Report: 1 in 5 children in Israel suffers sexual abuse, 1 in 3 is poor
Omri Efraim
Published: 29.12.13, 15:16
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1. The two parents should not have...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.13)
two full time jobs.Children should not find themselves alone when coming back home from school. Children should be given a free phone number,where they can fill a complaint. All the measures should be taken to protect our children and through them Israel's future.
2. Truly shocking figures
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (12.29.13)
If this is the Zionist dream, what does the Zionist nightmare look like? So much for a shining light among the nations.
3. You have yourself to thank
Jan ,   Miss.   (12.29.13)
for electing corrupt inconsiderate selfish leaders like Lapid for the escalating poverty.
4. Are so gullible?
Simon   (12.29.13)
Every poll by any organization is accepted uncritically
5. this is not black & white its the shades of fray that explai
zionist forever   (12.29.13)
The population is growing faster than ever so obviously so is poverty Israelis are paid very low wages and where is the solution to that, as long as you pay minimum wage government has no control over what people get paid. Chosen living style of the Jews all wanting to live in the centre means land space is much more limited so developer pay a premium and that cost is passed onto buyers and investors cover the cost with higher rents. Israel missed the worst of the global recession but was hit by it still and families feel the result. Arabs & religious have more children so that means less money to go around. There are so many issues that it is impossible to blame any individual government left or right. You want to address poverty you need to bin the statistics, and singling out individual issues look at the issues and deal with them all at a more general level.
6. to number 1 ORA
Aviva ,   Beit Shemesh   (12.29.13)
Are you a social worker? The problem is children are told to complain so if you touch a child they can arrest you. The kids ignore the parents and you want to give the kids MORE power over parents. That is the problem - there is no discipline and the kids are out of control.
7. To Ora
Au. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.29.13)
..agree, but still Israeli government taxes the family's income fully if only one parent is working and another one stays at home... In terms of taxing high-earning father as if he is a rich man, without considering he has "unemployed" wife that works at home & raises xy children that need to be fed & educated.
8. 2
zionist forever   (12.29.13)
This is not the zionist dream its the reality of life in the real world. Wherever you go in the world you will find poverty Israel is not unique and unless we live in a Star Trek utopia world there will always be poverty no matter his hard you try to eliminate it.
9. what a crock
Mr J ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Israel is a very rich nation with packed malls, designer clad teens and kids with the latest tech gadgets. I see BMWs and houses with pools. This is a propaganda play for "more donation" money and as a proud Israeli I am sick and tired of these socialist govt institutions who portray a dire picture just t keep their bloated budgets. Just like Revacha (welfare) which has effectively ruined the discipline by telling parents they cannot touch their kids. The Revacha people kidnap 10,000 kids a year (see Israel hayom expose from 2 Fridays ago) and its all about money money money. If a child has low grades and the family doesnt have the resources to hire a lawyer the Welfare Dept will take your kid out and bill the govt for the institution the child is placed in.
10. 5 Zionist, Where is the logic?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.13)
more children=less money go around? I'd think the opposite. More children=more expenses. Haredim are sponsored by family and friends abroad,as a result more money going around.
11. to mark no.2
remember that stastistics include arab population which is also a part of israelis have far worse figures but still much better then their fellows in arab countries..the zionists give them a better life then their brothers in syria, egypt , morocco etc...
12. 9 10000 kids kidnapped?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.13)
That's a horror film !
13. poor and abused children
Yoel ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
I have a feeling that the figures given by the different authorities is exacturated to the most part. most places the kids seem to be spending money and having a good time so whats the truth.
14. This corresponds to statistics in other countries.
Israelit ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Sexual abuse of children is a horrific endemic in most societies. In the US 1 in 5 girls experience sexual abuse and 1 in 20 boys during their childhood ( Another organization estimates that 1 in 3 children experience sexual abuse during childhood ( as parents we simply have to watch our kids carefully, watch for changes in behavior and - don't ever be naive. Listen to the kids, educate them age - appropriate. Check who their friends are, on Facebook or whatever social media they're into. Check their phones. You can probably trust your kids, but you can't trust everyone who touches their lives.
