Israel to build new West Bank homes, Palestinians urge US to intervene
Elior Levy
Published: 27.12.13, 12:32
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1. If Not This Issue, Then Some Other
emanon ,   USA   (12.27.13)
It is clear that arabs have no desire to negotiate with Israel. Any excuse at all will do. Why should Israel stop its Urban Expansion? It is Israel's land and they hove both the growing economy and population to support Urban Expansion.
2. build and never stop building
3. give a little, take a little
tiki ,   belgium   (12.27.13)
We all know that Israel's big announcement is just a mere blind to sugar coat a disgusting prostration. In a few weeks time we'll hear that there is an (unofficial) building freeze. In the meantime Arab terrorists go home & Jewish bereaved families to the psychologist.
4. To: Emanon at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.27.13)
Correct. The Arabs figure that all they have to do is sit back, make no concessions whatsoever, demand anything and everything, and then wait for the United States and the Europeans to accuse Israel of not negotiating in good faith. Predictable enough. And the United States pressures Israel, while refusing to do anything to free Warren Weinstein, kidnapped a few years ago in Pakistan, and Jonathan Pollard languishes in a federal penitentiary. Israel needs to be far less concerned with currying favor with the international community (a lost cause; the only thing that will make the international community happy is for Israel to disappear) and far more concerned with the safety, security, affordable housing and well-being of Israelis and the plight of Jews elsewhere. That's our raison d'etre; not kowtowing to the Americans, the Europeans and a terrorist rabble.
5. Expecting Jews, only because they are Jewish, to limit their
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.27.13)
living space under the sun is nothing short of racism, anti-Jewish racism at that. And, to expect Jews, only because they are Jewish, to refrain from dwelling at the heart of their ancestral homeland of 4,000 years is an added insult, especially since such an expectation contradicts both international law and bilateral agreements in place. Sadly, both Europe and the US, having gotten over the Jewish genocide of 75 years ago, are back at what they have done best for centuries: expressing their anti-Jewish racism in both word and deed. We say: Never Again!!
6. Tenders and prisoner releases
David Segal ,   Philadelphia, USA   (12.27.13)
Israel should name the new neighborhoods after some of the more prominent prisoners being released, to thank them for "made this community possible".
7. Sarah B.
Alan ,   ohio   (12.27.13)
8. If you look at the map
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.27.13)
you will see that Ramat Shlomo is not in East Jerusalem but in Northwest Jerusalem. (Over the defunct armistice line agreed by Israel and Jordan, but northwest, not east.)
9. Then build them already!
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.27.13)
Stop the stupid announcements and put some bulldozers on the ground and do some work. If the 'Palestinians' are too dumb to realize that the longer they procrastinate the smaller their 'state' will be, then they only have themselves (and Abbas the fool) to blame.
10. Laughable."Save the peace process".Does anyone believe this?
Sam ,   Canada   (12.27.13)
There is no peace process. Palestinians reject a Jewish Israel. There is just Palestinians trying to con the US, EU and liberal Jews that there is one in order to get free benefits. The Palestinians think if they yell a bit and terrorize they can get prisoners,money, a freeze and territory.
11. Laughable."Save the peace process".Does anyone believe this?
Sam ,   Canada   (12.27.13)
There is no peace process. Palestinians reject a Jewish Israel. There is just Palestinians trying to con the US, EU and liberal Jews that there is one in order to get free benefits. The Palestinians think if they yell a bit and terrorize they can get prisoners,money, a freeze and territory.
12. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.27.13)
I think it would be more fitting to establish and name one community for each and every one of the victims of the terrorists who have been released. That's a lot of communities. Might have to make room for them in Judea and Samaria at the expense of Arab villages .... and I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with that.
