Jerusalem: Drivers stranded in snow
Ynet reporters
Published: 13.12.13, 10:21
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1. The municipality and the police are clowns
Joker ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.13.13)
This is news?
2. The real clowns are
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.13.13)
the ones who get into their vehicles and drive despite the precise weather forecast and ample knowledge of what happened in previous snow storms. So what if the police announced that Route 443 was still open? "Still open" means "not yet shut" and anyone who thinks should calculate that it takes time to drive from one end to the other. Likewise, those who brought students in a bus from Tel Aviv should have realized that even if they could have arrived safely, there would be no chance of returning later, so why set out at all?
3. Be prepared.
me ,   here   (12.13.13)
Many should have stayed at home/with friends or relatives. And anyone who has to use the roads, like women in labor and all the workers going home for the Sabbat, should prepare before leaving. Hot drink, blanket, warm clothes... Having followed the general recommendations for emergencies of the Home Front Command, I found my home well prepared for the weather, including a local power outage. Nothing was amiss.
4. Whose backyard is that!?!
Gimme a Break ,   Jerusalem   (12.13.13)
Is that a pool? I don't know anyone in Jlem with a backyard pool!
5. "Sheleg al Iri" Naomi Shemer
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.13.13)
I look at these pictures and remember 30 years ago, when I was an Ulpanit at Kibbutz Ulpan Ramat Yochanan: we learned the lyrics Naomi Shemer's lovely song about snow blanketing her beloved City of Jerusalem: "Sheleg Al Iri." Sheleg al Iri, nach k'mo tallit" – a haunting image of snow resting atop the hills of Yerushalayim like a tallit. Stay home and enjoy the snow! Play in the snow - for soon the warm sun will come out and the snow will be a cold memory. Am Israel Chai!
6. welcome news
David ,   Prague, Czechia   (12.13.13)
I mostly take this as a welcome news: more snow, more rain - more water for Israel. As to the traffic complications: here in Czechia drivers are used to snow season and apply special set of winter tyres on their cars. Might be useful for hilly regions of Israel as well... The only thing I´d be really worried about is the potential of roofs colapsing under the snow cover. I guess especially older buildings might be less adapted to additional burden.
7. snow is great
heshy friedman ,   brooklyn ny   (12.13.13)
The secular students from tel aviv stuck in jerusalem over shabbat will end up in a warm haredi home eating cholent and maybe becoming religious. Also streets will be closed on the holy sabbat that are normally open. Snow please come every weekend.
8. Palm trees in Israel
USA   (12.13.13)
Snow will come and go. Hoping the palm trees in the colder areas survive the snow. Not many palm species are cold-tolerant.
9. be very careful when it has snowed!
Madrie ,   spain   (12.13.13)
It is slippery, you can fall and break bones. You must not drive a car without wintertires, It is as skiing on an icepiste, it is very dangerous for yourself and also for other people whom you might hit. Stay at home and make a nice snowman!
10. Take it from a guy who lives with snow on the ground
Al   (12.13.13)
4 months in the year. YOU DO NOT DRIVE IN SNOW WITHOUT WINTER TIRES That is clear ...if you do you run the risk of being caught in the snow or worst yet having an accident. You can be run off the road in a nanosecond. In effect you have no control when you hit an ice patch. STAY AT HOME and prepare your cholent. It will keep you warm as you'll fart your way to heaven. Good Shabbos.
11. We should learn and act
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.13.13)
I was surprise to see that you have snow plows. But it's not enough. Though winter is not as bad as other northern countries, a minimum would be snow tires for emergency crews, army and city vehicules.
12. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.13.13)
It's a hot tub, not a pool.
13. Global Warming! Or Maybe Not?
14. Never heard about winter tires?
Johannes ,   Norway   (12.13.13)
15. Very BIG danger is roofs collapsing under weight of snow
Alan ,   SA   (12.13.13)
16. Johannes, do you have air conditioning in your house?
HaifaGuy   (12.13.13)
No? Why? Is it because you get a. heatwave once in a decade? You viking you:))
17. An experience...
Arina ,   Jerusalem   (12.14.13)
I was stuck in the bus 480 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem from 8h30 pm of Thursday until yesterday (Friday) morning. I had to work outside Jerusalem, otherwise I wouldn't leave home. I don't understand how the authorities couldn't be prepared for such storm. There was no other subject in the news during the last 2 weeks, and still nobody did anything to avoid such problems. Israel is extremely prepared for any kind of war but a simple storm can easily stop the whole country. I don't understand how bus companies like Egged, and residents of cities where every year it snows don't have just one set of snow tires (they don't need more anyway). It doesn't matter if it'll be used once a year. When it's necessary there's nothing else they can do. Another thing I don't understand is how Egged let their buses travel to Jerusalem as if the road was clear and there was no more forecast of snow. It snowed the whole Thursday to Friday night, no 5 minutes of break. The news were saying it was going to be colder and there was more snow to come all the time. How come bus companies and authorities didn't know it? Anyway I'm just happy that nothing more serious happened to us and I could come back home yesterday (by train) safely. By the way, the police didn't even know that trains were travelling normally to Jerusalem and that was the only way of getting to the capital... Unbelievable...
18. An experience...
'kov ,   Brooklyn, Hagalil   (12.20.13)
I was not stuck on the 480 because it never arrived!! Elokim in Shamayim did not want me to spend the night on a cold bus. So today I thank Him by preparing for Shabbat and inviting guests in from the cold!
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