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Torah scrolls from Iraq buried in NY
Associated Press
Published: 17.12.13, 08:15
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1. Cremation would have been better
Miri   (12.17.13)
2. To Miri - #1
Barry ,   Tel Aviv   (12.17.13)
No. Only fascists and the totally ignorant burn books. Oh. Sorry. Which one are you?
3. Re: #1 Creamtion suggestion
Jenny ,   NY USA   (12.17.13)
Traditionally, Jews bury "shammus". They have been doing it for hundreds of years. OTOH, Nazis loved a good book burning...
4. Time to "bury" Tora and replace it with Darwin's book.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.17.13)
Well, maybe not literally bury, like in Neu Yawk, but delegate the Tora to a history closet which holds many books containing man made legends. Tora has earned its place among other books in a museum somewhere. But in contrast to the Tora, Darwin's theory still evolves and is constantly proven to be correct.
5. Visited the exhibit at National Archives earlier this week
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.17.13)
They only had 27 of roughly 2700 artifacts on display, but it was nonetheless worthwhile. Our guide was very passionate about the historic value of these artifacts, but rather restrained when it came to the more horrific episodes, describing them as "not so good". There was also some mumbling when the artifacts were described as "belong[ing] to Iraq", when we all know everything there was stolen. At a separate lecture about the restoration and archiving process, there too folks steered clear of the politics. They're just archivists, after all. But it seems clear with the return of these artifacts to Iraq that Jewish researchers will have limited access to them, and Israeli researchers none at all, beyond the digitized versions on the Archives website. Interestingly, Iraq paid not a penny for the work done (most of the funding came from the State Department), but they're getting not only the artifacts themselves but all the display panels - in English and Arabic.
6. Michael: you are late
jdc ,   New York, US   (12.17.13)
What do you care ? Clearly you have evolved to a superior state and know the better book. Enjoy ! Why the missionary zeal to convert others ? As for replacing the Torah, you are a little late to the party: history has shown a whole parade of contenders. Now Darwin's work contains a really cool idea but it s rather narrow-focused to be an all-encompassing replacement and he would not claim it to be. There is more to humans and the universe than mere biology.
7. 4 Michael, Darwin's fairy tail...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.17.13)
You lost, by now , your tail.... the theory still evolving,...mind your brain! Lol.
8. to #1 Miri - jews don't burn books, especially
lili   (12.18.13)
after crystal night in 2WW.
9. to #4 Darwin had a bible book, he used to keep
lili   (12.18.13)
it by his bed.
10.  Darwin...
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.04.14)
so, Darwins theory of evolution is just a bigger hoax as the NASA moon-landing. I still remember the cola-bottle on the live TV-report from the moon, so-called "moon-landing". By the way, I have a pet-pig called halla, that is also a hoax...
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