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Iran hard-liners join team of nuclear negotiators
Associated Press
Published: 01.01.14, 17:50
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1. Iran needs perpetual war to justify Kurdistan occupation
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.01.14)
2. bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet
CJK   (01.01.14)
there is no gorbachov in the shia terror regime. they are all hard core islamists, ready to lie to the infidels. nuclear weapons are not un-islamic, as khamenei claimed. that is just a deception to allow obama to pass on a huge irrational lie to the american people. this entire farce of a negotiation is taking place solely to stroke obama huge but fragile ego. the shia terrorists know how to use psychological warfare against the neophytes in this most infantile white house in memory.
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