Police force asylum seekers into buses back to detention
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 17.12.13, 16:31
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1. Israel must pursue every legal
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (12.17.13)
recourse to remove these hostile infiltrators. Kindness has it's limits. These people don't belong in Israel and do not deserve to be in Israel. Try Sweden, Norway, or all the other deranged countries that have no respect for its citizens, except for their taxes.
2. Remeber!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.17.13)
3. its the responsibility of the UN not us
zionist forever   (12.17.13)
Let the bleeding heart UN fns a solution to their problems if they care so much because thats their job not ours. Once we agree to take this lot on humanitarian grounds anybody else who gets in will be allowed to stay because we created a precedent the UN & leftist courts will follow. They came through Egypt which has signed the same treaties as Israel only difference is the illegals felt they could start a better life in Israel. Avoid the safe countries you come to first and go to the one you want as if your a tourist going on vacation. There are already about 70,000+ and let them stay they will have children who will be granted full citizenship as they were born here and 10-20 years they will make up a significant percentage of the population. Also the fact we cannot afford to take them, alliyah is expensive enough can't afford the illegals.
4. Bibi: Mr. Nice Guy
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.17.13)
At least he didn't make them walk all the way back to Holot.
5. The "asylum seekers" in this case are illegal migratory...
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.17.13)
...workers, and Israel, as the US and all European countries, tries to ensure that people entering the country do so legally.
6. If all Afraican moved to Israel,will they let us move there?
7. Refugees
Refugees must respect the law.
8. Illegal "infiltrators" wiped Palestine off map in 1948, 1967
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.17.13)
9. Wrong to send them to detention camps!
Jim Yakamoto ,   Israel   (12.17.13)
The should be sent straight to the airport or one the harbors and sent back to the country from whence they came! Alternatively, they should be sent to the United Emirates of Britain and Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France and let the EU look after them and pay them to loiter and pose a threat to their citizens. Many of these "refugees" are Muslims and we all know that the Muslims all over the world and working to boycott Israel, destroy our economy and even destroy our country. We cannot take the chance that these people, many of who are Muslims, might one day turn on us and stab us in the back as has happened some many times in the past. No one says their "human rights" must be ignored but, thanks to former Minister of the Interior who failed to stop, them coming here in the first place, they are ILLEGALLY here and must be deported. The High Court of Justice must decide NOW what is more important: The "rights" of these people or the lives of Israelis of all faiths and creeds.
10. #8
ER ,   Tel Aviv   (12.17.13)
Your comments are so redundant. You just copy and paste? Come to Israel and bring your daughter or granddaughter and see what these animals do and how they look at her.
11. #4
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (12.17.13)
What was Bibi supposed to do - hire a fleet of limousines for them and upon arrival, personally tuck them into bed? These people chose to enter Israel illegally. Chose to stupidly riot against the country whose laws they had already breached.
12. #9
13. Jim Yakamoto
Sam ,   Johannesburg   (12.17.13)
I just hope you are NOT Japanese. If you are, then I think what you are saying is unfortunate. Some of the ancestors of these people died fighting your wicked and evil military just to preserve Britain's interest. And today, you come here and spew this rubbish. YES, migration from anywhere to anywhere needs to be re-examined at all times. However, it must be done in a much more humane manner than this. First of all, people who can become assets to nations must be allowed in. And a better system of screening must be used. I will not accept some Japanese man coming here to spew such disrespectful pus on such an international forum. Learn to respect other people.
14. From South Tel Aviv
Resident ,   Israel   (12.17.13)
Anyone who supports these 'people' needs to spend a day in South Tel Aviv. Just 24 hours to see how these migrants behave and what endangerment they cause to legal residents. They do not deserve anything for breaking our law and infiltrating into Israel. 99% of Israelis do not want them here because they bring crime and disease. Unless you live here, your comments are really invalid. I had an uncle visit from Chicago who was in shock and another uncle from Russia who was equally astounded. They have created a slum out if Tel Aviv and it is not normal!
15. they should have been sent to sharonim
zionist forever   (12.17.13)
Ruleas are supposed to be in Holot the open prison they have the day to themselves but there is a cerfew when they must be back and the place is locked and if they break they don't return they are sent to the closed prison Sharonim. These people intentionally didnt return so they could protest at the fact they are kept in an open prison getting paid 500 shekel a month rather than being give then right to stay forever. Need to stop being humaitarians and deport them now.
