Report: IDF soldier killed as result of Lebanese gunfire
Yoav Zitun
Published: 15.12.13, 22:47
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1. Be careful
marcella   (12.15.13)
israel is led by yaalon who is no adventurer but who is very combative and thinks in terms of destroying enemy concentrations. He is radically different from barak who made his mark on small commando operations but not in major land skirmishes in which he was very reluctatnt.And he is different from peretz, mofaz who wax sloppy, ben eliezer who was slow. So adversaries be forwarned.
2. Hezboy's Army
Lebanese 2 ,   usa   (12.15.13)
Never trust the Lebanese Government , most of thier army Hezboy's in Lebanese army uniform , or civilian cloth they call them secret service , secret my ???
3. get ready
farrokh ,   Iran,usa   (12.15.13)
get your rat hole ready Hazbalah is coming.
4. Middle Eastern style OCD
Gideon Reader   (12.15.13)
Obsessive Compulsory Disorder (OCD) afflicts many national groups and political subdivisions within that geographic area. They sufferers cannot help but open fire on the IDF. The Bull as it is known then gives them the horn, so to speak. A minor reflection of the famous "stupid is as stupid does".
5. 19 year old boy
killed defending the indefensible
6. Lebanon
Jake ,   Haifa Israel   (12.16.13)
The Lebanese army is completely infiltrated by Hezbollah and this action is no doubt their desire to deflect attention from their fighting against the Sunni in Syria. As for Hezbollah capabilities, the campaigns the IDF should study are those between dug in Japanese and the US forces in WW2. Cut them off, as in Islands, and then burn them out and too bad about the Shia civilians nearby. At the same time bomb their cities into oblivion. Eventually the US military figured out how to do exactly this in WW2. In the end the Japanese were utterly destroyed, despite their Kamikazes which resemble nothing but guided missiles.
7. All-out attack now.
MIKE caton ,   vestal ,ny usa   (12.16.13)
Israel must now launch a full-scale, no holds barred, total give-no -quarter invasion of Southern Lebanon. in order to destroy Hezbollah once and for all. This situation cannot continue. To hell with what Obummer, the EU, or the UN think about it. And no apologies from the Israel Ministry of Apologies--a ministry that needs to be dissolved immediately.
8. May G-d avenge his blood!
Hirsh ,   USA   (12.16.13)
9. Freaking UN and restraint
Dennis ,   Nj USA   (12.16.13)
Isn't it freaking amazing that the F-G OOM SHMOOM calls for restraint only AFTER Israelis are killed? Next they'll invoke "proportionality"...
10. Border patrols need armoured vehicles!
Johannes ,   Norway   (12.16.13)
11. #6
JACOB ,   NYC / USA   (12.16.13)
12. So is Israel back to a policy of "restraint"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.16.13)
Why is the IDF "investigating" when one of its soldiers was just killed in an act of war? Was the "retaliatory fire" just some warning shots? Absent news of casualties or damage on the Lebanese side, it would appear the IDF is willing to take the loss rather than retaliate and spark a larger clash. At least on the Golan front the army has directed fire on aggressors and influcted damage, a warning not to mess with the IDF. That still seems the best policy.
13. Which is it..?
Sally ,   UK   (12.16.13)
"The soldier was driving in an IDF vehicle by himself" yet... "The IDF said the Lebanese soldier fired 6-7 bullets and most likely shot "of his own accord."" Other reports say that the IDF had crossed into Lebanon.. point is... respect Lebanese sovereignty and these incidents won't happen.
14. reserve the right
Dr Petrie ,   USA   (12.16.13)
Unfortunately the words "we reserve the right to retaliate" are hollow words, words that mean nothing will happen. If Israel were to do something, it would be done as of now, no questions or remarks - just Lebanese soldiers flopped over on the ground.
15. Israel will hit when and where
CJK   (12.16.13)
israel will not let pass this murder by islamist scum.
16. #3 Hezbollah is dying
by the hands of Arabs - no need to get ready , every months more and more hundreds of these rats are coming... coming back home in coffins
17. #5 your cowardliness is indefensible
keep hiding until they get you - coward
18. Lebanon has the right self defense
S. Blaumstein ,   Recife, Brazil   (12.16.13)
Blaumstein sources reported on the condition of anonymity that the Israeli army soldier who was trying to infiltrate into Lebanon has been killed by sniper fire.
19. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Di Zahav, The Sinai   (12.16.13)
Prayers for Major Sgt. Shlomi Cohen.
20. Teen hunters again?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.16.13)
How about we shoot back? That would work.
21. Lessons learned
moonunit ,   Israel   (12.16.13)
As prisoner swops (sic) have shown, one of ours is worth a thousand plus of theirs. It works both ways! Give them their "paradise" they so desperatly seek, or in reality the hell they deserve.
22. 6 Numbnuts! If Israel could have it would
lydia ,   Brisbane   (12.16.13)
Israel routinely shoots unarmed civilians on their own land.Whats good for the Goose....
23. IOF has no righst on Land outside its borders
lydia ,   Brisbane   (12.16.13)
24. 3
X'   (12.16.13)
ready to be obliterated. Your countr y is about to become flat, black, lifeless and glowing in the dark for the next 10,000 years. start practicing kissing your a$$ goodbye
25. So its ok to shoot a Palstinian by your army inside Gazaa
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.16.13)
yet its not OK to shoot an occupying soldier inside occupied Palestine.
26. only ones in rat hole are hazbellah.
ralph   (12.16.13)
27. 3 farrokh
arthur ,   toronto   (12.16.13)
rat holes are an Islamic thing
28. Kill the family of the person who killed the soldier
k ,   US   (12.16.13)
the only thing the Islamists understand is violence, give to them what they give to the Israelis by the hundredth
29. #3 Farrokh
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.16.13)
IDF will show them an excellent IDF welcome with special fireworks. Why don;t you joins them too? You can enjoy the same IDF welcome.
30. Idiot person at#5: "It" is very much defensible and will
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.16.13)
prevail long after last of Islamic barbarians is banished to herd goats in Arabian desert.
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