Obama on Iran: We prefer diplomacy, but all options on table
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.12.13, 19:58
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1. Trust the lying, cheating and deceiving Obama at your peril.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.07.13)
2. Barack Hussein Obama
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (12.07.13)
"We cannot force them to tell the truth. But we can force them to lie more and more insolently." - Ulrike Meinhof (1934 - 1976)
3. What he says and what he does are two totally different dire
Adi ,   Zurich   (12.07.13)
What he says and what he does are two totally different directions
4. Great news
Iran will not advance nuclear program. Israel security is important. I never meet my illegal-alien uncle/ If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. The Coptic video maker did it.
5. Oh this is rich and,,,,,,,,,,
Diannah Grogins ,   San Antonio, Texas   (12.07.13)
Comical/Prophetic,,, Obama and Lieberman in the same forum with an audience. 2 fools that have no shame of making fools of themselves and telling a wad of lies. P.S. why did Lieberman come to these United States of America anyway? Budget Israel, Budget Baby
6. I think we can afford to be telling the truth:there'll be no
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.07.13)
"Palestine", there'll be no nuclear Iran, there'll be no trust in Obama's policies & Islam must be dealt a crushing blow- be that financial, be that military and it will not happen under this Administration! Anything else is self deception.
7. Obama, the illegal president will fail, to destroy
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.07.13)
the Jewish state !
8. living in a fantasy world
mira ,   nyc   (12.07.13)
Did Obama also ride to the conference on a unicorn?
9. Obama will be exposed
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (12.07.13)
Just because America was fooled by a Marxist does not mean he can do so to the survivors of 4 millennia and a Holocaust to get them to succumb as easily. Obama is using coitus interruptus to accomplish his agenda keeping a USA revolution off the boil. Obama has ridden rough shod over the US Constitution; How does he get away with it? Americans seem as cats frozen in the glare of a car beam Obama has breached 6 UN security council resolutions to allow a rogue terror state to go nuclear; not inconsistent with his looking the other way when the Green Revolution against the Mullahs was alight Obama assured the USA and the Jewish State that he had Israel's back, clandestinely establishing JStreet to undermine AIPAC. He is attempting to override history, international laws and UN resolutions on secure borders Obama kissed King Abdullah's hand then abandoned Saudi.... When he reassures an ally, they better know a poison dagger is ready and about to plunge into their back.. Obama gets away with scores of scandals disruption promising accountability and then going to play golf, be interviewed , or go on campaigning tours and fundraisers. The Iranian tragic deal that is not really a deal, but an event at which the sanction screw was loosened gratis; There was we were told a deal , and warned not to tamper, but lo there is no deal The US soldiers promised to come to Sinai after the Gaza Hudna, to secure Israel against rearming Gaza, never showed up ; we still get rockets from Gaza, which has rearmed. Obama care was imposed on US citizen , a plague with no antidote knowing full well it was no fit replacement to the existing system..He continually tampers with laws without approval or due process This President is not accountable leading a rogue administration. Obama and Kerry now want to extend a futile 9 month process of talks with our would be declared destroyers to allow a Trojan horse on our borders and take us to another Holocaust Are American THAT stupid? If so Obama will find us not quite that foolish
10. Obama, the devil
Richard ,   The hague   (12.07.13)
11. Obama
joe ,   israel   (12.07.13)
Why don't you go and address the people of Iran. We the peoples of the Middle East don't like your tales anymore.Enough of your false declarations.Sit out your term and release the world of your dark decisions.
12. two state solution
jenifer ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.07.13)
no problem let the other arab nations include these arabs in their land, show them their brotherly love. ha ha Israel is the land of the JEWISH PEOPLE We actually have much more land promised to us in the Holy Bible than we now have let's demand that all our land be restored to us NOW-of course WITHOUT the current squatters in it
13. "Prefer diplomacy" is the only option on the table.
Steve Klein   (12.07.13)
14. O doesnt mention 1 word about Israel being a JEWISH STATE
15. Jewish patriots:Get fiery PASSIONATE!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.13)
It is not enough to know the evil Two State Final Solution is wrong. We need to fight it like Churchill fought the Nazis. With total passion and determination to win. Jewish patriots, let's get fiery PASSIONATE! Think of the greatest passion you've ever felt. Not multiply it by a thousand. That is the spirit we need! The left is always wrong on every major issue. Less than a year ago, it urged Israel to cede the Golan. But the left is passionate in its idiocy. We patriots are always correct about every major issue. We must be even more passionate in our absolute correctness and our devotion to Israel.
16. Tom # 6 an honest explanation please
avramele   (12.07.13)
Perhaps you and other war hawks need to be explicit and honest in regard to the number of Israeli casualties, civilian and military, under your preferred solution - not to mention thevescalation of global terrorism against US and other western targets. It is easy to start a war, more difficult to predict where it will lead.
