Israel transfers water pumps to Gaza due to flooding
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.12.13, 20:24
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1. Who is Gaza going to blame for the flooding ?
Ivan ,   South Africa   (12.13.13)
2. Just PR. too little too late.
3. Note, that israel hasn't spent a penny. All UN
American   (12.13.13)
4. How great thou art, Israel!
Israeli 2   (12.13.13)
You have been taught well having been scattered among the nations to do as Jesus had asked. When slapped on one cheek, turn the other, bow down before thy enemies and and wash their feet. Convince them to love you in this manner. This is what is expected of you to do. Be a humiliating Jackass while they continue to aim at annihilating you.
5. 4
jonathan ,   adelaide   (12.13.13)
What is this Jesus nonsense?
6. Araduan - Gaza needs you. Go and help them
Rotem ,   Israel   (12.13.13)
Araduan? Amesnty? UN? EU? Ashton? Roger Waters? Hellooooo.... Hey Egypt, where are you? your neighbors need helps (the Grad rockets are frozen)
7. #2 too little? Israel isn't obligated to do ANYTHING
for Gaza. So if anything, it's TOO MUCH. And, in case you haven't noticed, Israel has to deal with its own weather disasters while all this is going on.
8. shame, all the underground tunnels must have flooded
9. Todah Rabah, Eretz Yisrael
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.13.13)
for helping those in need. I seem tohave missed any mention of HELP coming from the Saudis, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey...? Where are the Arab brethren lending a helping hand to their own? Shabbat Shalom, Gaza - may you all light Shabbat candles and Thank G-d for Israel.
10. Hogwash!
USA   (12.14.13)
"Gaza survived two wars (against Israel) and it will walk out of this," Haniyeh said. I guess Mr. Dufus doesn't know limited military action from all out war. If true war was waged against Gaza, his sorry ass and the enclave would be anihilated.
11. Don't expect a thank you..
Malone ,   Hfx   (12.14.13)
they're entitled,or so they think
12. How many rockets will be fired at Israel as "thank you"?
Oliver ,   Portaland, OR USA   (12.14.13)
13. Why give Gaza anything?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.14.13)
There are twenty-two Arab states that can rush to their aid. Twenty-two states into which Gazans do not fire rockets and attempt terrorist acts. It shouldn't always have to be us. There is no shortage of Israelis who can use free fuel and pumps. Let the Arabs fend for themselves.
14. #2: considering Hammas wants Israel eliminated...
Show me one country in the world that would help another countries which launched dozens of missiles on its citizens and vows to destroy it. I say we Israelis are saints for aiding the Gazans. And it's not just water pumps, I heard on Israeli radio that Israel also sends them food etc. A man from Gaza was interviewed on the radio and was very grateful for the help they get from Israel - which their leaders call the enemy and teaches to hate.
15. To my American brothers
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (12.14.13)
Don't worry, we are not expecting any words of gratitude from Gaza, I'll be surprised if they don't blame us for the flooding. Still, I think it's the right thing to do. We are not savages (Sarah) there are innocent children inside Gaza, and yes I'm well aware that most of them will hate us later on and call for our annihilation. We should turn the other cheek and become a country you must fall in love with, something that the world desperately needs right now. A light for all nations
16. #1 Ivan you didn't read
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (12.14.13)
"Israel" opened the dam?
17. Pumped again.
Gabe ,   Canada   (12.14.13)
Haniyeh needs to keep the Kassams dry and help is on the way.
18. Israel Should Do More to Help
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (12.14.13)
Raw sewerage is flowing into the streets because Israel charges Gaza an inflated price for fuel to run the power stations which runs the sewerage plant. Not to mention the blockade, the senseless incursions with US war toys etc etc etc. You have a lot of feet to wash Israel!
19. There are no dams
Roy ,   USA   (12.14.13)
That's a pretty blatant and stupid lie (typical Arab). There are no dams West of the Jordan river. Hamas is counting on your ignorance.
20. #19 no dams?
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (12.14.13)
Yes there are dams. And 2, how do you (think) to know I'm Arab? I'm not. You know a lot isn't it? I am a Jew, a not zionist Jew.
21. #18 Like the cement which they used to build an attack tunne
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (12.15.13)
22. # 7 Yes!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (12.15.13)
Couldn't have said it better... no one could !
23. you are wrong
Nevuhadnezer ,   Here & There   (12.16.13)
Israel has trasffered Gas, Water, and has helped evacuating over 700 people in the Gaza strip. and what you care about is money? Rotten American.
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