16. #2, Your point?
Jake   (12.17.13)
Mandatory Palestine was set up in order to establish the Jewish National Home. It was required of the Mandatory to facilitate Jewish immigration and close settlement of the land. The League of Nations itself declared the 1939 White Paper to be a deriliction of the original Mandate. The State of Israel was set up promoting these same principles. Since when was Israel the designated landing ground for the migrants and infilitrators of the world at large?
17. Ilegal Migrants
Disgusted ! ,   israel   (12.17.13)
Lawyer Tony Garcia from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees should be put on a boat to China (or any other place that will accept him. I wonder how many countries are open to every migrant who wishes to enter? ) together with all of the refugees he organized to protest. They did NOT set this "protest march" up by themselves. Where oh where are the Jewish brains in this country? Have we become so demoralized as to be suicidal? Make all illegal migrants work shoveling snow for two weeks to earn their tickets back to wherever they came from. Then send them there!
18. #10 ER
Jake   (12.17.13)
Daughter? Granddaughter? Who would procreate with THAT animal?
19. #8, What native tribal lands are you squatting on?
Jake   (12.17.13)
Amazing you do not detect the built-in irony in each of your statements.
20. Israel is just STUPID how they deal with these people.......
Liam ,   Israel   (12.17.13)
any other country (read Saudi Arabia) would have packed them up and deported them all a long time ago. The UN has to take responsibility for relocating them. I suggest again that the UN train them and give them jobs anywhere else that will take them. But Israel is a Jewish country and we have NO responsibility to these Muslims who don't even abide by Israeli law. Deport them NOW!!!!!!!!!!
21. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.13)
Shouldn't be that much of a hardship. After all, they did walk quite a distance to arrive in Israel in the first place, did they not?
22. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.17.13)
There never was a country called Palestine, you dolt, and the real Palestinians have only ever been the Jews. You need look no further than the Ottoman and British Mandatory census documentation for proof. Arabs were always just considered Arabs. Only Jews were identified as Palestinians. The ersatz "Palestinians" co-opted that identity from the Jews, in the hope of duping the easily duped. Obviously, it worked in your case. No surprise there.
23. No Israeli has joy these people are in need. But they infilt
Adi ,   Zurich   (12.17.13)
No Israeli has joy these people are in need. But they infiltrated the country illegally. Clash violently with police. Refuse to return to a facility built for them and then complain. No other country would tolerate this. All the honour to the border guard
24. 11
zionist forever   (12.17.13)
Bibi was supposed to send them to the King David Hotel in Jerusalem but instead they got a bunk and 500 shekel a month in a Negev detention centre. They were not in Jerusalem to protest they just went to get what was promised and thats a suite at the King David. Don't you think its only fair they get what Bibi promised them before they came to Israel?
25. "Pseudo refugees "
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (12.17.13)
Why are we even having a discussion they are Ilegal They must go back to where they are from. Why israel???? Among all African and Muslim nations why israel???? A country that they do not recognize We don't care about what is the world think about israel We must protect israel and the Jews first Chapter close
26. unpleasant business, but necessary
Cameron ,   USA   (12.17.13)
27. #1Jews sure wanted asylum didn't they?
Mike   (12.18.13)
If you want nobody but Jews in your country, then no Jews have a right to live anywhere BUT Israel.
28. Question
Roscoe Bellman ,   Harlem   (12.18.13)
Did they force them to the 'back of the bus'? White trash!
29. #19, I cannot stop ethnic cleansing, theft, before my time
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.18.13)
...but I can stop it in my time, I will not be silent!!! Native Americans are full citizens now, they are my neighbors, my friends, schoolmates, we honor and respect them, and acknowledge the wrongs done to them by white Europeans.
30. Post Shoah Below Par
Zechariah   (12.18.13)
Post Shoah Mentality Demands Jobs and family rights for a temporary time say a few Decades abnd then Return to ancient homelands and Armed for Protection against tribal barbarian .Noachide Values ought be inculcated .Criminals dealt with Harshly.
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