Cleared for publication: Police arrest suspects in Bat Yam bus blast
Yoav Zitun
Published: 02.01.14, 22:29
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1. This infernal mission was stopped by vigilent Israelis
CJK   (01.02.14)
the jewish state can count only on herself and on her own citizens, her intelligence services, tzahal, shin bet, mossad. obama thinks that israel is his thing to do with as he pleases. history has its own way and its own reasons which have nothing to do with mere mortals, be they presidents. obama's innumerable mistakes will eventually be corrected by history.
2. They don't need to worry
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.02.14)
Our dear friend John Kerry will have them out in two weeks.
3. Kerry's "framework" agreement
CJK   (01.02.14)
kerry wants to frame the jewish state as if it were some cheap old painting that he can hang in his yacht. kerry fails to realise that he is dealing with millions of human being who have fought for over two thousand years for the extreme privilege to be jews and to live in an independent, sovereign jewish state. once kerry understands that being jewish is both an extreme privilege and a historical fight, he might stop talking about "frameworks" and start having respect for the heroism of the jewish state.
4. Don' t mess with the great SHABAK !
5. Thanks to Bibi Livni Bennit Lapid They will be on a street
Badbob ,   NYC USA   (01.02.14)
near you soon as a gesture to our wonderful neighbors.
6. They shouldnt worry.Kerry will include them in confidence
Alan ,   SA   (01.02.14)
building release.
7. And I thought only peace and goodwill came from Bethlehem
Alan ,   SA   (01.02.14)
at this season of the year.
8. so when will they get released?
VK ,   Jerusalem   (01.02.14)
what's the point of arresting them if they will anyway get released sometime soon as part of another stupid unilateral move
9. Excellent Work on the Part of our Security Services But...
Tsvia ,   Ashkelon   (01.02.14)
arrest them, put them on trial, convict them and wait a few years. Then set them free.
10. Tic -Tac Arab bomb
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.03.14)
How long is need it for Arbs to develop new strategy and infracstructure aimed to kill more Jews posiblle? Simillar to a criminal which premeditated try to kill you and let him live free to act plus you have freed criminals, for how long time you allowed them to built their destuctive capability???? Same history lesson with Chamberlain who din't atack Germany and allowedthem to prepare such a formidable military capability.
11. Kand O need these types OUT of jail so they can put terroris
Alan ,   SA   (01.03.14)
pressure on Israel from far away places , say Turkey,Gaza,etc Iran,Anbar. Look at the terros released in swaps and confidence building gestures...they were in Israel jails for years and years .In jail they became Terror Professors. Today they are the directors of under the radar terrorism..knifings ,Sniper shooters. They cause plenty headaches.
12. So much for the protection barrier
Geoff Short ,   London (UK)   (01.02.14)
What's the point in having a security wall or fence when terrorists can cross into Israel as and when they please?
13. There is no way to have peace with people who's minds have..
Micha ,   Israel   (01.02.14)
been poisoned with hate indoctrination since they were babies. Send them and their parents back to Saudi Arabia where they all came from originally. And the Bedouin(s) too.
14. I cannot beleive that
arne ,   chicago usa   (01.02.14)
these guys were up to no good. they look like a sweet bunch to me. what's more unbeleiveable is that the shin bet picked them up so quickly. looks like a set up.
15. Why did they catch them???
Shira ,   NY be"h Yerushalyim   (01.03.14)
What's the point of catching these bastards? They will be let out of hotel oops I mean jail in a few months time anyway.
16. These are the Soldiers of the Roger Waters and the BDS crowd
k ,   US   (01.03.14)
any blood that happens to the Israelis is on the hands of the people who are looking to see Israel boycotted and Isolated, I hope they have to pay in their own blood one day
17. Squatters & Illegals
Ron ,   oc us   (01.03.14)
The illegal Arab squatters, laborers and terrorists and those that help with their entry must he either jailed or deported or both. No more entry from Gaza and no more labor from the PA. And, while they are at it the Africans need to be shown the door. Bibi wants the Pals to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. When will Bibi and the courts do the same?
18. Let's not call these murderous
Reuven   (01.03.14)
TERRORISTS "operatives." They can also aptly be described as thugs, killers, and sadists, but should never be referred to as "operatives," a word which often has a positive connotation.
19. Kerry and those simplists
Moses ,   Mexico DF   (01.03.14)
Kick them out of Israel, and tell them to deal with their own problems. Israel must deal with the arabs, as they deserve....
20. accoerding to Bibi
daniela   (01.03.14)
According to Bibi : It's time that Abu Mazen stops celebrating with released murderers .... and it is time Israel stops liberating them.
21. Save some $hekel$
Tom ,   Diaspora Tennessee   (01.03.14)
Let them go now. Besides ... I'm from the USA and I said so. Seriously, please forgive us for allowing the so-called leaders to treat Israel the way they do.
22. trust obama, kerry and their gangs?
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (01.03.14)
trust obama, kerry and their gangs of peacemaker? Israeli can die in thousands extra because of these evil politicians lust for power and fame at the expense of the Jewish state. At the bottom Israel herself have to fight and defend herself and the rest are opportunist and false peace maker. May GOD bless Israel with special skills to defend and attack. GOD bless Israel and Jerusalem
23. Correct, Geoff #12, the dingo fence needs 15,000 volts, plus
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (01.03.14)
IDFsnipers with shoot-on-sight orders and anti-personnel minefields with sensors and remote detonation. Then it will be a true security fence. The houses used to store and assemble these weapons should be dynamited, as the Geneva Convention allows. Do it whether Obama or the EU like it or not. The involvement of a PA police employee justifies deducting all direct and indirect costs to the State and the victims from the PA tax revenues. Further proof the PA can not be relied on for Israel's security, and IDF troops need to be on the Jordan river border permanently, not just for 10-15 years.
24. rat evil
Cameron ,   USA   (01.03.14)
These insane acts, and the mindset behind it, is why we stand with the Israelis, and not the Arabs at the end of the day.
25. Give them a fair trial...........
Ben ,   Free World   (01.03.14)
Give them a fast fair trial. Upon convictions take them all out and hang them. Then release their bodies to their proud families.
26. vacation time
kapriza ,   tsafon   (01.03.14)
These lovely gentlemen aren't the least bit upset at being caught. Now they get a pay raise, free hotel and college education while they stir things up on the inside. And for dessert, they'll be released soon anyway.
27. Notice how they have the Islamic deceptive face of Obama
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.03.14)
28. 14
jonathan ,   adelaide/Israel   (01.03.14)
Your attempt at humour is not funny.Try something else.
29. No big deal Bibi will release them in a couple of years
James   (01.03.14)
What a bloody insane country that releases Islamic Jihad terrorists every other month for no reason and then cries when they come back to bite them in the ass!
30. IDF murder of Odeh Jihad Hamad is proximate cause of bombing
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.03.14)
"Hamad was a kilometer away from the border when Israeli soldiers shot him in the head... Israeli forces did not allow ambulances to the scene for an hour and a half after the shooting."
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