EU: Peace talks failure will lead to labeling of settlement goods
Associated Press
Published: 19.12.13, 22:07
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1. Any item stamped is on my BUY list
GZLives   (12.19.13)
and I can't imagine it being very different for most. Items that are stamped by the descendants of those who deported our descendants or helped the Germans deport them to their end seems perfectly consistent and I can't image it being a signal to every Jew to buy - and buy as much as you can. What are these silly Europeans thinking when they do their best to remind us of who they really are right under that fake facade of "progressivism" ??
2. West Bank boycott only hurts Palestinians
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis, Tn - USA   (12.19.13)
Palestinians provide the labor for the cheap goods produced in the settlements in the West Bank. A boycott of West Bank goods will only cause manufacturing to shift inside the pre-1973 borders and employ Israeli labor that needs the jobs anyway. Jews will continue to live and prosper in the West Bank. Stupid policy coming from a stupid EU.
3. EUropeans as usual ridiculous
AY ,   USA   (12.20.13)
The threat that is an empty threat - either we stamp West Bank products as West Bank products or you negotiate to give up West Bank and we don't stamp the products from the territory that won't belong to you anyway as West Bank products.
4. Worldwide boycott of Arab businesses
USA   (12.20.13)
Spread the news, a worldwide boycott of Islamic Arab restaurants, businesses, doctors, dentists, accountants and other Islamic Arab businesses. Boycott can work both ways. There are more pro-Israel people in the world than anti-Israel. Spread the word. Boycotts cut both ways, the cut on their side will be deeper. Doesn't apply to Christian-Arabs. You decide. Then buy all things Israel!
5. Obama threatens to veto Iran and Israel sanctions
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.20.13)
6. Israel Being Blackmailed into Peace
Aharon   (12.20.13)
Rather than Israel making a peace agreement that is good for Israel and is long-lasting, the Europeans are forcing Israel to make peace or else. If the "palestinians" decide to walk away, nothing happens to them, they face no punishment. However, Israel will be condemned and face boycotts. Everything is Israel's fault and there is no accountability for the "palestinians." This is why the talks fail because the "palestinians" have very little incentive to stay in them, it's a win-win. If they stay, Israel pretty much has to agree to their terms since they're stubborn, which harms Israel's security by leaving it indefensible borders. If the "palestinians" walk, the world condemns Israel. There needs to be more accountability for the "palestinians" and real punishments if they walk from the talks. The EU should automatically suspend aid, and then boycott the "palestinians."
7. Are the EU states a bunch of morons?
Sam ,   Canada   (12.20.13)
How can there be a peace deal when the Palestinians reject a Jewish majority Israel? The European morons are so conned by the Palestinian whining about settlements that they deliberately or naively ignore the fact that there can be no deal because Palestinians reject a Jewish majority Israel. What peace deal would the EU have Israel sign? Let's hear its plan.
8. Need Jewish Verification Force
Zechariah   (12.20.13)
A Jewish Verification Force Considerable Size will be needed in the JordanValley and Area C with Others to Protect the Holy Land for Centuries.
9. Israel should sue the EU
Toby   (12.20.13)
Israel has access to top notch lawyers specializing in this type of law. Sue the EU and seize assets for economic damage.
10. EU will lose this despicable little game
CJK   (12.20.13)
it is obama who is actually behind this boycott of the jewish state. he was advised on this matter by chomsky himself who came up with the idea of bypassing the us and its anti-boycott laws by using the europeans to boycott israel. what is not understood by the boycotters and the bds movement in general is that israel has a very strong economy and an even stronger high tech sector which can be exported outside of europe.
11. Auschwitz or Auschwitz border. Take your pick. Same EU tra
jericho ,   causa   (12.20.13)
12. Going to Israel
Matthew ,   USA   (12.20.13)
Flying to Israel next week. Will spend thousands of US dollars there. Looking forward.
13. To #2, remember South african apartheid same situation.
Xy   (12.20.13)
Boycott hurts black And white racists.