15. So long as this country....
Chanan ,   FL, USA   (12.29.13)
Has to play footsie with its enemies instead of clobbering them like they deserve, this is the outcome. You have leftists in Tel Aviv saying " who need iron dome?", We are starving so let the southerners be bombed and feed/ house us. These are the same people that hold back IDF from doing what has to be done once and for all but drain the treasury one Iron dome rocket at a time. This is but one example how that leftist Virus/cancer is trying to destroy from within.
16. The gorilla in the poverty room is new millionaire politicos
it is all the flacid AG's fault... goes after the 1 in a million, rather than the 1/2 million unemployed heredi ultras and their sex perps (rabbis) I would rather have an arab/beduin family as a neighbor than an ultra religious Jewish family, anytime...! and until Israel stops playing the part of THE HOME OF THE "JEWISH " THEOCRACY AND BECOMES THE FREEDOM LOVING State it claims to be AND ALLOWING DEMOCRACY that IT SWEARS BY, nothing will change, kids will just die faster. Want to be fabulously rich and famous in Israel? - go into Israeli politics, become an instant millionaire, or be a heredi and live free of morals and laws of decency. (on the dole on the shoulders of others.) Israel is far too tolerant of it's insane religious intolerants. Want to lower the poverty rate of Israeli kids? FORCE THE ultra religious SHIRKERS TO WORK OR GO TO JAIL AND MAKE LICENCE PLATES. You'd be amazed how fast they'd find "work"! Want to save Israeli kids from sexual abuse? don't allow the ultra religious to hide these crimes against kids anymore... The AG goes after one or two individuals ad nauseam...TIME FOR THe AG to PROTECT the children...instead of the witch hunts
17. 6 Aviva ,thank you for showing me...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.13)
there are no simple solutions.
18. 7 Au ,taxes in Israel are a real problem
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.29.13)
19. don't agree with the numbers
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (12.30.13)
how did they arrive at the number one in five? did they talk with every child in Israel? doubt it. or is the number given out by a group that hope to get more money for its work from the government and NGO's. same with the poverty numbers. people claim poverty and hide money under the 'balatot' in order to get money from the government and NGO's so the NGO's and government help groups use the figures for their purposes to get more money. with all of that, I don't believe the numbers. as they say, "figures don't lie, but liars figure"
20. 1 in 5 children in Israel suffers sexual abuse...
Rivkah ,   Israel   (12.30.13)
90 percent of which suffer the abuse at the hand of Rabbis...Is it not time to get rid of the concept of a 'hole in the sheet' that leads to deprivation and thus sexual abuse?
21. We have become a sick society with no moral values...
Avi ,   Israel   (12.30.13)
We have become slaves to the Shekel...
22. #11 Anonymous
Angry ,   Israel   (12.30.13)
How many sexual offenses were committed by Rabbis in 2013 and reported here on Ynet? What was the name of that Rabbi that was recently given a slap on the wrist by being sentenced to a few months of community service for being caught in his car fondling and passionately kissing a 15 year old boy? I guess his community service will include teaching fifteen year old boys about moral values?
23. To 19#, (and #20 What's "hole in the sheet"?)
Andi ,   Israel   (12.30.13)
#19. I agree. I would also like to know how they arrived at the figures, The report claims that most sexual abuse is not reported so how did they get at this figure-by interviewing children? What is their definition of "sexual abuse?"
24. Ora, are the children to blame really?
geshmardo ,   jerusalem, israel   (12.30.13)
as usual, we have Ora the fundamentalist moron, to blame the weakest. According to Ora, the problem is that children have no discipline. That's your response to 1/5th of children being abused? Let me tell you the reason it is so high that percentage of sexually abused children is because of your fundamentalist colleagues -widespread poverty and sexual abuse in Haredi homes. This said, the issue has to be taken heads on in all sectors of society.
25. 24 Where did i write that children..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.30.13)
have no discipline?
26. #23 Andi
Ask a Rabbi and he will be happy to explain to you the concept of a "hole in the sheet"... Only be careful and watch your rear end...
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