Kerry: Peace will make Israel stronger
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.12.13, 23:05
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1. BOOT him out !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.07.13)
2. Mr. Kerry need not convince us, Jews, of the need for peace.
NL Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.07.13)
But, Mr. Kerry, seems to be blind to the fact that the people who don't seek peace are the Arabs. It is high time he addressed them and scolded them in public for standing in the way of peace. Just read the PLO Charter, Mr. Kerry!! The document was written in 1964, three years prior to Israel's capturing in a DEFENSIVE war the so called West Bank and Gaza. The thrust of the document then and today is the same: 1) Israel's demise. 2) The "cleansing" of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people of its Jews. 3) All means may be employed to achieve these goals. 20 years ago the leadership of the PLO committed to amend the PLO Charter. To date this was not done. Take a note of it, Mr. Kerry, before you implicitly accuse us, Jews, for not wanting peace!!
3. In 2014 GOP takes over Senate & impeaches Obama,forget Kerry
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.07.13)
4. Obama regime full of contemptible liars.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.07.13)
Obama lies about everything. Most famously about health care. Even Democrats are demanding something be done about Obama's outrageous lie that "you can keep your doctor if you want to", under Obamacare. The Obama regime has nothing but contemptible liars. Kerry is one of the worst. This disgusting man should not be allowed in Israel. One would have to be an utter cretin to believe that turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp would make Israel stronger.
5. US promises are worthless
Anyone remember the "red line"? If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor., etc.
6. Kerry has adopted far left narrative
Sam ,   Canada   (12.08.13)
Kerry has adopted the far left narrative that Israel must be saved from itself by pressuring it into more concessions to get a deal. Never mind that Palestinians reject a Jewish Israel. Kerry tries to get around that by insincerely telling us how much he cares about Israeli security. If he cared about Israeli security he would try to implement Israeli demands. Instead he has a watered down American version which even that Palestinians reject. What's the answer to that Mr. Kerry? More Israeli concessions?
7. #2 Madela Legacy against HATE&RESENTMENTCharter All HATE
Martin SA   (12.08.13)
#2 Madella Legacy against HATE & RESENTMENT Charteris IS All HATE. Mr Kerry perhaps with respect you should balance the hate factor and realise that this is the root cause of what appears to grade a reasonable proposal as in fact unacceptable. Peace partner cannot be a peace partner if they spew unbounded venomous hate at us Jews Mandella Liberation Legacy was based on humility and reconciliation together with De Klerk and thats perhaps why it could work against all expectations and not bring about bloodshed. Abbass and his team despite their nice guy Erekat are not peace partners but haters of infidels ie American Non- Muslims and also including us Jews The fact that you want to accommodate the Judenrein proposal is preposterous confirmation of the Charter of 1964. Your job was to find peace-partners and you failed , so instead you are doing a patch job which is an absolute existential threat to our Holy Land. You mean good and we wish it would work but crucially we are missing trustworthy believable peace -partners. Please go back and re-work your political sums. M. Legacy VS Charter Again with respect you are far off the mark. Am Yisroel Chai
8. What should be done to Ya'alon and other Oslo supporters?
Jhan   (12.08.13)
Answer: Beat them to death with a shovel, then bury them in an unmarked grave.
9. Kerry's False Promises
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (12.08.13)
Kerry is delusional. His promises are as hollow as Obama's promise to the American People that if they liked their health plan they could keep it. He is a part of the Obama leftist elite that does not give a whit about the consequences of its actions. Don't trust the fate of the Jewish people to this man's pronouncements.
10. herzog is full of crap
george   (12.08.13)
this weak kneed jew, weak as hell would get down on all knees and beg abbas for peace. the 6 million spit at herzog.
11. in his weat dream
jericho ,   causa   (12.08.13)
12. Jews invade Arab world, then wonder why they are hated
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.08.13)
#3 not mine.
