2 Israeli-Americans awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry
Associated Press
Published: 10.12.13, 17:37
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1. a proud moment
CJK   (12.10.13)
jews have contributed disproportionately to the world's sciences and culture. unfortunately, they have been less skillful in developing strategies for self preservation. the jewish state and tzahal have become a bulwark against the genocide of the jewish people.
2. Oh no! Not more Nobel prizes!
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.10.13)
3. alright already!!!
Dan ,   hollywood fl.   (12.10.13)
Enough is enough! This is getting to be embarrassing. Dan
4. Warshel
Dan ,   hollywood fl.   (12.10.13)
And given the punam on Warshel, don't tell me he doesn't have an ancestor in the tribe. Dan
5. Israelis who move to America are called "Americans"
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (12.10.13)
Israelis live in Israel. Americans live in America. Just saying.
6. 5 An Israeli ,always Israeli wherever...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.10.13)
in his soul.
7. Oh i see now they are Israelis ?
Miri   (12.11.13)
Thats strange only a few years ago BB and his right wing henchmen were calling Israelis who have emigrated to the US "Traitors" Well its quite obvious they couldnt refund their research in Israel and had to leave in order to further their research. Maybe instead of investing in to the illegal settlers Israel neglects all other areas.
8. Enough exaggerated self-congradulations
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.13)
These gentlemen hold Israeli citizenship and even lived in Israel. They've been living for 30+ years in the U.S. where they conducted their research and acheived their groundbreaking discoveries. It's understandable - to a point - to note their remarkable and praiseworthy accomplishments. But the media circus that has arisen around these 2 expats is rather overblown, and almost childish. At the end of the day, Israel provided them (and many others) with a basis to continue further research. But hailing their Nobel prize as an "Israeli" success story is patently absurd.
9. #7 revisionist
I don't think Netanyahu said anything about the emigrants, it was his henchman Lapid. In any case, it was originally Rabin who called emigrants "the failures of the scum" and he was never a Netanyahu henchman.
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