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Israeli rabbis stand up for Rabbi Avi Weiss
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 05.01.14, 19:44
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1. Years ago it was clear that modern "orthodoxy" is....
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (01.05.14)
the replacement for traditional conservative Judaism. Conservative Judaism has become almost Reform. Those who don't want to be reform are seeking more traditional observance through modern orthodoxy, but, in the process, modern orthodoxy is not really orthodoxy. Ordaining women is a giant step. Avi Weiss may be well-liked by many, and may think he loves Jews and Israel, but he is just another destroyer of what is true Jewish observance, driven by his own ego.
2. Rabbi Avi Weiss
David BenYosef ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.05.14)
I can't testify about Avi Weiss's level of observance, but I can say that "rabbis" graduated from YCT are not all qualified to make halachic rulings. One YCT "rabbi" r allowed a congregant to ride on Shabbos to attend a kiddush at his synagogue without a valid halachic reason. Why would anyone think that these "rabbis" are in any way competent to do conversions?
3. modern orthodox Rabbis in US opposed his conversions
Rachel   (01.05.14)
Our very modern modern orthodox Rabbi declared a conversion performed by Rabbi Weiss halachically invalid because Rabbi Weiss placed a convert on the conversion beis din, which is not halachically permissible. (Converts can serve on a beis din, but not to perform conversion.) Rabbi Weiss took the issue to the Jewish Press and a running debate ensued between Rabbi Weiss and Rabbis of the RCC in the paper. Many orthodox Rabbis here in the states do not trust his conversions or halachik standards.
4. israel's chief rabbi's are an abomination to judaism. they
ralph   (01.05.14)
must be removed. power and funds cut off. they must only speak for themselves out of fear of embarrassing us all. my rabbi relatives would roll in their graves hearing all this nonsense.
5. #4 Calm down! Your relatives will not roll in their graves
Anon   (01.06.14)
The Chief Rabbis of Israel are Orthodox Chareidi Rabbis not Zionists Rabbis. Chareidi Rabbis would not stand up for an Avi Weiss or guys like him or give him any honorable respect for destorying halacha.
6. In his time the Rambam was also not accepted
Zev ,   Israel   (01.06.14)
Not to compare but just a thought.
7. R' Riskin's assertion
Jo Jo ,   London   (01.06.14)
the Weiss is "a person who is strict about every single mitzvah" is incredible. Weiss is clean shaven, and while electric shaving may be permited by some, one cannot call such a person a machmir.
8. The Chief Rabbinate
Ora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.14)
The Chief Rabbinate and its rulings are what is driving many Israelis away from Judaism. "My way or the highway" isn't an option for people don't want to submit to religious coercion. I was much more Jewish before I came to Israel.
9. 8 And I more so now in Israel
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.14)
Unlike the complainers I don't have any problem with teh Chief Rabbi's. I don't know whether this is a Sephardi thing or not, but I assure you that the Sephardi Commujity in Israel and the World over has the highest respect and reverence particularily for thr Sephardi Chief Rabbi's. The are stood uo for, applude dand sung in wherever they go.
10. Ora , Tel Aviv
Jo Jo   (01.07.14)
So leave Israel then. Being Jewish is more important than being Israeli!
11. Qualifications
Joseph ,   London England   (01.07.14)
For a Rabbi to confirm that someone is Halachically Jewish and not married to any one, does not require indepth Rabbinic study. The most it should require is a look at their parents' Ketubot [marriage contracts] and confirmation by their immediate family that they are single and free to marry. If the bridegroom is a Cohane, the bride cannot be a divorcee. If the congregational Rabbi is Conservative he would need to involve an Orthodox colleague to assist with the investigation and write the letter.
12. In one fell swoop, Rabbinate has declared dissenters goyim
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (01.08.14)
and retroactively... ahh -- that automatically includes dissenters in Talmud, people. Today's Khareidim and Rabbinate are on the wrong side, the anti-Biblical side, of the fence -- like the Boethusian Sadducees. Their authority comes from the Ottomans and secular Israeli gov't, not Tanakh and Mosheh (which they contradict routinely with their casuistry).
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