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Swedish police detain 28 after neo-Nazi attack
Associated Press
Published: 15.12.13, 20:22
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31. Things have got very bad in Malmo
Liza Johnson ,   Malmo Sweden   (12.16.13)
We are leaving Sweden,it gets very bad here in Malmo,too many problems...It is sad that we leave where we are born..You need live here to understand the problems....Very sad...
32. To #17
John   (12.16.13)
Remember that the Swedish state confiscated and expropriated lots of Sami land during the 40s and drove them out of their ancestral land since many thousand of years back. The Swedish state sterilized thousands upon thousand of functionally disabled people between 1930-1976 because the "weren't viably fit to produce healthy Swedes". Have also in mind that it was actually against the law to be a homosexual up until 1975 in Sweden. Recently the Swedish police had registered Roma people (gipsys) in a huge hidden file entirely based of their ethnic profile, including lots of innocent children that weren't criminal. Sweden is a nice country in many aspects country but don't be that bashing until you have cleaned up at least some of the shit your country has produced.
33. #25
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (12.17.13)
I often see you bring up the Sami issue as if you knew anything about it. I'm a Sami and i'm not being discriminated and i don't want an independent Sápmi. You don't speak for us. I have no issues with his comment.
34. The "socialist" leader omar mustafa is a radical islamist
David Silversteen ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.17.13)
and this omar mustafa must go now. I applaude the Swedish police and military. The action against neonazis here is praisworthy, very very very much so. I also always say Thanks also to the eternally good Swedish King who legalised filesharing in all of Sweden. Most Filesharing is not abusive, but there are many sites and downloads,which contain antisemitism and true pedofile acts, and they must be investigated and imprisoned to the highest levels. This will have a positive effect on Sweden, but omar mustafa must go,be depowered now, now, now. Period. Or Sweden is lost to fascism. omar mustafa is a fascist, no "socialist", but like chavez and stalin and mao and hitler, he poses as a "socialist". evil. destroy evil. by legal or other means. Period.
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