,   Porto, Portugal   (12.09.13)
Well, the portuguese history surely has a lot more violent episodes than those you appear to know about. Well, I'm sure you'll certainly understand that I cannot go back 5, 6, 8 centuries to promote my civilizational values... But the fact that you came up this kind of blood libel says a lot about you. Anyway, as you seem interested in history, I'd recommend you the period between WWII and 1974. As you probably know, the israelis didn't invent white supremacism, so it would probably be beneficial to study how similar past projects ended in the dustbin of history, particularly those which would seem rock solid after five hundred years of ideological maturation of the colonial practice.
11. #5 endless garbage
solomon ,   bklyn   (12.08.13)
You left so that the Jews could be overwhelmed more easily. When that didn't happen, you sent suicide bombers, terrorists, etc. Now you post this garbage blaming Israel for your woes and ignoring your raison d'etre; to kill the Jews. This, after not keeping even one agreement over the years. We are not as blind as you think we are. Your post is pure fantasy as you can't face the truth. No sale.
12. Phobia...
Walid ,   Spain   (12.09.13)
I read your newspaper daily since years but I never have had to read such an unintelligent and misleading article that has no substance whatsoever. You Israelis are the ones that walk around with Uzis hanging from your shoulders and since years terrorize and oppress the original people of Palestine. You are the ones who came to Palestine from Europe to a country that does not belong to you and since your arrival you have been stealing land, demolishing homes, tearing down olive trees and using cluster bombs to kill and maim civilians. You are the real threat to Middle East peace with your stockpile of atom bombs and not the few thousand Islamic fanatics who you created by oppressing and humiliating Arabs for decades all around the Middle East. You are your own worst enemy because you have not learned how to live among your neighbors who on several occasion in recent years offered you a hand of peace. The Boers of South Africa failed after decades of exercising the same policies and sooner or later you will fail too.
13. 3
jonathan ,   aboriginaland   (12.09.13)
Nato would not be capable of such an undertaking.Anyway,Mecca only wants good Arabs and not terrorist scum from the WB or Gaza.Better to send the squatters to their ideal home in Jordan.
14. Hashem: please destroy more USA cities
Briaddr   (12.09.13)
They are traitors, and should now be destroyed altogether.
15. I thought the Israelis anted Assad Out
Karim ,   France   (12.09.13)
Interesting article and legitimate questions asked but how come the author never questions Israeli assistance to Al-Qaida (and other so-called rebels groups) in Syria or is that just a game Israel plays to set the neighbor's house on fire? Problem is the fire did catch up there and it's coming to Israel as winds blow opposite way now.
16. excellent and wise article. We must expel Arabs from J and S
17. A VERY prescient and brilliant view of the future.
Alan ,   SA   (12.09.13)
18. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.13)
First of all, Israel does not assist Al Qaeda, or any other group in Syria. Secondly, we're not all that worried. If Syria becomes a bit of a problem for us, Syria will cease to exist. It's really all that simple. We're running out of patience mollycoddling the violent Arabs and terrorists arrayed along our borders. They had all better learn to live with the carrot. The stick will be far, far worse.
19. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.09.13)
I think you are a bit confused. You see, Israel never produced a Magellan or a Vasco da Gama. Israel never conquered Brazil. Or Angola. Or anyplace else for that matter. What the people Israel DID do is return to our homeland. Our native soil. We lovingly restored it after centuries upon centuries of neglect. We took a barren desert and turned it into a lush garden. We drained malarial swamps and turned them into fertile, yielding land. Isn't that what people who love their country do? If you really want a good impression of what Israel was like when the Jews of the First and Second Aliyah returned to our homeland, read Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain. It will enlighten you. Start with the passage that reads "Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes." So don't call us colonizers. The people who slaughtered the native tribes of Brazil, the natives of Angola, decimated the indigenous populations of Macau and Timor -- well, those were colonizers. Portuguese colonizers. The Jews? Well, all we did was return to our homeland. Perhaps the Arabs should return to their homelands, and all will be well.
20. Israel-Saudi-AlQaeda faction refuse to end Syrian civil war
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.09.13)
21. Salafis in Judaea and Samaria
Dr. Denis MacEoin ,   Newcastle, UK   (12.09.13)
Not, I think, 'caliphates'. There has only ever been one Caliph and one Caliphate in Islamic history. To have more than one would introduce the thought of schism. The long-term plan (since the 1920s) is to create a new universal caliphate, with individual governors or sultans controlling regions (nations are anathema to Islam because they create borders and citizenship). It is pretty sure that there will never be another caliphate (for one thing, there's no way to select an uncontentious caliph), but that means the Salafis will keep on pushing on. For everyone's sake they have to be locked up for good.
22. Jews are the indigenous people here
Eliyahu ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.09.13)
Phobia [#12], Dr Guy Bekhor's family comes from Iraq, not from Europe. He knows the Arabic language very well and is an outstanding expert on Middle Eastern matters. Further, your own Quran and Hadith show that the Jews are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. The Quran, sura 5:12 says that your Allah made a covenant with the Sons of Israel. 5:20-22 says that your Allah assigned the Holy Land to the people of Moses, that's us. Your Muslim religion teaches you to oppress and exploit and humiliate non-Muslims who, at best, can be treated as subservient dhimmis. The Jews who lived in Israel in the centuries of Muslim rule since 640 CE were third class subjects, since Christian dhimmis were treated better than Jews. You should not rewrite history since even your greatest historians acknowledged that Jews lived and ruled this land long before the Arab conquest. Check out Ibn Khaldun and Muqaddasi among others.
23. knowledgeable Palestinians prefer Israeli rule
Mike P ,   New York, NY USA   (12.11.13)
Palestinians in Jerusalem consistently admit they prefer Israeli rule over PA rule. Maybe your neighbors know something and aren't brainwashed with hate, but actually care about their quality of life more than silly ideology.
24. Obamal-Saudi-AlQaeda faction refuse to end Syrian civil war
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.11.13)
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