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Rohani takes casual hike in Tehran hills
Published: 07.12.13, 18:07
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1. Call Oprah
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.07.13)
So now Rohani, garbed in full Satanic - Western - Zionist - Cabal - American outfit, as he gently "reaches out" to his people. Nice photo ops, Rohani. What's next: an appearance on Oprah?
2. It'll be even more interesting to see Rabbi Ovadiah
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (12.07.13)
Yousef changed and that's a sight i don't want to miss
3. Interesting
Seth ,   SC   (12.07.13)
Did he trip and fall off the mountain?
4. #1
USA   (12.07.13)
Oprah is sick too!!!
5. So who does he this he is? This Faux pres
Isn't Johnny Cash! More like heinrich himmler!
6. #2, Are you really that ignorant?
Jake   (12.08.13)
That you did not know that R. Ovadia Yosef passed away?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.09.13)
The road is the same and the donkey will go the same route no matter what happens. That is what donkeys do.
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