Terror persists, but West Bank fence still porous
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.01.14, 16:22
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1. Not credible
Dan   (01.05.14)
6,000 per month is 200 per day coming into densely populated Israel, without people noticing? Very, very hard to believe.
2. 80, 000 illegal Arabs, 65,000 Illegal Africans
Ron ,   oc us   (01.05.14)
Either The planets only Jeeish state deports all of them or there will be no Jewish state wortth saving. Bibi wants the Pals to recognize Israel as the Jewish state, perhaps the government of Israel should recognize that Israel is a Jewish state amd practice what they preach.
3. Miracle,no suicide bomber !!!!!!!!!!
Rosenvald ,   Brasil   (01.05.14)
4. Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.05.14)
So said Patton, and it's true. What stopped terror cold was the IDF hunting down the terrorists, one by one- even before the fence was started. The fence does help, but the main deterrent is boots on the ground- and on the terrorists' heads.
5. Hmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.05.14)
Does the author mean to suggest that Abbas is incapable of buttressing the economy of the ersatz "Palestinian" Authority? Not terribly auspicious for a wannabe country. In any event -- let him learn. Send the illegal Arab infiltrators back to Ramallah, and punish heavily with steep fines and jail sentences of those who give them shelter and refuge within the State of Israel. It wouldn't be a half-bad idea to revoke all the work permits issued to West Bank Arabs. And it will be very interesting to gauge the international reaction when it becomes painfully obvious that the ersatz "Palestine" Authority is incapable of organizing a picnic, let alone run a functioning country.
6. Ambigious. Policies Could Hurt Tourism
Zechariah   (01.05.14)
The Government is taking a risk letting in the Average person for work and economic benefit while Terrorists get in to continue the Resistance .Some want a Terrorist outrage to Stop the Peace Talks obviously .The Pa realizes this and has Mixed Policy Balances.
7. Unbelievable!
Geoff Short ,   London (UK)   (01.05.14)
8. throw them the hell out
salim   (01.05.14)
seal the breaches and throw the pals the hell out. if they post a threat in terms of violence, then shoot them you bloody pacifists.
9. Police would rather chase law abiding Jews than terrorists..
Alon ,   Tel Aviv   (01.05.14)
and illegal infiltrators from Africa..... Really awful police system here. And the people pay the price daily.
10. I'm still waiting
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (01.05.14)
for a roof over "Israel".
11. Palestinians exercising right of return.
James   (01.05.14)
The world knows that zionist are European carpetbaggers. With no connection to the ancient Hebrews.
12. I guess Sami Harimi's God was assleep. Or not
a God at all. ah tru ,   Ishmael was rejecte   (01.05.14)
13. Our country is besieged ! Why have we border guards ?!
14. IDF murder of Odeh Jihad Hamad is proximate cause of bombing
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.05.14)
...not hole in fence.
15. Geneva Convention
Tom ,   New York   (01.05.14)
Enemy infiltrators out of uniform should be shot as spies. Catch and release is no disincentive.
16. James # 11 Congratulations!
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.05.14)
Now the world knows you are an idiot.
17. Shoot them, kill them, be done with them.
A ,   Belgium   (01.05.14)
Just as any other country in the world would do with enemy infiltrators.
18. #10 I'm still waiting for a brain in the kaaskop.
A ,   Belgium   (01.05.14)
19. Fences
Reuven ,   Zichron   (01.05.14)
Let us remember that Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for the past five. years. In this time he has not completed the fence north of Arad with 200 potentials terrorists walking into Israel each day. And he only woke up to the problem of Illegal work seekers entering from Sinai, when 30000 were already here and they were coming in at the rate of a 2000 a month! Only then did he actually start building the fence in 2013. He has been to busy with politics and fearing from his own party to have had time to deal with fences with disasterous consequences
20. #17 Pursue your final solution in Belgium.
On the Balcony   (01.08.14)
Six THOUSAND Palestinians snaking into Israel every month. And how many terrorist attacks did we have last year? Makes you wonder, no?
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