EU: Peace talks failure will lead to labeling of settlement goods
Associated Press
Published: 19.12.13, 22:07
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31. Boycott illegal "palestinian" labor in Israeli workplaces,
A ,   Belgium   (12.20.13)
let them fend for themselves across the river where they belong.
32. #5 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.20.13)
33. economic opportunities afforded by the benevolent colonial
mark ,   US   (12.20.13)
Your attitude recalls to mind the times in which well-known historical figures used to praise the economic opportunities afforded by the benevolent colonial power to the occupied people
34. # 31 A, Belgium AMEN AMEN !!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (12.21.13)
35. 24.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.21.13)
Madam you babbling drivel again. 1. more than a few thousand. extra income. 3.not occupied land, disputed land, if you please. Try a different mantra, you are boring.
36. #28 Do you believe.....
jorge ,   argentina   (12.21.13)
that jews survived 2000 years of exile, persecutions, theft, humiliations, tortures, massacres, expulsions, all sort of atrocities, massive murders, and at few years of celebrating the first century that the league of nations recognized the the connection between jews and palestine and granted palestine to the jews for their national home to rebuild their historical nation, they will give up just for the reluctance of other nations to recognize international laws? The last time that jews lost their land was under the suffering of the lost of thousand of hundreds of lives by roman empire, the superpower of the age.
37. Aharon no 6
AL QUDS ALYAHUDI ,   Jerusalem Jewish   (12.21.13)
Very simple the European policy is they want to bring and to weaken Israel, but this will not happen, because G D Almighty with Am Israel. In the past many Nations like the old European great Empires the Greek & Roman & HAMAN have tried to destroy us. Where are they now disappeared from the surface of the earth, while the Jews are still here. Imah Ismom Amen
38. Lee Lipman no 28
Why the British dont give up Gibraltar, and Falklands Island. UK have no border with Falkland Island, and it belong to Argentina.
39. 28
Mr Lipman without Israel Jews will be treated like SSST, with persecutions, massive murders, will be burnt alive, will be running from one country to another country to find safe place, and every nation will close their doors on your face, saying, sorry we changed our policy. Jews leaving in diaspora are living safely, because of the State of Israel. This is our registered home and we Jews should be thankful to Israel and the IDF. G B BLESS ISRAEL, AM ISRAEL, AND THE IDF Amen & Amen.
40. EU is now engaging in full antisemitic bullying and blackmai
EST ,   Miami USA   (12.22.13)
They are blackmailing full force the only Jewish country of the world with their "do what I tell you or else!" Shame on them! Shame on their hypocritical double standards, SHAME on them for looking the other way when Jewish blood is spilt, SHAME ON THEM FOR JOINING THE ANTISEMITIC BULLIES ONCE AGAIN
41. 28
No Israel = Jews kaput
42. Christians Europa
Islam will turn against Christians after finishing with the Jewish nation
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