Non-academic boycott
Rivka Carmi
Published: 26.12.13, 19:52
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1. Karmi is a main reason why there is a boycott
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.26.13)
2. Did Prof. Carmi explain the case correctly?
mullah101   (12.26.13)
She listed very noble goals. She has not mentioned the inhumane activities of the Palestinian and Muslim leaders. Israel is on the defense. Have any Western boycott calls been directed against the mullahs?
3. "Palestinian research"?! Into WHAT?! Suicide belts?
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.26.13)
4. BGU
Under Carmi's watch, BGU professors demand that Israel be boycotted. Perhaps Carmi should investigate her own failures?.
5. A testable theory
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.26.13)
Stopping illegal settlements has a probable potential of stopping boycotts
6. Begins to bite
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.26.13)
The BDS movement is really beginning to bite the Zionists, and will grow ever more potent as time goes on. The Zionists state will eventually wither on the vine with little need for military or even paramilitary action. Soon, Palestine will be free!
7. #1
jc1255 ,   usa   (12.26.13)
Care to elaborate, or are we just to assume you hold some deep knowledge which we must all guess at?
8. Prof. Rivka Carmi, should be fired from BGU.
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.26.13)
.. The ASA, supported by Carmi, together with her prof.friends. have actually become an enemy of the state of Israel, They must all take the burden when the islamic students at Israel universities are expelled. She, Rivka Carmi, an enemy of the State of Israel, should be denied to work in any university in Israel. She should loose her position due to her assist and support of the new enemies to the State of Israel. Everyone remember her support for boycott of Israel.; "full international support and legitimization.of the boycott. "
9. Carmi practices defeatism in the name of hypocrisy
CJK   (12.27.13)
today's Israel is strong economically and militarily. the discovery of substantial gas fields in Israel's economic waters will boost the state's economy and standing. it is very difficult to boycott a gas/oil producing country. the asa boycott has been denounced by numerous top american universities. despite rumours to the contrary, the vast majority of american academics do not favour boycotts as a matter of principle. israel has signed a number significant cooperation deals, including with cornell university and universities in china. israel is a top exporter of technologies and makes significant discoveries in all areas of science, including medicine, agriculture, water management, robotics, and military technologies. the city of haifa has made agreements with three chinese cities, including shanghai, to cooperate on tourism and academia. there will be more chinese tourists coming to Israel than could be imagined just last year. professor carmi lives in an imaginary world where paranoia rules.
10. Oh, please!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.26.13)
So, what would the author have us do? Roll over and play dead -- that's what most of the world would like to have happen. Well, Israel has a great many weapons at its disposal. Think of all the patents that Israel holds and licenses in the fields of information technology and medicine. Yank the license agreements. The author of this editorial piece is an idiot. Perhaps she is prepared to sacrifice the State of Israel and the Jewish people on the altar of "keeping the international community happy." Well, most Jews are not. Our mistake is that we have not dealt as harshly as we should with terrorist organizations and their minions, and we have not annexed Judea and Samaria. That needs to happen. Let the chips fall where they may. If B-G University is in the hands of Professor Carmi, is it any wonder that it is considered the lowest-ranking university in the State of Israel?
11. Carmi is right, and...
Eldar ,   Haifa   (12.26.13)
... those ugly things talkbackers have said represent the rot in Israeli society that we have to deal with simultaneously to dealing with the boycotters.
12. Boycott #^
Naftali   (12.27.13)
I love it when Polish people preach to us about defending ourselves. Go read Hunt for the Jews and the story of Jedwabne, Neighbours, both written by Polish people and then come back here.
13. What boycott opponents say
elke ,   USA   (12.27.13)
In OPPOSING the boycott, the AAU said "Restrictions imposed on the ability of scholars of any particular country to work with their fellow academics in other countries, participate in meetings and organizations, or otherwise carry out their scholarly activities violate academic freedom.." I think we can agree with that. Academic freedom is good. But here’s what Palestinian students and scholars deal with: Severe restrictions on their mobility, affecting their ability to attend conferences, to visit archives and to collaborate with colleagues in their field. Many who study abroad are denied re-entry. Imagine having to choose between advanced study or exile. Attending that critical conference or never coming home again. Is academic freedom good for everyone but Palestinians? Why wouldn’t Israel want an educated populace next door?
14. 6
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.27.13)
Your crystal ball is corrupted-try something else.
15. Whi this carmi calls for boycot?
16. boycott ?not at all we stand with israel
dr mostrel daniel ,   paris france   (12.27.13)
as an ophthalmologist in paris i can assure that there is no question about boycotting israel , about one third of french ophthalmologists are jewish and it is the same in others departments ,remember israel entered OECD and CERN , this article is brainstorming and defeatism be strong we are with you people of israel , we will fight every attempt to boycott as we did a few years ago with a parisian university (pierre et marie curie) and succeed
17. to prof. Carmi plese tel us in numbers
Sabra ,   zinzibar   (12.27.13)
how many Jordanian student in Israeli Universities but also how many Israeli student in Jordanian universities too ?
18. Separation fence she's so against has perhaps saved her life
ab   (12.27.13)
19. The Boycotters do not understand
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (12.27.13)
that their boycott has two sides: loss of income, namely in Yehuda and Shomron and stop of joint venture enterprises. rememberamalek.blogspot
20. If ASA is insignificant,
Marianne ,   Belgique   (12.28.13)
if boycott is not working, just tell me why you are speaking about and why you are angry. I guess it's because you know the meaning of this moves...
21. disappointing argument from a Univ president
Herb Caen ,   Berkeley,Ca   (12.29.13)
Her argument against a boycott is very weak, especially since her university harbors boycotters like Neve who boycott Israel while taking Israeli taxpayers. I would call on ASA members to completely boycott Israel, including forfeiting live saving medical devices and drugs from Israel. If Palestinian terrorists are willing to sacfivice a long life for 72 virgins, so then should the demented elders of ASA. A life shortened by an Israel boycott will be the only way they can get their own 72 virgins
22. Carmi is leading apologist for the Fascist anti-Semitic Left
Arthur ,   London   (12.29.13)
at her own "university." She defends David Newman and Neve Gordon and Lev Grinberg! Boycott BGU!
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