Almost 20,000 cut off from power as political blame game begins
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.12.13, 01:02
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andre   (12.15.13)
... "Ihie tov" : when such a sentence comes from the national decision level, it is a crime
2. Contrived
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.15.13)
Was anyone convinced by Bibi's pathetic news conference, with Bib play acting as the man who makes decisions - has the man made any decisions over the past ten years other than what sort of ice cream we need to buy for him and whether or not it is moral to expect the taxpayer to pay expenses for his private residence? And how convenient that he speaks at 8.00 just as the main news starts to ensure maximum coverage for him, following the parade of people saying basically what a wonderful job we are doing, nature is to blame and no need for a commission of inquiry. Perhaps he could have followed King Abdullah's example and helped people
3. what can be done?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.15.13)
I live in Israel for 37 years and it seems to me that it snows once in 3 years. So instead of spending money to buy snow equipment, the Jerusalem city closes all offices and school for the day (or two) and everyone goes out to enjoy the day. To purchase gear and train personnel for once every three years could be done, but the government (read tax payers) must foot the bill. Yes, electricity goes out, but we are used to that already from many many years of experience. Part of the 'keff' of living here.
4. City well prepared
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.15.13)
As one of the many thousands in Jerusalem that were without power for over 32 hours I can say that the city was well prepared. I am an older woman living alone. On Friday I called the "moked" (Municipal help line) and asked for help to be dug out of my house which was closed off due to the snow. They sent a volunteer within a couple of hours that dug me a pathway out. They also sent a large amount of cooked foods that I had not requested, but were helpful since there was no electricity for the weekend. Other wise I was quite comfortable bundled up with warm clothing, a blanket, a book and a candle. On Saturday night, after power was restored they called me to ask if I was all right! Many thanks to the Municipal help line and all their workers/volunteers!
5. Gaza
USA   (12.15.13)
Nice storm. The good part is that their tunnels are flooded, their weapons caches have sustained water/rust damage, they are too miserable to fire rockets (the few that are still undamaged by water) and when the rebuilding starts Israel will stand to profit. No harm making bucks off the enemy.
6. Passing the buck
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (12.15.13)
Probably much of the disruptions could have been avoided If the electric company took some preventative measures such as trimming or cutting tress that have the possibility of falling on an electric line in a storm, having more emergency generators. The best solution would be to put the electric serviced lines under ground. The argument that this is too expensive for a once in 50 year phenomenon is really a cop out. Underground lines would also make sabotage to electric service more difficult as well as help protect electric service in a enemy attack.Perhaps opening the supply of electricity to competition may help improve the situation.
7. #4
USA   (12.15.13)
That's a heart warming story. I liked the part where they sent you lots of food that you had not requested. Stay warm this winter, take care and be careful, and all the best!
8. lets pray to God alltogether!
eritean ,   israel   (12.15.13)
It is all from him the one who is the lord of the world. As he could do what ever he thinks not what we poeple think,lets pray all together to give us his plessing to our evil thoughts and deed! Lets pray together to be saved from his anger as we are making him anexios always by our deed. Lets remember his kindness to us! At this moment may be he is warning us to stop our bad activities as he loves us more. So.......lets pray together!!!
9. jerusalem snow the blame game
jeff seidel ,   jerusalem israel   (12.15.13)
i lived in chicago and a few years back in the summer i visite there was a severe storm for 3 1/2 days we had no power theres no one to blame EVEN IN THE USA IT HAPPENS
10. # 4
Hoke ,   Haifa, Israel.   (12.15.13)
and your son is the mayor of Jerusalem ?
11. Blame, Blame Blame
Kim ,   Jerusalem   (12.15.13)
What absolute NONSENSE. Why does someone have to be BLAMED for a natural event. The country was warned that this would be a very severe storm. No country, organisation etc can be expected to facilitate a one-in-a-lifetime situation. Why did CITIZENS not make provisions for the future. Buy food in advance. Buy hot water bottles. Make sure gas bottles were full & replacements were on hand. Make sure you had enough blankets and warm thermal underwear. What more do people expect? This was the worst weather in 70 years. How must a govt plan for an event like this. Yes, it was very uncomfortable, not having electricity,. We have gas stoves so can still heat food, make hot water bottles etc to help us keep warm. Some other countries only have electricity, no gas. Their situation is far worse than what we went through this weekend. If someone must be blamed, blame the CITIZENS THEMSELVES. Not the govt.
12. Am Yisrael b-midbar
JewishHeart ,   Israel   (12.15.13)
I think given the situation, everyone did a good job. Including BiBi. Israel is a wonderful place to be. The only thing that can Be improved is complaining about imperfection as if the complainer is perfect as well.
13. taking advantage
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (12.15.13)
One hears of acts of chesed during these trying times but there are others who take advantage.My student daughter was unable to get up north for shabbat to be with us and found herself stranded in her Jerusalem apartment with little food and no public transport till a friend phoned and invited her to spend shabbat with her family in the city. My daughter waited for a taxi and asked the driver to start the meter.He refused and scolded her verbally for even considering the matter"considering the weather" then charged her an exorbitant fee for a short journey
14. Neutral is in eyesight of Tzur Hadassah
Ecr   (12.15.13)
but is over "the green line" and was also closed. Over 35,000 Jews there. Nu?
