Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Sign of loss of control
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.12.13, 20:07
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1. Hamas and Hezbollah inspired militancy
US Iran policy showing no fruit. Syrian policy non existent. Increased Iranian proxy militancy. Worsening conditions in Gaza with spill over into WB sporadic attacks into Israel. General Western middle east policy fading badly with unrealistic expectation in the whole region. Time for Abbas to show his leadership with a clampdown and Israel to react more expansively in this state of power vacuum.
2. Israel has 2 legitimal cards of counter boycott
israeli patriot ,   Lod   (12.23.13)
For calming down these "heroes". First, revoking the working permitts for the member of the invented people in Israel. Let' the live on the soulfers of UNRWA. Second, extending the prohibition to visit Judea and Samaria to ISRAELI ARABS too. Many people here forget how many money do they spend in those cities.We are a sovereign state, sothese are legitimal tools :-)
3. Road Blocks Huge
Zechariah   (12.24.13)
The Road Blocks are Huge .A Verification Force in the Jordan Valley without Israelis on the Ground is impossible at this stage .This is Vital for parts of Area C being opened up as Megacities for Arabs who can live in peace with their Jewish neighbours. Fatah Ba'ath and Islamic Sharia Califate cannot be allowed from the sea to the river and need be replaced by an Internationalist Humanitarian Perspective modelled on Some of the Prophets like Isiaiah .
4. War loving jews planted a false flag.
O Yosef   (12.24.13)
Peace would destroy their plans for a greater israel, gentile fee.
5. Israel never misses an opportunity to bolster terrorists
6. The World Powers (including dumb Israel) have invested too
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.24.13)
much in Dr.Shoah-denier Abu Mazen to let him go under the waves. As phoney as the"peace process" is, as phoney as the"Palestinians" are, so is this "President"; talking of which: he's not the only phoney President at the moment...This charade will and must go on. I bet you, that if he dies of flu tomorrow, they will replace him with a double (flown in from Washington or London or Moscow, or...Tel Aviv)
7. West Bank Terror
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.24.13)
Abbas are you asleep or are you so disengaged that you cant see that we must act? Both PA and Israel must come out UNEQUIVOCALLY and UNITED to both Israelis and Palestinians that acts of violence from EITHER SIDE are intolerable We want to hear such a united Statement NOW And the PA tendency to Double Vision or Forked Tongue – one message for the World and one for ‘Public Consumption’ is bizarre and dishonest and damaging to the Negotiations but more than that damaging to the PA Credibility and most important the PA Economy Because Incitement and the instability that causes is the MAIN reason why Palestinian Investors are still so hesitant to invest. There is a lot of Palestinian Talent and Money in the Diaspora wanting to actually invest and not just make charitable donations. But for that we need quiet, calm and above all easy access to Israeli Markets and that’s not going to happen if these zombies from the West Bank are not stopped
8. #2 Israeli Patriot: Well said sir!
Jim Yakamoto ,   Israel   (12.24.13)
Last night on Israel TV2 we heard rank and file Palestinians in Ramallah calling for a return to bus bombing and terrorism. Indeed, these people want to bite the hand that feeds? Cut off the food, ie the money they earn by working for the Israeli companies which they and EU, Catherine Ashton in particular, want to boycott and destroy. Now is the time for our Government to stop all Palestinians from entering and working in Israel. This will only cost us lives of Israelis of ALL creeds. Further, the businesses in the "Territories" should be moved into Israel. Any Israeli who employes a Palestinian must be severely punished! These people don't want Peace. They want Israel and Obama and Kerry, in cahoots with the EU, Russia and, yes China, are doing exactly what the Palestinians want!
9. Abbas IS the head of Fatah
Carol ,   London   (12.24.13)
which is as bad or worse than Hamas. Why are Leftist Israelis so blinded by this?
10. (5) is right & (4) talks nonsense.
tiki ,   belgium   (12.24.13)
11. The stalemate goes on ..........
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.24.13)
because of stubborn Palestinian leaders. Verily, they harm their own people. There will never be a honoured peace without a serious and secure agreement for the both sides. I am sure that the great majority of Israelis would accept Arab Palestine's existence, under reasonable conditions. The conflict's nightmare must be ended. But at first, it depends on Fatah. Only at second, on Jerusalem. As a Christian friend, in Christmas night, I send,through Ynet, warm salutes to Jewish brothers and sisters.
12. If you're not in the news you don't exist
Shachar ,   Eilat   (12.25.13)
Abbas knows his only leverage with Israel is international pressure which only comes when there is fighting. He has no other options. Give him a diplomatic option he might take it. But Bibi also wants violence to make sure nothing moves forward.
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