Ministerial committee approves annexing Jordan Valley
Moran Azulay
Published: 29.12.13, 18:30
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31. Internet and extremists
Daniel   (12.29.13)
Many studies have shown that nutty right-wing extremists are over-represented in commenting on articles. Definitely the case here. Most of the people commenting are openly racist. Exchange what you write about "Palestinians" with "Israelis" and you have the European anti-Semitism. Morally there is no difference between you.
32. Bravo!
Steve Klein   (12.29.13)
33. Livni belongs in Meretz & Lapid is courting Labor
zionist forever   (12.29.13)
These days Livni is about as far left as they come as she tries to reinvent herself after failing to attract the voters as either a member of the right or centre left. If she thinks she can get to vote for her she will side with Zouabi & Tibi call for a right of return because she is all ambition no ideology. Lapid thinks Labor might win the next election so he is now trying to develop a more leftist image join Herzogs plea for a leftist block. Now Lapid wants to reinvent himself as a compassionate leftist that cares about peace and social justice. Parties built around opportunists have no ideology except what the opportunist who runs the party thinks will be best to get themselves elected.
34. Daniel # 31
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.29.13)
Perhaps you would feel more at home at Haaretz with the nutty left wing liberals. As to speaking ill of the ersatz Pals what nice thing could be said about a people who glorify killings like those of the Fogel family and pass out candy and name streets after the bums who commit these crimes? If embracing them makes you feel morally superior go right ahead. I'm sure those liberal studies of yours would make the same findings if only 1 right wing person had the gall to disagree with them. They don't want THAT kind of diversity, just THEIR kind.
35. #29, browsing another IslamoNazi website Khazar hoax?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
36. Forget about annexation
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (12.29.13)
Miri Regev had an hysterical crisis that was supported by height ministers. What a shmok! In a couple of day she will all be forgotten There is no way this bill will pass
37. 31
A very happy Birdi ,   Israel is ours.   (12.29.13)
Take a hike sweetheart. This is our land, all of it. Yay, & yay again. The Jordan Valley belongs to Israel now & for good. A proud day for us right wing Israelis. Yay.
38. Goodnews!!!
Enlarge your coast Israel!!!! And be what your God wants you to be - you are the beloved and the married wife not the isolated bigot unmarried house servant husband snatcher crook.
39. Israel must decide her own security needs
CJK   (12.29.13)
it is absurd that little emperor obama thinks that american generals and intelligence people will be allowed to decide israel's security needs. israel must not fear this dictatorial american president. there is really not much he can do to seriously damage israel. obama is already doing all he can to damage israel's security. a possible denial of an american veto at the unsc would not be worse than the certain dictates arriving from the white house on almost a daily basis.
40. A good start!
DavidR ,   USA   (12.29.13)
Now move north and across the river. Annex all Galil and all the land of Rueven and Manassah and Gad on East side of Jordan River. Annex everything between the sea and the Euphrates River and between the River of Egypt and Istanbul.
41. Livni Hurts Israel
Aharon   (12.29.13)
What Livni doesn't seem to understand is that her actions are destructive to Israel. Annexing the Jordan Valley doesn't harm Israeli interests, it protects them. The Jordan Valley was always going to be Israeli as part of a peace deal. Might as well declare it ours.
42. 7.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Exactly, then we will annex your brain & seal your mouth with super glue. Yipee no more posts by Harold. Pure joy!
43. Destroying Kerrys effort?
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.29.13)
Sotero and Kerry should start to work with the government of Jordan. Prepare places to where the pals will be repatriated. It will also be a great benefit to Jordan as the pals get billions of money from UN to be spent In Jordan. Even terrorist-members of hamass could be re-brainwashed and start to build roads, ditches, spa's, buildings. THAT would be wonderful..:-) Israel could then build the country as it should be from ancient times.
44. #31 who cares about left or right ?
Raphael ,   Paris, France   (12.29.13)
Daniel, Who cares about left or right ? What is important is to tell the truth. Palestinian people never have existed. There is no Palestinian history. Therefore they have no right to demand a state.
45. #44 If Palestinians don't exist,...
