Ex-envoy: Israel killed majority of those behind Buenos Aires blasts
Published: 03.01.14, 08:18
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1. What comes around....
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (01.03.14)
I don't get it. Other than the projection of power I don't get the indignation. Israel has been behind mass/multiple killings in Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Dubai, the U.S. and France. Many would say ugliness begets ugliness.
2. confused by contradictions
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (01.03.14)
"We still need an answer (from the Argentine government) on what happened," he added. "We know who the perpetrators of the embassy bombing were and they did it a second time." first you say.... "The large majority of those responsible are no longer of this world, and we did it ourselves," Itzhak Aviran then you say... "Argentine courts have charged eight Iranians over the AMIA bombing and authorities are demanding their extradition. They include former defense minister Ahmad Vahidi and ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani" they either payed or they didn't, which is it?
3. Only majority? They should have been all eliminated!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.03.14)
4. Rouhani had planned it and paid for it
5. Criminal number 1
A V ,   London UK   (01.03.14)
The USA is most dangerous country and the criminal in the world just look at what happen in Vietnam .cambodia and many more country no enough space to name them all .so stop your you nonsense and learn history
6. answer to Golden #1
carmelus ,   israel   (01.03.14)
First have a look in your country's conspiracies. Then write your views.
7. #1, absolutely correct...
Steve   (01.03.14)
You don't get it!
8. only the trigger men were eliminated
CJK   (01.03.14)
the heads of the operation, like rafsanjami, rouhani, khamenei and others are living in luxury in iran. the west, obama in particular, are negotiating with these genocidal shia terrorists. these shia terrorists are committing genocide in syria and exporting terror to the entire world. the shia terror regime is the premier terror regime in the world, and the most brazen.
9. about Menem
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (01.03.14)
Carlos Menem was original an Alawite. He became a Roman Catholic. Sunni said that he changed religion because otherwise he couldn't become president. The same Sunni wanted that his wife, who was still a Muslima, divorced him because of that. About his involvement in or his obstruction of the criminal investigation about the bombing nothing could be proved. Of course being an ex Syrian citizen, an ex-Alawite (a Shia sect),... - Iran was behind the bombings - can rise suspicion about his behaviour in that matter.
10. King David Hotel bombers never punished, became politicians
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.03.14)
11. #2 THE BLIND
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (01.03.14)
The Iranian towel heads paid for it all. Do you understand this much English? The ones that physically carried the attack were eliminated. Are you that thick? Wow! The big snakes are still alive and live in Iran. What other language do you speak? Maybe, I can explain it again.
13. #11 the deaf misunderstood the "blind"
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (01.03.14)
I was merely showing you the emptiness of the bragger's comments with a humble question. Really, he has no reason to brag, because the Israeli govt allowed the main criminals to get away with the bombings, without any justice whatsoever. The Israeli govt, continues in this policy, hoping that the Iranians will overthrow their govt, or for the Shia and the Sunnis to take eachother out... Im glad you and your family got out in time
14. #3 they will be
Vlad   (01.03.14)
In due time. To track a target down, then plan and carry out an assassination takes time, sometimes years. I think they will continue to die one by one.
15. Well done Mossad, congratulations!
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.03.14)
I love and support Israel.
16. We want to know
Jorge ,   Argentina   (01.03.14)
who were the perpetrators. DonĀ“t wait an answer from Argentina government. Somewhere, somehow, erase all tracks. No clue will be found from here. And if you really know who were all the perpetrators, chase all of them.
17. The question is
kyle   (01.03.14)
Does Israel have the right to act as guardians of world Jewry? Personally I believe that whilst I am of Jewish origin I am not Israeli and it is up to the nation that I choose to live in to protect me. Argentina has failed miserably on all scores but Israel is assuming a role that has implications that stretch beyond its remit. One of which is that it governments can relinquish the right to protect all of its citizens on an equal basis
18. I hate to imagine if they........
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (01.03.14)
I hate to imagine if they are still alive. I do not know who is the culprit behind the "Thou shall not kill" rather "Thou shall not murder" in The Ten Commandments. Israel you killed to prevent murder and more murders. May God provide Israel with power, intelligence, boldness, sharpness and success to counter evil terror. And the world owe Israel the hard work. Can you imagine Saudi Arabia is praying day and night that Israel may successfully get rid of Iran nuclear reactor?
19. Kol HaKovod v Mazal Tov
Gideon Reader   (01.03.14)
...and may many more cease to breathe the atmosphere of thhis ball. Sooner is better than later. But... later is also Beseder. Sincerest hopes that when they "do" the film, they dont bugger it up as badly as Munich.
20. Congratultions
Tomi ,   Serbia   (01.03.14)
..and continue with the good work in the future.
21. #17 kyle
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (01.03.14)
Even though you think it's up to your own country to protect you you're forgetting that you're a jew and they'll crap on you at the first thought. Think of all the wonderful things that jews around the world could have if they ALL made aliya and expand Israel's population to aprx. twenty million expanding and populating the Negev. The world will envy you.
22. 17.
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.04.14)
Kyle, Israel is home to every single Jew in the world. Israel will take responsibility to protect Jews in foreign lands when their own governments do not. Understand now? If you would live here, you would understand this.
23. 14.
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.04.14)
They sure will, slowly but surely be eradicated one by one, even if it takes another 30 years. Trust in the power, strength & shrewdness of our intelligence forces.
24. #17 kyle - wrong question
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.04.14)
The Isreali embassy was attacked. An embassy's grounds are officially a part of the country it represents, not where the embassy is. Israel is defending itself. Or are you against Israel defending itself?
25. Birdi Israel is home to any Israeli.
Italian ,   In Israel   (01.04.14)
More than 20% of Israelis are not Jewish. Not even counting those are registered with no religion (as sick as it sounds to register one's religion). You can't deny this fact. These people own lands, businesses, houses for generation. They work and pay taxes to the government jut as you do and Israel is their home too! I'm pretty sure that most Israelis wouldn't like all Jews coming back to settle this land. There's not enough space! You can't kick out people owning lands here to place others on their properties. Get real! These is the reality you and I live in and it's called Israel
26. Terrorism is not the answer to terrorism
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (01.04.14)
Israel & the US can't fight terrorism with state terrorism This is not how democracy works! Israel stop claiming you're democratic cause you ain't.
27. #26 non
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.05.14)
Democracy has nothing to do with it. It is called fighting back. You would prefer that Israel fold her cards, wouldn't you? And if you say Israel is not a democracy, you show how little you know about democracy. Thank you for the demonstration.
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