American Studies Association approves boycott of Israel
Shahar Chai, Reuters
Published: 17.12.13, 00:51
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1. Anti Semites Chasing their tails
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.13)
Egged on by lapsing and leftist Jews who run ashamed of their heritage, these human monsters ,without a sense of reality or reason take on a vile cause against the wrong party. Israel educates Arabs at Israeli Universities . The reverse never held true, since Arab States ethnically cleansed the Jews from their lands and severly restricted their freedom and rights Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, these monsters attack the softest target , to find a cause for their lives to create a purpose Like pre WWii Germans who thought they can run from their heritage Jews that so abandon theirs will have it haunt them, and the coward anti Semites who tag at their tails sensing easy prey will end up where the human trash was junked in oblivion. AM Yisrael Chai
2. Curiouser and curiouser
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.13)
An organization devoted to American Studies -- whatever the hell that is -- chooses to opine upon that which is notably outside its area of expertise. So ... yawn ... who cares? It's not exactly as if American Studies is a real academic discipline.
3. It is amazing how many really stupid people there are!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (12.17.13)
The American Studies Association probably have never learned the truth of what is really going on with Israel and the palestinians, or the history. What about boycotting teaching children hate, lies and jihad for starters! If the Israelis took up the same policies as the pallies, there most likely would'nt be any palistinians left in Israeli. It doesn't take a scholar to see the obvious! Mant people are just pissed that Israel survives.
4. The must be a bunch of losers
Judd Rusnak ,   Sydney Australia   (12.17.13)
I am read to bet that every professor voted to boycott Israel lost a grant to either an Israeli or Jewish scientist, for them it is a revenge, what a bunch of losers!
5. Not the first time Jews are boycotted
R ,   Israel   (12.17.13)
This is not the first time that Jews have been boycotted and singled out. It happened in Germany in the 1930s. The fact that "Curtis Marez, the association's president, admitted that Israel's neighbors have worse human rights records than the Jewish State, but he told the New York Times: "One has to start somewhere" illustrates the hypocrisy. And for further illustration, this announcement appears two inches above the following article:,7340,L-4466048,00.html
6. Boycott US academics for Guantanamo
Yisraeli ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.17.13)
US treated poor 9/11 terrorists very harshly. Therefore, lets boycott US academia for that. Arab terrorists deserve all human rights, including transporting weapons & explosives into US & murdering & blowing up Americans. Since ASA thinks so of Israel, why not apply it to itself?
7. Here is their address--send an email!
mea   (12.17.13)
8. Catastrophic Historical Injustice
Zechariah   (12.17.13)
Don't these Academivcs know that the Islam in General and Arab Palestinians in particular violently opposed Jewish escape from nazi Occupied Europe into the Empty Areas of Mandated Palestine namely Tel Aviv built from sand dunes the Empty Negev Areas The Settlements on Malaria infested swamps and the uninhibited areas on the West Bank of the Jordan .Islamic Turkey could have saved millions of Jews in transit to Islamic lands for temporary protection. Gaining also Assets and Advanced Techology . The Arabs have given refuge to millions of Syrian Arabs Iraqi Arabs and Pakistan to millions after the Russian invasion In 1980.
9. American studies pseudo-scholars won't impact science
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.17.13)
The biggest impacts from this morally repugnant decision will be on ASA, not on Israel. ASA could well lose its tax-exempt status under US law, for example. Anyone who would agree with this boycott isn't worth the paper his/her diploma is printed on. The move has to be fought and those involved shamed, because such poison spreads, but it won't have any substantive impact on science exchanges.
10. Israel's policies abhorent
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (12.17.13)
When sporting boycotts against South Africa's aparthied policies were gaining momentum the same lame apologists trotted out the "politics shouldn't be part of sport." line. Yet the boycotts did achieve their purpose. Now Israel is a master of the boycott e.g. boycotting Iran yet but when the reverse occurs "Oh no can't have that"
11. America, the lost
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Nova Scotia Canada   (12.17.13)
And so the Islamification of America gathers pace. US institutions have been hijacked by liberals long ago. Seeing that they do not have communism to worship, Islam has become their new idol. How far this great country has fallen. Alas, it is still in freefall.
12. truncated Marez quote
Publicposter ,   Encinitas, CA   (12.17.13)
In addition to the line you quote, he also explained the logic behind the ASA's vote: He argued that the United States has “a particular responsibility to answer the call for boycott because it is the largest supplier of military aid to the state of Israel.” While acknowledging that the same could be said of a number of oppressive governments, past and present, he said that in those countries, civil society groups had not asked his association for a boycott, as Palestinian groups have." It's more fun to take a few words out of context and ridicule them, harder to face the truth.
13. 21st century book burning
BH ,   Iowa   (12.17.13)
14. American Studies Association
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.17.13)
Did an action that is totally justified morally and politically, and long overdue. Congratulations, ASA, keep up the good fight!