13. "Just say 'No' "
Curtis ,   USA   (12.08.13)
Logical arguments are always lost on the current U.S. administration. Israel needs to just say "No" to the attempt to coddle terrorists.
14. no worries israsel. there is no demographic bomb. we are gro
ralph   (12.08.13)
growing faster. arabs are dropping. and as for iran its population is dropping and it has lost the bomb threat. time is on our side. yes still scary and needs wise actions. but little kerry has no answers only bogeyman tales for scared uninformed children.
15. Do we really need this?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.08.13)
So far our dealings with the Palestinians have led nowhere except increased violence. We gave back Gaza, we got rockets in return. We signed Oslo now we can not enter their areas. We were supposed to be able to visit places like Jericho and the grave of Yosef in Schem, (Nablus) etc but instead of peace we got more demands. Let us take Kerry's great smile and nice hair styling and give him a pat on the back for being a nice man and give him a dignified escort back on the plane. We need to watch out back: the USA cares little for us.
16. Peace
Anat   (12.08.13)
It sounds like an insult to our intelligence to hear Mr Kerry telling us that peace will make us stronger. Peace is something that we have strived for since 1948. Why don't you M. Kerry tell the Palestinian people that they will be stronger with an everlasting peace?
17. Kerry believes zombies are real
Geniune Moshe   (12.08.13)
18. There is no difference
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.13)
between traditional Christian, Islam, and modern-day Fascist anti-Semites. In their innate deranged, obsessively arrogant state they believe they know what Jews need. What Jews really need is for these hypocrites to spend their miserable time fixing their own sh-t.
19. Do not listen to Kerry.
Reuven   (12.08.13)
He is a vile anti-Semite, who seeks the destruction of Israel.
20. 2 Great response to Mr. Kerry.
Deb. J. Feldman ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.08.13)
21. #12 Hypocrite U invaded Indian land
Benji ,   US   (12.08.13)
And occupy too much space on this site.
22. Islam against Jewish Sovereignty
Zechariah   (12.08.13)
Islam is against Jewish Sovereinty only. Accepting Jews under the Dhimmi provisions sometimes very harsh sometimes less harsh.The USA cannot change this mass consciousness considerably enough for a Peace.ATruce based on Realism Survivalism is possible but the Suicide Murder Psychocults Demand Extreme caution.
23. Really? I don not agree
Karin   (12.08.13)
He is not on our side. He does not have Israel's best interests in mind. And he won't be here to suffer the consequences.
24. Kerry should be more consistent and
less Condescending   (12.08.13)
Not long ago, he was saying that we were too strong, smug and happy to make peace. I always wonder why people like Obama and Kerry have the impression that we are idiots who can be talked down to...
25. #9 Delusions, Obama, Kerry, Americans
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (12.08.13)
Must be something they put in the American water..Obama's runs with the fox and chases with the hounds It must be the highest concentration of sick people in the administration. My fear is the Taqiya agenda of the WH , setting up Iran as a crowbar to blackmail Israel into a surrender. Never again, means we'd rather die than allow our enemies to succeed Samson Did it, The Freedom fighters at Massada did it, we , if we had to will do it but not before we extract the right price
26. #8. Ya'alon: repentant Oslo
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.13)
The best right wingers are past lefties. Ya'alon knows the basics, hence a safe pair of hands
27. Kerry
albert snow ,   sweden   (12.08.13)
Kerry is a well meaning visionaire. But what he don´t understand is that making peace with palestinians is not like making peace with Canada. There are other problems too. First. Abbas term as elected leader expired 2009. He´s got no authority to sign any Peace accord with Israel. Second. Even if Israel would have a peace accord with Abbas it would be with Abbas and not with the palestinians.
28. With all due respect Kerry...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.08.13)
When we need your advice,we'll give it to you... Butt out Kerry and mind your own effing business...
29. #21 : 12 No hypocrite; Recent Muslim settler
30. John Forbes Kerry
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (12.08.13)
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