15. #10
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.15.13)
No, my son is physically unable to help with the kind of problem that I faced. BTW - such nasty remarks are uncalled for and painful to the recipient of your misplaced humor.
16. taxpayers burden: Bibi's 2 private homes
Ellen ,   Arad   (12.15.13)
I would prefer King Abdullah.
17. if they want a scapegoat blame God not politicians
zionist forever   (12.15.13)
Nobody expected such heavy winds and the snow storm is the biggest its been in decades. Israel gets such little bad weather in the centre at least municipalities don't prepare, what do the public want their money spent on projects that are useful for the good weather we get 99% of the year or preparing for the odd blizzard and heavy snow. and the army train for bad weather and invest in equipment to deal with it. Got to be realistic here that weather as bad as what we have had comes so rarely that nobody is ready and lets stop looking for scapegoats because blaming somebody wont get things fixed any quickr. People are just going to have to give it time because alot of people have been affected and snow hasn't melted yet
18. Prove me wrong
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (12.15.13)
the people complaining loudest about Bibi, the municipalities and the police, also supported Left-wing candidates, Oslo, the disengagement, and believes our enemies are redeemable. Simply put: If you don't believe in 'Acts of G-d', you don't believe in G-d, and therefore you live in a state of continual unrealistic expectations.
19. If there is one thing I know....
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (12.15.13)
and first hand, it's that a common Israeli characteristic is not to listen - whether to storm warnings or other balanced, well substantiated advice. The complainants today are those who decided yesterday or the day before to shut their ears to the forecasts and proceed as usual, without stocking up on food, water or candles. Now, they're crying because government representatives didn't magically appear to restore their power, clear their roads or deliver a warm Shabbat dinner. What nonsense. As to the parent of the student who got stiffed by the taxi driver: happens all the time, in weather fair and foul!
20. Electric mafia company
Jayjay ,   Israel   (12.15.13)
With the massive wages they get, and the ridiculous high rates they charge for electricity, there is no excuses! The Electric company is like a mafia family, that no outsiders can get a job in......... there should be a national inquiry into them. Its supposed to be a government department....not a private hierarchy!! For too many years they have been ripping of the public, and cant seem to be touched...protected by their unions! ENough is enough.
21. #18
sharon ,   israel   (12.15.13)
Prove that you are right. You took a survey?? That was the dumbest talkback I've read in a while.
22. Love thy Neighbour
Zechariah   (12.15.13)
What happened in Jerusalem to neighbours helping out.In a Big City a Holy City bad Civic Responsibility of the individual citizen.Need Security but the Jews at least ought offer help unless thereis reasonable danger .zFollow the example of Rabbi Levi of Bederevitch from centuries ago.
23. #16
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (12.15.13)
Go right ahead and cross the Allenby. Join Abdullard et al., no one will miss you.
24. Didn't see any difference between our country + other better
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.15.13)
off countries like USA and Europe. No one can control weather conditions. You can listen to forecasts and prepare, but being w/o electricity for a long time is a burden, I agree. Still, with ingenuity + neighborhood help, it should not be too problematic. Just last week, US found family stuck in snow filled mountains. Father kept them warm in overturned car by heating stones + burning spare tire.
25. Startup Nation
Dan ,   K"S   (12.15.13)
Unfortunately when everything seems to work the few who are without suffer. In 1991 the decision not to sound all-clear because some thought it was a new take-cover siren was nice. I did not know of the decision. I worked nights and slept days, and with people going abroad, was working 12+ hours a day. I did not have radio reception, but after the first day a speaker system was installed. But it did not notify that there was an all-clear. Can I come out?
26. How frail we humans really are...
Rob ,   Ashqelon, Is   (12.15.13)
27. To # 11
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (12.15.13)
The blame is not for the natural event over which we mortals have no control. The blame is for the poor state of preparedness to deal with such events. The preparedness must include dealing with both natural & manmade disasters To those who shun preparedness goes the blame..
28. Storm
Josephine ,   Jerusalem, Israel.   (12.15.13)
The great Hi Tech country, paralyzed due to snow! Electrical system in an ugly state. Where solar energy of the sun-drenched country ? Until when "kombinot" of monopoly will shape our lives?
29. Jerusalem cut off and switched off
Shalom ,   Manchester UK   (12.15.13)
If Jerusalem was a small village, fine, you cannot expect a small village to have snow flows, however, Jerusalem is not a small village, it is a City, not an ordinary City, but a capital city! You cannot have a capital city of 800,000 inhabitants where all the roads in and out are blocked and continue to be blocked for several days. Image the furor, if we were talking about, Moscow, Paris, London, Washington etc etc. Next, the big problem today, is without electric nothing works. In the old days, so you had a gas fire, a coal fire, at least you had heat, but today, without electricity, you have no heat or light or communication, we are too reliant on electricity, and, the distribution needs to be much more robust!
30. Settlements cut off a lesson for the future
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.15.13)
With so many settlements cut off it is informative to note that the country seems to be managing very well thank you without them
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