17. Obama & Gen. Allen know what is in Israel's best interests.
18. Obama thinks we are all dumb
Karin   (12.07.13)
We arent dumb and we wont be fooled. He overrode Israel's leaders to the point of interference as he did on his visit here. Intolerable.
19. Obama & Gen. Allen know what best for the Jews.
Steve   (12.07.13)
"Old men!" General Jackson called to the ancient chiefs. "Arouse to energy and lead your people to a land of promise and of peace before the Great Spirit shall call you to die." Then Jackson turned to the young warriors. "Young chiefs! Forget the prejudices you feel for the soil of your birth, and go to the land where you can preserve your people as a nation." You will endure "as long as the grass grows and the water runs." Jackson closed his talk with a (stern) warning... (Andrew Jackson and his Indian Wars by Robert V. Remini)
20. #16, a realistic explanation, Obama plans to destroy US too.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.07.13)
21. neither obama nor his general can determine israel security
CJK   (12.08.13)
it is a gross interference in the national security affairs of the sovereign state of israel to have an american general and 160 members of the american defence and intelligence agencies draw up plans to determine what is required for israel's security. the obama regime's plan to station american and other foreign forces in the west bank is totally unacceptable. such a deployment of american forces on israel's long eastern border would hinder israel in using her military forces freely and in accordance with her own national security interests. any american troop deployment would be under the command of the american president, and as such, it is unacceptable to israel.
22. Obama's capitulation deal with Iran is a travesty
CJK   (12.08.13)
this deal between obama and the shia terror regime leaves iran's nuclear weapons program virtually intact. almost all elements of the nuclear weapons program remain in place, including enrichment, weaponisation, nuclear experiments, off site building of the heavy water reactor at arak. furthermore, the deal clearly violates the NPT and numerous Chapter VII UNSCR's, thus undermining the international regime of non-proliferation. lastly, obama's capitulation deal will unleash a nuclear weapons race and nuclear blackmail. obama wants a deal at all costs, as is evident from his secret years long negotiations with the shia terror regime, disregarding mandates from the us congress and ignoring the interests of allies in the region and beyond.
23. #1, 20, not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.08.13)
24. Israel's Borders begin with the Balfour, not 1967.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (12.08.13)
25. Diplomacy with Iran
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (12.08.13)
The US exercised diplomacy during all of the years that North Korea was working to develop its nuclear weapon capability, up until the time that North Korea conducted nuclear tests. The US has now given up on diplomacy with North Korea, and simply condemns its actions. But, what has that to do with Iran? Everything. About three years ago, the Iranian resistance reported that Iran and North Korea were collaborating on nuclear and missile development. That was carried in some international media, but received scant attention in the US media. The US government said nothing about it. After all, Obama had declared that Iran would not be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons, and a collaboration with North Korea might mean that they had. And, Iranian nuclear program personnel had reportedly been present at the North Korean nuclear tests. If Obama acknowledged the collaboration, then his declaration concerning Iran might necessitate preemptive military action against North Korea. And so, it must have been much simpler to simply ignore it. And to tell everyone to give diplomacy a chance to prevent Iranian nuclear weapon development. However, diplomacy has been used for years in efforts to persuade Iran to stop its development, and has notably failed, as it did with North Korea. So, why is an agreement considered so important? Because, it enables Iran to get the sanctions reduced or eliminated, and it enables Obama to claim that he is acting to deny Iran nuclear weapons.
26. #16:Just think of the tens of millions that wouldn't have
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.08.13)
died, had not the reckless British/French/Americans/Russians challenged Mr.Adolf Hitler and started that awful WW2! You are so right: at the most it would've ended with few more Jews in the ovens...presto: a unified Planet under homogenous German Government. Bravo Avramele, I hope you haven't passed your "smart-genes" on to the next generation.!
27. Everyone's Got Their Preferences!
Yoni ,   Shomron   (12.08.13)
"Obama on Iran: We prefer diplomacy". "BB on Obama: We prefer a President with balls!"
28. Obama In Translation
DemocracyRules ,   Canada   (12.09.13)
His english is poor, so let me help. --"Nothing is off the table." I surrender. --"(Such and such) is my highest priority." I will do nothing about (Such and such). -- "The ten commandments..." For example,'no parking between signs.' -- "I am not a (muslim, socialist, Russian dupe, Kenyan, etc.)" Yes, I am a (muslim, socialist, Russian dupe, Kenyan, etc.) -- "I believe in the rule of international law." What international law? -- "War has never solved anything." I will spout any foolishness to stay in power. -- "The data don't lie." I don't have any valid data. -- "Bible-pounding gun- clingers." People who never vote for me -- "I enjoyed the visit of (such and such), who has..." I hate this person -- "I did not use drugs." I'm stoned right now.
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