14. a simple solution
david ,   new york   (12.20.13)
israel should compensate any business affected by the boycott $2 for every dollar lost. pretty soon companies will be relocating to the west bank to take advantage of the windfall
15. tell eu rep he is now declared the enemy forget preferential
ralph   (12.20.13)
Treatment or relationships with us innew ventures or discoveries. I have said this for years we must place our energies on Asia s. Korea India china Vietnam. Forget Europe it is our dead past.
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Winnipeg, CANADA   (12.20.13)
Jews should be aware and support Israel goods. This latest Euro anti-Israeli threat is but one example of blatant anti-Semitism.
17. Boycott
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (12.20.13)
Isn't this how the Nazies started their persecution of the Jews?????
18. Israeli response
As long as Netanyahu bows to the Europeans and begs to talk Abbas after every Jew murdered and after every European threat, this will continue. To save Israel, all Netanyahu has to do is suspend Abbas VIP rights, allow Jewish building and enforce the law against illegal Arab building.
19. 17, it is exactly how the nazis started persecuting the jews
CJK   (12.20.13)
europe has not changed and will never change.
20. #17 No
It's how the nations started their "persecution" of apartheid South Africa.
21. No more buying citrus fruit from Florida,
A ,   Belgium   (12.20.13)
(my personal boycott), only Jaffa citrus fruit. Even the super in our dorky town in Belgium has them.
22. The anti-semites found a great excuse
Zev ,   Israel   (12.20.13)
Those pushing the boycots of Israel couldn't care less about the Arabs or Human rights. The fact that they only go after Israel and do nothing about all of the other atrocities in the world are proof of their real agenda. Time to expose them and tell them where they can go.
23. V simple.No recognition of Israel as Jewish State.No treaty
Alan ,   SA   (12.20.13)
24. And the responses prove my point
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (12.20.13)
A few thousand settlers are holding millions of Israelis hostage as they desperately claw onto the extra income settling in occupied territory gives them
25. #18
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (12.20.13)
What you have just proposed would lead to the destruction of the Israeli economy But anything to hold onto that swimming pool is alright with you isn't it?
26. #25 Mahmoud
You are saying that the Jew must put his head in the noose voluntarily, or you will do your best to starve him to death. It has happened hundreds of times in the past: you threaten to murder the Jew unless he kills himself. This may be in line with your faith, but don't expect us to fall for it.
27. Odd
Shimon ,   CIncinnati, USA   (12.20.13)
how the sanctions are always on Israel and only Israel. It does not matter that the other side created the failure with 'preconditions'. Don't expect the USA to tell the truth about the failure. The fact is that the world believes the Arab lies because it allows and justifies the expression of their hatred of Jews.
28. Boycott
Lee Lipman ,   Leeds   (12.20.13)
i agree the Boycott is unfair and singles out Israel and not the Palestinians. However we must not close our eyes to the reality that almost whole world does not recognise our rights to West Bank. We must also be pragmatic rather than idealistic and accept that for the good of Israel we need to exit most of those lands sooner rather then later. Don't misunderstand me I think we have every right as they do to it but we will never be allowed to keep it all.
29. If the ''peace talks fail"
tiki ,   belgium   (12.20.13)
In plain English this means that 'if Israel refuses to give the Arab Palestinians what they want = Palestine instead of Israel, the Europeans will help a little to make it happen after all. I have a feeling that this whole 'boycott hysteria is going to blow up in the European ugly face, because people buy a good product if they see one. The great products from the ""settlements" will quadruple because people will buy them because of the boycott. The saying goes that out of every bad something good is born. This boycott will prove it! Just wait!
30. #28 Lee Lipman , Leeds
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (12.20.13)
It is sad to hear you influenced by what an upside down world thinks. We simply must stand up for what is RIGHT. The Land is Our Land from 3400 years ago. If we lost it in conquest , we won it back in conquest. We lost more land than 5 times the size of Israel including Yehudah % Shomron when we were ethnically cleansed out of the Middle East We give this land up, and we are gone as the claimants want us dead
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