Israeli forces kill 27 in West Bank in 2013, NGO says
Published: 31.12.13, 14:57
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31. This isn't a game number 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.31.13)
When 5 bank robbers are killed by police and 1 policeman is killed by bank robbers do you cry foul because the numbers are uneven? Do you cry your eyes out saying the cops are so unfair because of the disparity? You are just the kind of person I want to be shunned by. It's the best favor you could possibly do me.
32. Sally # 13
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (12.31.13)
If you take the time to open your eyes you will see that the Jews are not rioting and throwing rocks. If the Jews were to behave like the people who were killed then you would see more dead Jews.
33. B'Tselem=Terror!
rachel ,   usa   (12.31.13)
34. Absolutely true..
Nilo ,   Israel   (12.31.13)
27 Palestinian killed in West Bank. 113.000 were killed in Syria. 167 gay were hanged in Iran. The Fogel family was slaughtered in West Bank was not condemned by Be'tselem. Be'tselem has to compare their reports to what happens in other countries. How many were killed in Lebanon? How many Palestinians were killed in Lebanon and Syria? Arab on Arab violence is not taken seriously by the median and the foreign financed Be'tselem.
35. 12
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.31.13)
Lydia is far too old for "Darren"-she 13.
36. according the pro-terrorist NGO BTselem...
37. Where is B"Tselem in Syria???
More than 130,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the conflict in Syria nearly three years ago,
38. No 24 - Sarah (it was THIS big) B
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
"people who hurl boulders at cars" Lol!! You are so funny the way you over exaggerate! Most 'stone throwers' are 'kids' are you claiming that kids are superhuman and can lift "boulders"? Even the IDF would laugh at your claims
39. 13 Sally
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.31.13)
Sally the Arab you obviously are paid to post but you are not an educated person that is why you stand out as an Arab.
40. 2 Darren the Arab
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.31.13)
Why are you worried that 27 terrorists are killed-look at thousand killed by Arabs against Arabs.You people just love to kill and rejoice by handing out sweets.Religion of peace my arse.
41. 31
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (12.31.13)
You can't apply your logic to a juvenile Arab poster with an English name that does not exist in Townsville.
42. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.31.13)
Blood? What blood? Do you deny us a right to defend ourselves? Would you like to chat a bit about all the Jewish blood on British hands? I suppose I could start with blood libel, which was born in England, but I'll forego over one thousand years of history and speak to the callousness of the British who imposed an embargo on Jewish emigration to Palestine, at a time when it was most needed. How can you even live with yourself, knowing that the British were responsible for millions of deaths of innocent Jews? I guess your way of dealing with being part and parcel of such an evil is to demonize Jews. That way, you don't have to look at yourselves and be sickened by the horror of what the British people did to the Jews -- with malice aforethought. Says a great deal about you, chica; none of it particularly good. You are a revolting piece of trash. Deny that!
43. wrong misleading headline. terrorists confronting police
ralph   (12.31.13)
with life threatening actions were killed in process of police protecting innocent civilians. you guys are a bunch of lying naive stupid useful idiots as stalin would say. in direct employ of israels enemies. we must reveal and cut off your funding.
44. #2
shaya   (12.31.13)
yes it is a shame as B'Tselem does not count the dozens of Israelis killed by the pals in Israel. i guss if more Israeli soldiers where killed you would be much happier. the real shame is that the number is only 27 pal.
45. #24 Sarah
deavman ,   Akko   (12.31.13)
I have grown impatient of your rants that often turn into unrestrained bigoted tirades. yet here, responding to #13, you clinched it beautifully. Kudos.
46. B'tselem...
deavman ,   Akko   (12.31.13)
It is time to stop paying attention to what B'tselem officials are claiming as it is mostly nicely rearranged data done so in order to please their anti-Israel handlers Betselem has long sought to delegitimize Israel and in doing so has delegitimized itself.
47. More than 120,000 dead in Syria - compare
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.31.13)
that number to the 27 that were killed in West Bank. Nobody complaining about Syrian deaths ?
48. 629 is more than 27
Ibrahim el Awal ,   Dearborn, USA   (12.31.13)
The Syrian revolutionary army data base for 2013 shows. Martyr Counts by Nationality Syrians 98.90% or 88391 Martyrs killed. Palestinians 629 Martyrs killed 629 killed are more than 27.killed... (taken from official SRA site). Be'tselem ignores Arab on Arab violence. It is only important if a Jew kills Arab.
49. No 32 - Blindeagle
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
"you will see that the Jews are not rioting and throwing rocks" Like this...? "Haredim riot in Jerusalem as soldiers cross Mea Shearim" - YNET May 2013 "Kadima: Dozens of parents riot against shutting of haredi school" - YNET 1 day ago "Israeli Settlers riot in Palestinian village" - YNET Jan 2013 "Settlers throw stones, burn fields after terror attack" - YNET Apr 2013 "Jerusalem: Haredim stone Shufat Arabs; 3 hurt" - YNET Sept 2012 ...and countless other examples which contradicts your claim that 'Jews are not rioting and throwing rocks'.
50. No 34 Nilo false claim...!
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
"The Fogel family was slaughtered in West Bank was not condemned by Be'tselem" How can you make such silly unfounded claims?!! Did you even bother to check or did you just blindly believe this rubbish? Look: "B'Tselem strongly condemns killing of five Israeli civilians in Itamar" 12 March 2011
51. political correctness
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (12.31.13)
Call them for what they are , they are terrorist. I'm sure if the IDF killed them they had a good reason to.
52. #18
shaya   (12.31.13)
yes Ibrahim, that is because Be'tselem and the bleeding heart libs don't give a sh--t about the pals or any arabs they are just interested in putting down the Jews and Israel.
53. #24
shaya   (12.31.13)
54. # 25
shaya   (12.31.13)
but no one at B'T or the "liberals" care as they are not being killed by Jews and they are only Arab women.
55. B'Tselem report = Complete trash
Ben S ,   Free World   (12.31.13)
Missiles/rockets on Israel civilians Honor killings Molotov cocktails/rocks on Israelis Cross border shootings Stabbing innocent Israelis Bus bombings Freeing convicted murderers B'Tsalem lefties are OK with all this !
56. Disgusted
Daniel   (12.31.13)
Absolutely disgusted by those who say the killings are "not enough" and by Ynet for publishing. If you think people should be killed just for their race/religion, what kind of person does that make you?
57. #38 I lived in Samaria, I knew someone who had a
A ,   Belgium   (12.31.13)
cinderblock land next to him in his car after it went through his roof. These were not kids throwing stones. You may now return your head to that part of your own anatomy that you pulled it out of.
58. No 42 Sarah (off topic) B
Sally ,   UK   (12.31.13)
"Blood? What blood?" The blood of thousands of unarmed innocent Palestinian civilians which is dripping from the hands of the Israeli army. Also dear pointing the finger at other people or nations on wholly non-related matters (eg: 'blood libel') only goes to show how ill equipped you are to deal with the matter at hand ie: the wanton killing of Palestinian by the Israeli army
59. Israel didn't force *anyone*...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.31.13)
... these people *chose* to be killed.
60. Killing 99% of Aborigines,that's why Australia has ho terror
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.31.13)
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