IDF estimates: 300 Hezbollah operatives killed in Syria
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.12.13, 20:22
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1. Obama-Iran-Alawi-Shia faction refuse to end Syrian civil war
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
2. where's the outcry
agokoy ,   cebu   (12.29.13)
from EU, UNSC, UNHRC, AI, etc.?
3. Who foments, benefits from, Shia-Sunni sectarianism? Turkey
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.29.13)
4. Poor Nasrallah....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.29.13)
IDF estimates: 300 Hezbollah operatives killed in Syria What a wonderful headline!
5. Nasrallah will have to answer for it
Ron ,   oc us   (12.29.13)
Nasrallah will only have to answer for the caualties if he fails to keep Assad in power. At 300 dead over 2 years the casualty rate is about 1% of his total force. It is up to Israel to make sure that his casualty rate will rise to a very painful level if should ever strike south.
6. deaths of combatants
Real vision ,   usa   (12.29.13)
I'd like to know the count of the deaths of the combatants...And condolences to all the civilians who have died as a result of this insanity \Not really heartbroken that hezbollah members have died, nor of assads troops or the islamic terror groups on the other side
7. OMG...finally some good news. end
les ,   canada   (12.29.13)
8. Not enough. 30,000 were better
Yanky Pipchick ,   Baltimore   (12.30.13)
9. 8
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.30.13)
Don't be too greedy-be patient and your wish may be granted.
10. 4
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.30.13)
What a wonderful headache for him.May he enjoy it on many occasions.
11. Bad news for Israel...
Mirror Mirror ,   On the wall   (12.30.13)
Every one that is killed is replaced by three well trained and ready for Israel...
12. who is going to pay the bill for the war?
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, SA   (12.30.13)
is Israel pay the bill for the war? the problem is Russia & China. President Obama does not want to drag the US into another endless war so Saudi Arabia and other Arab states must at once take responsibility
13. good start
Real vision ,   usa   (12.30.13)
300 KIA good start
14. Hopefully, also norwegian terrorists..
Beary white ,   Norway   (12.30.13)
... will not return from Syria at all. According to a commander in the terror-forces in Syria, there are about 60-70 creatures from Norway too.., committing murder and rape on civilians.
15. Hezbollian deaths exceed 1,200
Stephen in New York   (12.30.13)
The estimate in this article is much too low. Israeli intelligence 3 months ago estimated that Hezbollian deaths already exceeded their death toll in 2006 which was 6-700. Recent fighting over the last 2 months has been particularly ferocious and Hez casualties particularly high.
16. Martyred, not killed
American Hindu ,   USA   (12.30.13)
Surprised at the ignorance of other readers. Judging from their comments, they do not seem to know that these fighters were not killed. They won the right to eternal life at the right hand of Allah.
17. terrorist deaths
neil ,   MONSEY   (12.30.13)
I wish much continued success to both sides.
18. only 300 we want more!
19. With all the hateful talkbacks here, it seems that...
Michael Dally ,   Lebanese Christian   (12.31.13)
Hezbollah is doing something right...
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