13. Take israel to the ICC
Italian in Israel   (12.27.13)
Abbas, time to take Israel to the damn ICC
14. Time to hold the US and EU responsible for double standard
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (12.27.13)
It is long past time to hold the US and EU responsible for their double standard treatment of Israel. The EU tried to make sure that no EU money went into the disputed territories as part of Horizon 2020 because "Israel occupies" the land, but actually give money to the Turks that occupy Norther Cyprus. The list of legitimately occupied lands is long, but only Israel is forced to make concessions while Israel is the only one trying to make peace. Time to stop the hypocrisy
15. Palestinian Arabs might get their state eventually, but
leo ,   usa   (12.27.13)
it will not be Judenfrei.
16. every side gets what it wants
david ,   new york   (12.27.13)
the palestinians get their terrorists back and the jews get their land back. everyone gets what's most important to them.
17. :)
Rachel in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.27.13)
18. It would appear that Bibi has a least one nut
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.27.13)
Now if he grew another and cancelled the prisoner release altogether, we'd be talking turkey....not to mention needing two big ones vis-a-vis Iran.
19. The Land of Israel
Brod ,   USA   (12.27.13)
Judea and Samaria-the Land of Israel is Israel's Liberated Historic and Biblical Homeland that belongs to Israel since ancient time. Israel has all the rights in the world to build homes in their own Historic and Biblical Homeland. Israel should say NO to the wolves, usurpers and Islamist-Jihadist terrorists and their Dhimmis.
20. What peace process?
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.27.13)
These thugs are only interested in getting Israel out of the region! Don't play with fire, it could be that in such a case you would be taken out as well!
21. A 3rd intifadah might be the result
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (12.27.13)
Why living amongst Palestinians if more violence is to be expected?
22. 1,400 should be 14,000 and more
OurLeadersRBadJokes ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.27.13)
What are 1,400 nothing and probably all within the so called "Blocks" that they always build in , this is just a bad joke they will if at all be in Gilo or Ramat Shlomo as usual
23. consequences for Arab refusal to recognise the Jewish State
CJK   (12.27.13)
the arab muslims, including the arab palestinians, adamantly refuse to recognize jewish sovereignty in the ancestral land of israel. they prefer waging permanent war against the jewish state, directly and through attrition. the shia terror regime is threatening to annihilate the jewish state and is building nuclear weapons for this end. as long as the arabs and the muslim world in general refuses to recognize the jewish state, her rights of sovereignty, her long historical ties to the land of israel, the holy city of jerusalem, the conflict between the jewish state and the muslim world will continue. the arabs cannot count on the west to impose their solution on the jewish state. israel is well armed and will defend herself against all enemies. Israel will continue to build in her ancestral homeland, all parts of it, until the arabs and the muslim world decide to end the conflict permanently. neither the icc, nor any other foreign body will change this fact.
24. Why do the Pals want
arne ,   chicago usa   (12.27.13)
a state anyway? It's only going to give them a big headache.They are better off right now.Money from all over the world,Jobs, training,education ,the whole nine yards from Israel.A state will not improve their lives one bit--the only ones that will not benefit are their leaders, they could lose their jobs.
25. #13, again Italians want to be part of inflicting Holocaust?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.27.13)
26. Build more and more
mohamad   (12.27.13)
The more you build the more you loose. Eventually the world is going to give up on Israel and that won't be a good news for the Jewish state.
27. Zoning out on zoning
Gideon Reader   (12.27.13)
Yo! Pals-o-mine. Consider this a gentle rigid digit in your collective panim. You shoot a rocket? You hit your own butts as the target. Each and every missile woulda/shoulda result in a heshbon whose cost is more Zionist towns and housing. Oh. And have a nice day. Peace talks? Yes. Of course. Riiiight!
28. #12 Exactly
after all, it was the blood of the victims which enabled the building of the settlements (in exchange for subsequent release of the terrorists). That's real estate business Israeli-style.
29. Ooh! It's an exchange then!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (12.27.13)
Settlements for prisoners...Payback time. Now, why didn't I think of this before!
30. Build, Bibi, build!
milwaukeebroad ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.13)
Keep building settlements. Ignore the Palestinians and the Americans. Gentiles shall not dictate domestic policy to Israel.
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