UN slams Israel for asylum seeker policy
Omri Efraim
Published: 05.01.14, 23:40
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31. UN is right
P ,   Israel   (01.07.14)
The above mentioned statements do not understand the rights of a refugee…they do not understand because they do not want to understand those who are against the most vulnerable individuals in our world, who are forced to flee their homes. Do you think this refugee really wanted to leave his daughter or son and wife at home? do you really think life is so "good" here that they would give up their lives so easily. The only thing that stands between you becoming a refugee is these people is luck. These people are entitled to undergo a proper RSD interview and given a chance at life. And for your knowledge. the 100 individuals recognized as refugees in the last 60 years (the poorest recognition rate in the world) have left because they finally are provided a travel document. They are unable to leave the country and unable to stay. Israel is making life miserable for these people for no good reason - they aren't even permitted to leave!
32. YNet extensive coverage
Yaakov ,   Efrat Israel   (01.08.14)
I am amazed at how extensive was YNet coverage of the UNHRC statements. One would think that every word of the council was a gospel message. As for the unlawful migrants, they are looking for Israel's economic benefits. If freedom was their aim, they could have gone to South Sudan or Egypt. They did not.
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