UN slams Israel for asylum seeker policy
Omri Efraim
Published: 05.01.14, 23:40
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1. I can tell why people have to flee...
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.06.14)
ISLAM. I should guess 99.9997% of refugees in the world is because ISLAM. Groups of islamic terrorists starts wars or starts to deadly harass non-Iislamic people. On a wider scale even islamic countries on government level start to harass non-Islamic people (Malaysia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan +++). It is clearly beyond belief why the UN really do NOTHING to stop the islamic-cult and their ideology. Sunni refugees should be sent to sunni countries. Shiias should be sent to shia countries..
2. Don't like it? Leave!
Todd ,   Canada   (01.06.14)
Seems life is hard enough for the.people of Israel. Also, where was UN when other counties where shorting the Sudanese on sight?
3. Defund the destructive UN.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.14)
Defunding the UN is a great issue for pro-freedom parties to take up. Especially U.S. Republicans.
4. Useless Nations
Alex ,   Minneapolis, MN   (01.06.14)
Useless Nations is at it again. Telling Israelis how to treat 60000 criminals. Why don't they look at U.S. INS jails and shut their pathetic traps
5. If the UN cares so much please take them!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (01.06.14)
Israel it's not a garbage can where to throw all these third world abusive and crimnal invaders! UN this is Israel, not Africa! We do not have to take all african into our tiny state! You can keep all these savages if you want them.
6. Ynetnews
Ali Yassin ,   Canada   (01.06.14)
I love Israel I read every day I ynetnews Thanks for the in depth In news and comentry The only one in Middle East I read Keep the good work No body reads news from Saudi Iran or any Arab country Love you
7. #1
Jeff ,   USA   (01.06.14)
Eritrea's dictator and over half their population are Christians.
8. UN can and should take them
israeli ,   israel   (01.06.14)
instead of force-feeding the so-called Palestinian refugees, it's high time the UN took care of real refugees. The UN should be slamming itself.
9. The report fails to credit the free flights home with fat
mea   (01.06.14)
checks. It also fails to compare Israel with the United States which warehouses people in jails for 1-3 years as if they were convicts. UK does the same thing. Does the report mention the abhorrent practices by the human traffickers who do appalling things to them along the pathway across north Africa andt he Sinai? Probably not, since it only Israel they wish to single out. The detention center is a roof over the heads of people who are not refugees.
10. Let them demonstrate ......
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Winnipeg, CANADA   (01.06.14)
But, in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, China, North Korea, Russia and in every Muslim country. Then the useless U.N. will see nothing ,hear nothing and say nothing.
11. Hand them over to PA, they know how to treat refugees
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.06.14)
12. UNHCR, blame Egypt for kicking the refugees into Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.06.14)
13. Where was UNHCR when Egypt pushed the refugees into Israel?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.06.14)
14. Isreal will never make the UN happy
Ron ,   oc us   (01.06.14)
Either Israel gets rid of its squatters or Israel as a Jewish state is finished. The illegals can go to any number of African states.
15. When the protests end in violence
Ezra ,   San Diego   (01.06.14)
When they end in violence, Israel will have to be damaged to show the world they drew first blood. Even then, Israel will be blamed for not giving in to their demands. They must be treated with respect and dignity when they're deported to Jordan.
16. United nations
Norman ,   Atlit   (01.06.14)
The UN spends most of its time cursing Israel and if not for Israel (has v shalom) all those people wouldn't have Work. The same goes for Kerry and his Entourage they are staying at the best Hotels here they have work and spend Much here - good for Israel and Kerry's Mob. As for Kerry's Peace plan-- Goonished.
17. 'recognition rates in Europe are 70%'
tiki ,   belgium   (01.06.14)
One can argue about this number, but let's say the man is right, than one must acknowledge the fact that Europe doesn't have the exclusive luxury of war threats from surrounding countries wanting to destroy her, so they can occupy themselves with Infiltrators, illegals & refugees, who by the way are sitting in detention centers for years and many times are send back anyway after ten years or more. UN should shut up!
18. bitter UN bias, again
Marcelo ,   Tel viv / Berlin   (01.06.14)
when France, the great happy and free country in the Eurotrash deported EU memebers (Rome people), I mean, EU passport holders, nobody said a thing.....
19.  Global Response Get Breaking News Alerts to Your Desktop
Alany ,   San Mateo USA   (01.06.14)
We need to get rid of these migrants as soon as possible. The Israeli government is responsible for this predicament. If they would have shut the door hermetically when they flood was beginning we wouldn't have to deal with this problem. Now Israel has to suffer the consequences.
