Storm leaves tens of thousands without power
Michal Margalit
Published: 13.12.13, 23:04
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1. Home Front Command & Municipality collasped so Iran is next?
miki ,   tampa   (12.13.13)
Time for a rethink Bibi-
2. At a time like this when you are not equiped to drive
Al   (12.13.13)
STAY AT HOME! You are putting yourself at great risk. For those without experience in winter driving it can be fatal.
3. Snow in Holy Land
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.13.13)
This is how it must have looked in Bethlehem when our Blessed Savior, Jesus the Christ, was born, and to Whom greatest thanks be given that they who believe on Him may attain the Kingdom of Heaven.
4. Thinking of global warming... it is real, inshallah!
Miron ,   USA   (12.14.13)
5. Miki from Tampa
Ehud   (12.14.13)
Nothing collapsed. Services worked better than in Washington where half the city was shut down after a little snow fell. Of the initially 60,000 affected by power outage, 45,000 have been reconnected to electricity within 24 hours. Compare that to 8 million citizens on the East coast who were cut-off from electricity for weeks due to the inefficiency of the response to hurricane Sandy and the Nor'Easter Storm.
6. State Comptroller's narcissistic idiocy
Ehud   (12.14.13)
The last State Comptrollers are so filled by a sense of narcissistic self-importance (possibly typical of retired judges desperate for attention) that they start to 'investigate' the response to a storm, only hours into it. They should themselves give a hand instead now that it is happening!
7. @Ehud
Sergey ,   Tel Aviv   (12.14.13)
Are you kidding me ? You actually compare Sandy to what we got here? Authorities did fail. There is just snow no ice in Jerusalem they cold've get rid of the snow on main high ways and avenues. Public transportation collapsed. I spent last two days in Jerusalem and got out by train which also operates like some third world country railway without consideration for people they transport. Most of people where shocked there and i am talking about locals and tourists all together. Authorities are dysfunctional. And situation just repeats it self year after year and this year it was just a huge pay back for neglecting this issue during last years. But all investigations are useless. Our government and authorities will do nothing but political statements and useless promises. So wait for the situation to repeat in next year or two.
8. Thinking back to Kopengagen...
Miron ,   USA   (12.14.13)
Obama signed up for 100 billion dollars immediatelly and some 1 and 1/2 trillion dollars over next 5 years to combat global warming. While British Academy department of Natural Science requested humble 100 million US Dollars for "gathering evidence, which is inescapable anyways". Now, that's what I call money well spent. I guess our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate didn't really waste those golf meet ups, completely. He had picked a trick or two from his "patrons". I just have this childish curiousity regarding pure mechanics. Did they put electricity to windmills "the other way from the rear" so that they spread the snow, by any chance? How about those wonder mirror electric production facilities? All mirrors intact? I mean who the heck needs those nuclear stations, in their healthy minds...
9. Thinking back to "saving American great auto - industry"
Miron ,   USA   (12.15.13)
It's interesting that after dropping 100 billion dollars on top of global warming US and world media went into complete silence regarding the fact. Which would of being ok if it wasn't for another news kept up as if a drumbeat in a circus... regarding 25 bn dollars US Government borrowed to GM to save them from bankruptcy. I guess it makes current attempt at cooling Earth with extravagant science involving windmills, global coolers, and space climante control system look rather... oh wait... do they have that extravagant science? Hang on. How does one suppose to understand all of the above. Obama robs people and then throws at them pennies to keep his political image afloat? Is such a thing possible in democracy? Where all 47 % are terribly - terribly important. Where is that liar Romney? I wanna teach him how to respect 47%!!!
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