Jaffa: 200 protest against Prawer plan
Gilad Morag
Published: 07.12.13, 18:03
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1. Thanks for reminding us that weakness & concession don't pay
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (12.07.13)
The Praver plan would've been one of the biggest land giveaways to the Arabs ever - over 180,000 dunams, allowing them to keep 64% of what they stole & compensating them for the other thefts. Begin & Praver spent a long time trying to reach an agreement with the tribal leaders. If they are not going to accept this huge gift & become even more greedy than the who deal has to be revised.
2. Each and everyone present in that demo: transfer to Negev
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.07.13)
and let them join their Bedouin Arabia.
3. the arabs contradict themselves
zionist forever   (12.07.13)
"unrecognised villages have no services - can Israel take pride in that " The Prawer plan is going to get rid of these unrecognised villages which have no services and the Bedouin will be able to build new homes fully recognised by the state and which will get all the services they need. This will benefit the Beduoin and they are not being ghettoised they are being given land in exchange for the land taken and of course if the Bedouin don't want to live on the new land they can go live in non Bedouin towns and cities, they are not being confined to a walled ghetto. This bill is the only way the Negev can b because last thing we need is a long drawn out court case every time there are plans to build a new settlement or when the courts order the villages to be pulled don the Bedouin an their supporters come out and rebuild and about 40% of the Bedouin live in unrecognised villages. The arab problem is not the bill its they believe the Negev belongs to the bedouin and they are not happy about the idea of Bedouin being told they cannot live where the hell they want and that there will be jews moving to the negev.
4. In a country ruled by law
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.07.13)
All citizens pay the real estate tax. Otherwise, they are illegal squatters.
5. To: Raphael at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.07.13)
Thank you for explaining so exquisitely and eloquently just why it is that the Bedouin are protesting. They don't want to pay real estate tax -- so they build their eyesore tents. They want electricity -- so they tap into existing lines, even though they are endangering everyone. They want water -- so they tap into the national water carrier. They just do not want to pay for anything. Frankly, most Israelis are getting tired of their crime-ridden ways. They do not constitute "local color." They constitute a blight upon the landscape, not to mention a serious health risk with their flea- and tick-ridden goats living right with them. Disgusting.
6. beduin relocation
jenifer ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.07.13)
if the beduins don't like the deal, let them move elsewhere-outside of Israel! they just put up tents and then claim that this is their land Jews can't do it why can they and they even get free housing to boot
7. 200 thats all. i would call that a failure.
ralph   (12.08.13)
8. Sarah no5
How do you know what most Israelis think about the bedouins from your American couch? Make us all a favor and stfu
9. Ethnic Cleansing?
xxx ,   Sweden   (12.08.13)
Doesn't ethnic cleansing means killing people? The negative vocabulary used by Arabs, Muslims and anti Jews/Israel is really getting tiresome. It is this constant role play of being a victim. With all due respect, as far as I know, the Israeli government has tried for decades to come to some agreement with these people. I respect their way of life and traditions, but in a modern society everyone needs to pay their dues. If using these lands is beneficial to the state of Israel, than these people must respect it. However I do believe that they deserve heavy compensation. I hope the Israeli government is offering high quality alternative. I feel sorry for them as far as they would have to find proper work and get education. I think the problem is that their way of life will be turned upside down, but the cause is just. People can adapt to anything. On the long run Israel will benefit from clean energy. We cant stop progress and go back to the stone age.
10. the Israeli goverment gave them alternative
lili   (12.08.13)
land this is just extortion, they want more land.
11. Steal 100% and give back 64%
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (12.08.13)
That is very generous or very jewish? I have signed all the anti Praver/Prawer petitions going, It should be renamed the DePraved Plan!
12. to #11oh... such pearls of wisdom
lili   (12.08.13)
using the old anti semit saying: "jews are thieves" will not do. same goes to: "jews use blood of chritians children in their even bread". they used to say it in England in the 15th century. now they just change the chritians to palestinian. same old saying same hatered
13. 11
jonathan ,   aboriginaland   (12.09.13)
Hey Arab boy, you certainly did not sign all the petitions in Townsville.Just admit that you are an Arab and your posts will be more acceptable-even if you are DePraved.
14. 10
jonathan ,   aboriginaland   (12.09.13)
Of course-they ARE Arabs yo know.
15. #13
I am a sixth generation Anglo-Saxon Irish Catholic descendent, having lived in Australia for 60 years. And you?
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