Holy Land in white: 18 photos
Published: 15.12.13, 01:05
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1. Ha-Shem is angry at the seculars
Zionist forever   (12.15.13)
The terrible devistation and suffering we have wittnesed in Jerusalem these past few days is because Ha-Shem is angry with secular people who do not follow his ways and this is his way of venting his anger.
2. those are some fine shots
Cameron ,   USA   (12.15.13)
Particularly that very first one of the Wall. Winter weather: labor on through & be thankful you're not in the same position of icy flooding as those clowns in Gaza.
3. Beautiful Palestine
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.15.13)
4. Angry of imagined creatures
Gennady ,   Petah Tiqva   (12.15.13)
Imagined Ha-Shem can be angry only about his orthodox slaves, you know...
5. RE: Zionist Forever
Zionist Forever&Ever ,   Israel   (12.15.13)
You are insane! LOL
6. Zionist forever no1
that's why he snowed in Jerusalem!!!
7. Picture no 3
There's nothing beautiful about this picture. I don't know why you chose to publish such an ugly picture! You lock a whole people within walls, and after some white powder falls on it, you find it marvellous
8. Beautiful blessing
Mark Halawa ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.15.13)
We witnessed a beautiful snowy Shabbat. It was humbling, peaceful, and brought the city together through the many many things people did to help one another. Jews, Christians, and Muslims passed this test very well. Peace to all!
9. Zionist Forever you're a joke
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.13)
You're probably American living in Florida with a non-Jewish g/f. Yeah "Zionist"... trying to tell Jews in Israel how observant they should be? So pathetic.
10. Re#3: Palestine, Tx?
HaifaGuy   (12.15.13)
I didn't see Texas mentioned anywhere in this article. Why, did it snow there, too?
11. No 3 son of yaffa
Madeleine ,   Israel   (12.15.13)
It didn't snow in Palestine because Palestine doesn't exist. The so-called Palestinians didn't even call themselves palestinians until Yasser Arafat thought it a good way to con the world into believing such a nation had ever existed. The term was coined by the Romans but no self-respecting Arab of the Holy Land would ever deign to call himself a Palestinian. And in case you forgot, the Brits created (Trans-)Jordan as a homeland for the Arabs of Palestine. Now yes, it did snow there, but I guess you palis aren't welcome there either.
12. At lease women will dress modestly
Zionist forever   (12.15.13)
13. #1... your logic is non-existant
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (12.15.13)
If this weather was really to punish the seculars, it would have snowed in Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem. Anyways. Rain is a blessing, snow even more so. The only reason this was a problem is that the government never prepares for it. This would just be a light snow day for anywhere in europe or northern california.
14. Ha-Shem's gift
Marian ,   Romania   (12.15.13)
for the (nostalgic) immigrants from snowy countries... and for the other people too.
15. Who is Ha-Shem?
Wolfgang ,   Oulu, FINLAND   (12.15.13)
Who is Ha-Shem?
16. 15 - it means "the name" = God
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.13)
But why couldn't you just google it anyway? Millions of explanations out there online.
17. #!, YHVH is fed up with the bondages the UO put on other too
Rob ,   Ashqelon, Is   (12.15.13)
18. אני מאמין באמונה שלמה...
JGedalov   (12.15.13)
That ynet reporters got amazing pictures...I like the first one, the man praying at the kotel, keeping the faith could be everything.
19. #3 Your "palestine" is humbly accepting water pumps
A ,   Belgium   (12.15.13)
and fuel from the "zionist entity". At least now they have enough water to wash their filthy bodies...and minds.
20. #19
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (12.16.13)
Your "clean Israel" first opened the dam and then giving pumps? The fuel came from Qatar btw. Wash your filthy mouth you racist.
21. #10
Moshe of Rockille ,   Rockville,MD USA   (12.17.13)
It also snowed in Texas, because it is a wonderful state, and home to many of my relatives. And shoveling snow is a fine exercise.
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