Harri ,   EU   (12.29.13)
Who are those over 2 million people living on that piece of land you want to annex? You can't just talk those people away. They have born on that land and they have every right to live on that land.
46. 41
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Correct. Livni is listening to Obama. Simple explanation. She will not be included in the next Knesset. She will fade away into oblivion.
47. #31 There is a big difference...morally
A ,   Belgium   (12.29.13)
Israel is fighting for its very existence and survival against the lies of the fictional "palestinians" (of whose lies you have obviously fallen for), the hostile Oblabla government, the hostile Extremely Ugly Ashton and cohorts, the United Nothings, and the weak and condensending leadership of its own government. You compare that moronic football players in France giving the neo-nazi salute? No difference? Go to HELL!
48. Thievery is annexation of land without Int. approval
lydia ,   Brisbane   (12.29.13)
Israel annexing land it doesn't own is further acknowledgment of the fact it is not part of Israel and Annexation of land without prior approval of the high stake holders is illegal occupation.
49. #42 But the phony "American" is just SO entertaining!
A ,   Belgium   (12.29.13)
50. No Need Such Declaration
Zechariah   (12.29.13)
The Better Option is a Defacto Reality Undeclared .A NATO Armed Presence as in Europe and South Korea with X Jewish Verification Forces will bolster the Line which ought be Defensive and Deterrant Flexible and Calculated Premptive against WMD proliferation which would drive the Jews fearing a Holocaust into a Heavily Destructive Path .An Open Annexation Is unnecessary .There ought be a Massive Force to Defend the Holy land and all her Inhabitants.
51. Finally something good to come from this government
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Bizarre after all the leftist actions of recent months.
52. 36.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.29.13)
Miri Regev will not be forgotten & you are in for a huge surprise. The word is schmock. If you insist on remaining in Israel, you unwanted dummy, learn to spell our words.
FO ,   Belgium   (12.29.13)
To the eight ministers: do you know the significance of the word "annexation"? I suppose not! Well, annexation means transferring a part or a whole of a territory, under the sovereignty of another state. Eight ministers, still not aware that the whole of the so-called "West Bank" is a residual part of the Mandate for Palestine, a historical decision voted in 1922 by all the 51 members of the League of Nations, that gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT, in International Law, to settle between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, and create their state? Eight ministers, still unaware that this irrevocable right was reaffirmed under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Eight ministers, still unaware that even Eugene Rostow, author of UNSC Resolution 242, took Article 80 into consideration, when quoting "withdrawal FROM territories" and not from "THE TERRITORIES", explaining that after withdrawing from the Sinai Desert (that was no part of the Mandate for Palestine) Israel could not be requested to cede more land? Eight ministers, don't you understand that by using the word "annexation" you side with all those who accuse Israel of stealing the land of the poor (none-existing) "Palestinian people"? Eight ministers, don't you think, that instead of using this disastrous word "annexation", you should speak and say, that a Mandate is a Trust, and according to Article 80 of the UN Charter, the State of Israel is imposing its Laws on a territory that by International decision, that became International Law, was granted to the Jewish state?
54. you will lose all because u been so Green END
German jew ,   german   (12.29.13)
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.29.13)
Kol Ha'Kavod, Mazel Tov and all Good Wishes to Am Yisrael! To "tsiporah" Tsippie - bubelah, grow up .... and grow some baytzim.
56. stolten ?
spector ,   usa   (12.30.13)
how can they steal what is already theres ??
57. Beautiful!
Yochanan ,   Phoenix USA   (12.30.13)
All of Judea and Samaria, next.
58. 48.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.30.13)
Complete & utter rot. A lawyer you will never be.
59. @42, 46, 52
Harold ,   USA   (12.30.13)
Birdi You have a cuckoo head. Report to the nearest mental hospital.
60. Israel's strategic stupidity on show
Dan   (12.30.13)
Far from 'ensuring' that the Jordan Valley will remain part of Israel, this will only earn Israel not only renewed Arab terrorism but doubled international support for that terrorism. Israel will have proved to the world, once again, that just as the Arabs have always (wrongly) claimed, the occupation was never about self-defence but always about imperialist land grabbing. What little support remains for Israel will disappear overnight.
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