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Israel not a third world country
Nahum Barnea
Published: 16.12.13, 11:38
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31. REALITY CHECK. No one screams failure because in London
shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (12.16.13)
NY and Paris because they plow right away, lay salt for ice, and make a sidewalk walk worthy! Today in my neighborhood they brought a bulldozer to plow a thin sheet of ice instead of laying salt! It was a newly paved road and now it is damaged from a BULLDOZER TRYING TO PICK UP A THIN SHEET OF ICE! LMAO!. if thats not 3rd world i dont know what is!
32. #21
Sally ,   UK   (12.16.13)
"and stop sending free food, electricity and fresh water to Gaza" You should really know about a subject before you spout off. "Israel *sold* the fuel to the PA, which paid with funds supplied by gas-rich Gulf state Qatar" - YNET Any fuel, food or water from Israel is paid for by the PA, Israel charges for all such supplies. It is funny that you think that Hamas would ever accept 'free aid' from Israel.
33. The measurement for western civilisations after an extreme
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (12.16.13)
weather event is how quickly it takes transport systems and networks to become operational again And for the record Boris Johnson was attacked for woeful preperations into the extreme weather that London was subject to 3 years ago where the capital ground to a halt.
34. Bedouin
Albi ,   Ashkelon   (12.16.13)
It seems once again we neglect or ignore many thousands of citizens of the State of Israel. The Bedouins They have suffered terribly during the storms and are in desperate need of help. Instead of trying to take land and making plans for them without their participation as the loyal citizens they are. We have directly been pushing them into the Palestinian camp--then we will say they can't be trusted. Now is the time to come to their aid and respect them. We have turned enough friends into adversaries lately.
35. David 29
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.16.13)
Electricity in Europe costs much more , some there pay TWICE the price we pay [ Germany , Denmark ]
36. Finally a voice of reason
Shachar ,   Eilat   (12.18.13)
I suspect to save face for the media but let's not go into it. A number of people have called this "auto-outrage reflex" an adolescent syndrome but I think it is more systematic. The country has drowned itself in regulations for the sole purpose of covering one's backside. This system was born in the army where senior officers protected themselves from blame by laying out so many regulations they were unfollowable. Whenever an accident happened you could always find a regulation the junior officers or soldiers broke and land the blame on them. Now it has spread through all the countries systems. Now is the time to get rid of the adolescent blame-game syndrome and drop all the ridiculous regulations.
37. London
Danny ,   London England   (12.18.13)
London rarely has heavy snow, so when it does happen it is a major problem if it's the 'wrong kind of snow', i.e. if it doesn't rapidly disappear! The 'wrong kind of leaves' can cause major problems for the trains. On the extremely rare occasions it is really sunny and hot the tracks can expand and cause problems. Mother Nature can be a real b....
38. Snow In Israel
ltrail ,   United States   (12.19.13)
I praise G-d for sending snow upon Eretz Y'srael now! G=d The Provider is giving a gift of water for crops, and some excitement for you all. We in northeast USA have had three snow falls recently and some ice/sleet. Thank G-d that he taught man to make calcium chloride. But G-d has blessed the State of Israel, and His people,snowfor a season. Thank you, G-d.
39. success and failures during the storm
Ed Stack ,   Jerualem   (12.19.13)
First, praise to the workers for the recovery. I have 2 questions. 1. When you plow, why did you plow only one lane for traffic, which on most roads travels two ways? If the plowed lanes on the roads were just a little wider, traffic would have flowed much more smoothly. 2. More importantly, when power was finally restored, why did it continuously fail and come up. I and several of the people I know experiences at least 20 power repeated power failures/restores. This wreaks havoc on equipment such as refrigerators. I have experienced power failures in the past. The power yo-yo during the restore is a failure. The failure and there was a failure was in the planning and training of the workers.
40. Israel is a third world country
benshoshan   (12.29.13)
Israel is a tiny country and israelis tend to always compare themselves to huge and rich countries. On the side of science it is good. As an organized society Israel has challenges that no other country has, offer all its citizen relative equality in economic rights and moral ethics from our bible. Israel should stop mimicking anybody and everybody from other nations. Be proud to be ourselves in the way we have always conducted ourselves according to our moral ethics. A huge challenge in a world dominated by the medias.
41. third world country
taieb jacques ,   netanya israel   (12.31.13)
israel is indeed a third world country for other reasons.......poor working people, conditions of work ,behavior of head, low level education,insufficency of law to protect workers......we can continue to live in a kind of illusion..... but reality is around us and dont answer that israel is a young country ..... france and germany were destroyed at the end of ww2..... they rebuilt their country and they are real democracies.......
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