Ministerial committee approves annexing Jordan Valley
Moran Azulay
Published: 29.12.13, 18:30
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1. The government chosen by the people is
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (12.29.13)
making decisions.This is called democracy.
2. Just do it and BUILD IT ALL !!!
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (12.29.13)
3. Stole a whole countey (Palestine), you thing stealing
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (12.29.13)
Jordan Valley makes a difference?
4. What Livni does not realize is that if this is populist then
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (12.29.13)
What Livni does not realize is that if this is populist then there is no chance that anything different will pass a referendum later.
5. # 3 LOL Never was or will be a palestine
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (12.29.13)
you should know that by now. No palestine, no palestinians, just amore arabs who'll leave for Jordan when Annexation and the Repatriation of all pals occurs, which shouldn't be too long now, I'd guess when obama the pals ally leaves office. Pray for an early obama the liar impeachment. BUILD IT ALL WALL TO WALL.!!!!!
6. Good!! What a very appropriate response to the rejectionists
Adam Smith   (12.29.13)
of peace among the Arabs: either give-and-take, which is what negotiations are; or, accept the reality as the party that has only been giving up to now will decide.
7. Annexing Jordan Valley
Harold ,   USA   (12.29.13)
If Israel can annex a land that does not belong to her then it can annex a part of Germany and even Iranian nuclear sites.
8. Livni is Kerrys darling...nothing more to say...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.29.13)
9. Take it all
Mr. Securita ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Without the Jordan Valley we are in danger, without Gaza we are in danger, without Lebanon we are in danger, without Golan ,we are in danger, without Sinai we are in danger., without Mind we are totally lost
10. Let Tzipi Livni move in with madanna.
Ezra ,   San Diego   (12.29.13)
Her and Tzipi can pretend they know something, and go shopping. ANNEX NOW!
stude ham   (12.29.13)
when will they finally shut her up?
12. #3 How do Jews steal their own 4000 yr old home?
hipocrates ,   earth   (12.29.13)
Me thinks you are quite ignorant of history. Even Mohammed acknowledged this is our homeland. Do you not agree with Mohammed? hmm?
13. Tzipi Livni Short Sighted
KartwriteJ ,   Canada   (12.29.13)
and naïve. If Obama looses in 2014 he will be IMPEACHED! His days are numbered... Play Iran's game and just stretch it out as Livni is only out for the sensationalism of achieving what?Obama is trying to destroy the USA form the inside out and alienate all Western idelology, remember, he is a brotherhood muslim. BE PATIENT Canada is always on your side even though were kind of alienated as well on the World stage. We went to China before the EU for free trade, should tell you something. Britain has become corrupted beyond repair, she wants control of the mess from which she has stricken upon the ME and only out for the MONEY. We trust them as much as we trust the Iranian monkeyman who jumped over their moongod
Ben S ,   Free World   (12.29.13)
15. Hey #3 Piss off
Ben ,   USA   (12.29.13)
There is no Palestine and God willing there will never be one.
16. Not going to be any deal anyways so why upset people.
There is no agreement on security,Jewish state,refugees,Jerusalem etc. So,what's the necessity of this? Kerry and the Israeli Left want to imagine that there's a peace process so talks go on. The Palestinians are just there for the free concessions and to blame Israel for the talks' failure. The Israeli hard right like Palestinian rejectionists are afraid they may succeed.
17. israelis hear this
marcel   (12.29.13)
livnii did no formal combat, lapid was a media idf speak role, peri was police. What the hell do they knoiw about defensible borders. Do they have a right to their oslo love story with arabs? yes. Do they have the right to learn from 2000 dead from oslo? yes? so they have the right to learn the lessons?Yes. Have they learned anything? No. I would not take any instruction or follow lapid, livni and esspecially peri who reminds me of zeira and halutz.
18. govenrement has rights too
milson   (12.29.13)
livni's told us that UN resolution on lebanon was good-bulls**t.She like olmert know nothing about defensible borders. So who the hell wants to listten to her with her 5 seats. Who the hell is she anyways. That bibi gave her such power shows what a bloody weakling he is. And peri-another zeira- he knows. He is dragging israel into another auschwitz. What idf soldiers want to listen to peri with so called credentials in shin bet. Yaalon is 1000X peri who thinks of himself as an expert, more like a bloody blind dumbbell. and arrogant lapid- hsi father, a lousy mk who enabled olmert- the 2 of them can go to hell. The next election willl see livni reduced to almost nothing, lapid's party willbe cut in half and peri will not be reelected, this is certain.
19. NATO enters from Jordan & transfers Arabs to Mecca for Peace
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
20. 98% of Greater Arabia is lands stolen from Infidels
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
21. #3, Son of Arabia, accept the right of return home to Mecca
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
22. Referendum and balance
PEM ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Putting aside all the legal and moral implications of this bill, which could plunge Israel into an Apartheid-like situation, if a referendum should be required for any territorial compromise, then there should also be a referendum for any annexation. The imbalance of a majority Knesset decision for annexation but only a referendum for territorial compromise is not only wrong but also blatantly morally aprehensible.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.29.13)
Than annex J&S !
24. Livni should STEP DOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.29.13)
She harms Israel !
25. YES!
A ,   Belgium   (12.29.13)
Squeeze the "palestinians" out of Israel like toothpaste! They can enjoy their Jordanian citizenship across the river where they belong, the Hashemite king will decide how to handle them (like his father, perhaps?). Next, Ariel proclaimed official capital city of Samaria.
26. # 3 Yafo isn't Pallystine
Israeli ,   Yafo, Israel   (12.29.13)
It is Israel. If you don't like, move your ass out of here. Understood??
27. Common Sense
Howard ,   Seattle WA   (12.29.13)
Finally the government shows some backbone and common sense against the insanity of the so called peace negotiations.
28. WHAT?
Gideon Reader   (12.29.13)
Are you saying that Israel does not trust ZerObama and John EFFEN Kerry?? But, but they said if you like your security you can keep your security. If you like the IDF, you can keep the IDF. PERIOD. They would not lie, would they? OH. They would? Hmmm. Who to trust. the US, UN, EU or NATO or...the IDF. I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
29. The population of Israel will grow by 1 1/2 millions, right?
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.29.13)
Or will those Ministers provide buses for the transfer of Arabs? With one or two suitcases ... per family or per person?
30. #11 Remember who appointed her...
Cynthia Morris ,   London   (12.29.13)
Justice Minister and Chief Negotiator - NETANYAHU. He is the underlying problem.
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