15. The best way for Israel..
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.17.13) to take home every scientific people of jewish faith, who are working in the US, and open up better opportunities in Israel, in the "new silicon valley" in Negev. Israel is in the top level on science and with top conditions Israel will not suffer. We all knows that the leftist as normal keep on studying for the whole duration of life without getting smarter, but they keep their voices inside the camp until retirement and being buried as "dummies"...
16. To American Studies Association:Go back to studying Israel &
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.17.13)
its democratic principles, & its inclusion of arobs into its voting conscensis & how the arobs kicked 7000,000 Jews out of arob lands & how arobs welcomed by murdering Jews who settled on Israeli lands bought from the Ottoman empire in the last 300 years & shove that into your ass-o-ciation so you might know how to treat Israel better than your dim brains do now.
17. We, Jews, have encountered many boycotts, due to the fact...
N.LKatz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.17.13)
...that we have been Jewish, member of a tiny people, a race if to use the British meaning of the term, and we have survived all of them. This act of singling the Jewish people, again, and boycotting its nation-state is the latest form of anti-Jewish racism; a phenomenon that has travelled with us for centuries. Now, the Amallequites are attacking us from North America. We shall overcome them too, since we have vowed: Never Again!!
18. Boycotting Jewish country
Leib ,   York   (12.17.13)
Boycotting Israel is no big deal becomes they hate Jews and hate any thing that is Jewish , as why not boycotting an Arab country that the have no corage
19. Rain starts with one drop, then the flash flood
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.17.13)
20. There needs to be a list of the "westerners" ....
k ,   US   (12.17.13)
who are against Israel Just in case, I hope there is a record of the names of those who want to see Israel boycotted and Isolated,
21. Arabs, ASA and curses.
ProphetS   (12.17.13)
Arabs with all the ME land (over 99% vs. Israel's 1%), 16% of world oil, and no brotherly love toward each other (ongoing Arab spring has over 120,000 Arabs dead, by other Arabs), and with reluctance to help their lowlife Palistinian Arab brothers...and the ASA boycotts Israel? May the organizers of this move be cursed. May their lives and careers be shortened and may the ASA end up on the dungheap of history, soon to be forgotten.
22. ASA boycot
ik ,   USA   (12.17.13)
I hope the ASA complements their boycot by destroying all their cellphones, servers and other devices derived from modern Israeli technology.
23. Boycott of Israel
Harold ,   USA   (12.17.13)
Powerful lobbyists were unable to change the American Scholars mind about Israel. Who know what will be next as long as Israel continues to be an occupier.
24. One single word : Idiots
deavman ,   Akko   (12.17.13)
25. The group, devoted to study of American culture
Way their ancestors decimated Native Indians, so now they want to cleanse their guilt. Where are they in Syria, Iran, Yemen, and the other havens of Human rights?
26. Never heard if the group, surely they are lefties.
r ,   ATL   (12.17.13)
What exactly do they expect to gain.?
27. Successful propaganda...
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (12.17.13)
This covertly Antisemitic "action" of so called "intellectual elite" is a direct result of an unlimited petro$$ budgets, hiring the finest P.R. specialists to demonize and otherwise demean world Jewry and the Jewish state. This Judophobia is largely subliminal, as so called "intellectuals" would angrily deny their Antisemitism, but it is there just the same.
28. 10. peter morris
david carla ,   hong kong   (12.17.13)
mr. morris , new zealand and australia were refuge country not only to good people, aryans but to the german and latvuian nazis that run away and hid there. so clean up your mess first and then be judgmental. your comparison is lame. iran is going to eat you and the west us a favour and don't use any israeli technology. from intel to microsoft to cell phones, to medical devices. go learn your history and see who supported financially, spiritually and plain physically mandella when he spent 35 years in jail. the jewish community and israel behind it.
29. I personally know American academics who will ignore this
Nonsense   (12.17.13)
We actually have two upcoming joint projects with an American University. Ha! This is just another empty boycott, because the real researchers are busy researching and studying to be playing boycott games, and they know that our land contains many treasures to be discovered and studied.
30. 23. Harold
david carla ,   hong kong   (12.17.13)
mr. harold. u must be a good white blood american. as naive as your state department. the palestinians are the occupiers. they are occupying the mountain top, they are occupying jewish Jerusalem. they are occupying Jericho all given to the Jews by Goad in the Bible, the Torah or Old testament whatever you want to call it. you cannot deny this. should u be reminded that you are occupying Native American land? give it back. in which Holy Book do you see the land given to you or your parents or grandparents all coming form europe. GO BACK TO EUROPE OR SOUTH AMERICA OR AFRICA and GIVE BACK AMERICA TO THE "INDIANS"
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