20. sounds like Ron Huldai wants them in Tel Aviv
zionist forever   (01.06.14)
Ron Huldai is criticising the government for keeping INFILTRATORS in Holot and warning its going to get violent forgetting to mention if they are not in Holot they are inTel Aviv making them his problem. The UN as usual exists in a theoretical world that clashes with reality because they recognise they are not all refugees BUT if you can't keep them in a single place how do you discover who is legitimate who is not? Maybe the UN theorists thinks non refugees will turn themselves in. Israelis need to call for general strikes as a warning to Bibi not to surrender to infiltrators protesting & the UN criticism.
21. UN only slams Israel
james ,   london   (01.06.14)
While EU countrys like the UK have detention centres.......not a word from the UN.
22. these refugees are not Israel problem
lili   (01.06.14)
the UN are hypocrites, it is their responsibility to solve the situation by be involved in Arithrea. this problem is all the western society problem, the UN is totaly usuless.
23. Illegal or refugee?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.06.14)
These people are being mistreated. 1. They are not being permitted to even apply for visas (office hours almost non-existent) and then being arrested for not having visas. 2. Holot is NOT an "open" facility. They cannot really leave because they have to report in twice (or three times?) daily meaning they can't get out for any length of time. 3. Some are true refugees and the government offices are not investigating to find out which are in that status. 4. Families are being split, helpless women and children left to fend for themselves while the bread winner is incarcerated.
24. UN - any nation treating Syrian refugees any better ?
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.06.14)
Or are you(the UN) too fixated on Israel's problems. Also if UN so concerned with African migrants - please take them - you take care of them.
25. UN again!What about Australia?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.06.14)
They deport them immediately to Papua New Guinea! Where is the UN criticism of Italy in the way it treats those refugees who survive the dangerous boat crossing from North Africa? What about the way the UK treats the Travelers and the rest of Europe on the discrimination against the Gypsies and Romany peoples? As usual, the antisemitic UN and its corrupt and subsidiaries single out Israel while Muslims kill people by the hundred everyday! These people, who have come into Israel illegally and pose a threat to Israel due to their ties with hostile elements in Africa, should have been deported immediately but, again, the Government failed to do this. Yes, Holot is a Detention Center just like the ones in the UK which are the biggest in Europe but did anyone in the UN Criticism the Cameron Government?
26. #23: If they are "Refugees" then they are the UN's problem!
Jim Yakamoto ,   Israel   (01.06.14)
If they are illegals, which people who sneak into countries over international boarders are, then the must be deported or put into detention centers like in the US, the UK, Australia and many more countries! A country has a duty to care for its OWN people not look after a bunch of illegals looking for a handout. So, Jerusalemite, how many Israelis would you fire to give the lot a job? Maybe they should leave Tel Aviv and come and camp outside YOUR front door in Jerusalem!
27. #22 remember YOUR recent past
Vera   (01.06.14)
your comment is scary- have you forgotten your own recent past where Jews were persecuted and some countries refused them asylum- because it was 'not their problem'?
28. - TWO WORDS...
nadav ,   tlv   (01.06.14)
Lampedusa & Christmas Island! look up these island (lagers) camps, for REAL refugees fleeing war, maintained by Italy and Australia. Not to mention the Spaniards and Greeks who treat actual refugees from Syria, Tunisia, and Libya like cattle, sending them to interim camps! Of course, the UN only takes issue with Israel, a tiny, already beleaguered country, which now how to deal with illegal economic migrants from Eritrea, which is NOT war-torn!
29. Vera #22 get a clue
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.06.14)
These people can have asylum in most of the world - Jews are still banned from over 25% of the nations on the planet. We have the HIGHEST per capita of immigrants and refugees in the entire world, yet are less than 0.0001% of the land mass. Time for the rest of the world to address the problem. Since Israel is not bordering Eritrea nor the 3 other countries that they passed through on their way here - we are not a refuge for them
30. Did everyone catch this little gem?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.14)
"Asylum-seekers report that they are afraid of going into the street for fear of being arrested or they are afraid of not being able to come home from work." Right. But gathering in public protest doesn't bother them in the slightest. Note, too, the change in lexicon -- we are no longer dealing with "refugees" but rather with "asylum seekers." Makes it much easier, actually: prepare a nice stamp: "Asylum sought .... asylum denied." End of story. Thousands of people are turned away from a great many countries on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with Israel rejecting demands for asylum, too. The first line of recourse for these Africans should be the European former colonial power that ruled over their countries. For Sudanese, that would be the British, of course. For Ethiopia and Eritrea, it would be an interesting combination of Portugal, Turkey and Italy. Those are the embassy gates that these Africans need to storm.
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