Poll: Israelis, Palestinians back two-state deal
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Published: 01.01.14, 12:45
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1. A poll taking from leftist sector
Stan ,   Haifa   (01.01.14)
of course will have a majority willing to give up all of Israel or at least half.
2. I also agree................
Israeli ,   Netanya, Israel   (01.01.14)
but would need to know more because the devil resides in the details.
3. do your math again
Charles   (01.01.14)
another real in-depth poll was conducted and only 27% supported a real indep. pal state. one must dirrerentiate betwwen reality & theory. the writer of this article must thorough examine the facts.
4. A realistic reflection...
Eldar ,   Haifa   (01.01.14)
Wonderful to see a real opinion poll and its results rather than the constant reactionary right-wing drivel of the pathological talk-backers on this site. Either these people have NOTHING to do, or they are paid to sit and right their drivel all day long. Anyway, Israelis {still} understand that their long term survival depends on coming to an agreement with the Palestinians regarding two independent states that recognize one another.
5. #1 Stan
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.01.14)
Clearly, Stan has "inside" information as to how the poll sample was taken. Maybe he would like to explain the statistical errors to the uninformed readers.
6. Confirms what we know
Daniel   (01.01.14)
Most Israelis want peace and understand that every peace requires both parties to give up something. Apparently the majority of the Arabs feel likewise. Though a few racist kahanists are the most active commentators here, they are not representative of Israelis.
7. depends on the questions
patriot ,   Israel   (01.01.14)
Depends on how you ask the question. If you ask: do you support a 2 state solution for true peace with Palestinians and the arab states -most would agree. If you ask: do you support the creation of an arab state run by the PLO and/or Hamas resulting in the expulsion of some 100,000 Jews from their homes - the majority would say no.
8. #1 what Leftist sector?
This was a scientfic poll done randomly amongst Israelis in Ramat Hasharon, Um El Fahem and Gan Shmuel. It is nothing like the Mina Zemach survey that reported that Jordan Valley Jews support their own ethnic transfer. It turned out the survey was fake.
9. Everything Depends On How The Questions Are Formulated
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (01.01.14)
10. Bottom Line Is That The Specifics Are The Dealbreaker
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.01.14)
And did that poll even take the Arabs of Gaza into account? Ultimately, the most any left-wing government would offer would be far less than the Arabs would accept, because really, they still demand "Palestine" from the Jordan River to the sea.
11. Good: A Palestinian Arab state on areas A and B, while Israe
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.01.14)
annex Area C. If they want more territory they will have to accept an exchange of territory: Arab populated territory in sovereign Israel in the areas of Baq'a al-Gharbiah and Um al-Fahm in exchange for Jewish populated areas in Ariel, Gush Etzion and Qiryat Arba. Note, the devil is always in the details.
12. The Poll
Happy settler   (01.01.14)
Its obvious that this poll was carried out on all the drunks on Rehov Shenken last night! "Oh Yeah -I want two states - one to get drunk in and one to sober up in - way to go Mr Kerry@3$35"
13. Clarity, please
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.01.14)
As of March 31, 2013, Israel's population exceeds 8,000,000; yet this meager survey says that a "majority" of of 601 Israelis interviewed support Kerry's "plan." How do the opinions of 601 Israelis represent the ENTIRE NATION?
14. The only reason..
David ,   Netanya   (01.01.14)
The only reason 'Palestinians' want their own state is because that way they can start a legal war. Now they can't do that. Trust me, the minute they announce a Palestinian state the war begins.
15. sourvay
patrick ,   london   (01.01.14)
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16. Any poll sponsered by A.rab P.ropaganda
A ,   Belgium   (01.01.14)
has to be taken lightly with a grain of salt and a burning match.
17. Two states
Avi ,   Nyc   (01.01.14)
Jordan plus Israel equals two!
18. Israeli voters reject 2 State Final Solution.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.01.14)
The polls that count are elections. Israeli voters overwhelmingly reject the monstrous 2 State Final Solution. Phony leftist polls don't change a thing.
les ,   canada   (01.01.14)
20. really the poll was asking if everyone thought Kerry sucked
and they hated him ,   and he is a worm   (01.01.14)
21. Solution: One State Greater Israel free of Arabs relocated.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.01.14)
22. Specifics not mentioned
Aharon   (01.01.14)
In the article, it mentions a change in the percentage approval of two independent states based on specifics, however, the specifics are left out. Exactly which specifics changed peoples' minds?
23. 13. Clarity
Aharon   (01.01.14)
When you use a large sample size, n>30, statistically, you see that it forms a close approximation for the population at large based on a normal (bell) curve. When you have more people in the sample, the result becomes more representative of the population. However, every poll is not 100%, which is why there are margin of errors included. Plus, there is sampling bias, which many posters have commented on and isn't factored into the margin of error. However, it would be hard to determine what the level of sample bias is without an in-depth analysis of the poll.
24. could be leftists fake, if...
israeli   (01.01.14)
... the kind of question is not stated and even not the exact body that did the survey. What, is it a secret?
25. Same old baloney.Pals accept 2 states with ROR into Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (01.01.14)
Either people are very naive or this is just propaganda.
26. Ariel will either disappear or become
On the Balcony   (01.01.14)
a city in the State of Palestine. No other negotiated solution seems possible...
27. #18 Learn basic arithmetic
On the Balcony   (01.01.14)
The majority of voters chose parties whose published platforms openly endorsed peace negotiations and a two state solution as did Likud and Bibi in previous elections. The current government could not have been formed without Atid and Hanua and the labor party has already pledged to support the negotiations if the one party which openly opposed this (Bennet) withdraws from the governmnt. You don't have to like the fact that most Israelis disagree with you Chaim but your not liking it does not give you license to deny the facts.
28. Of course those who have issues
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.01.14)
with this poll (mainly settlers and their supporters) would be waving this poll from the rooftop if it supported their stance. I am sick of settlers (many with second passports who will leave when they lose their state subsidised swimming pools) holding normal decent Israelis hostage. It is time to tell them return to Israel proper (behind the greenline with some tweaks) or don't let your arse get hit by the door on the way through ben Gurion and out of the country. Israel is bankrupting itself, whilst the settlers sip champagne and our children leave for a better life. 500,000 settlers holding 7.5 million Israelis hostage has to end
29. 28 lol
Avi ,   NYC   (01.01.14)
The settlers are the most commited. It's the tel aviv gentilized euro-rash wannabes that leave to Europe and the states to intermarry, become goyim or dykes
30. #27, learn basic Middle East Islamic history
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.01.14)
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