Asylum seekers march again as interior minister declares most aren't really refugees
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 06.01.14, 10:40
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3. Refugees???
Sasha ,   Tel aviv   (01.06.14)
I guess they take Israelis for idiots or maybe the Israelis don't know any better, but I remember growing up in Russia and in the early nineties we had thousands of Arab (Afghani I believe) refugees pollute the streets. These people had barely any clothes, were dirty, hungry and sleeping on the streets and begging for food and water. My grandmother used to bring them left over soup and bread that we had. They were grateful. They did not intimidate or harass us. I wasny afraid to walk on the streets and being robbed or stared at. Look at the people of Syria who are dying from disease and hunger because they are sleeping in cardboard boxes! Now take a look at these pictures and notice Bulls caps and jeans and leather jackets. They are making a mockery of true refugees and need to be punished!
4. As a dual citizen
Benjamin Cohen ,   Tel Aviv/Seattle   (01.06.14)
I do not want them here nor US! Why is that everyone else has to APPLY for immigration and it is a PROCESS and the desicion has to be APPROVED, yet these uncivilized people get to jump fences and stay and have the audacity to DEMAND something?? UN can find them a home outside of Israel or return them to Africa where they belong with their hyenas and apes.
5. Pathetic
Zechariah   (01.06.14)
What's Pathetic is that Israel cannot sort the Refugees /Infiltrators in a Humanitarian yet stringent way I find it hard to believe there are not some with common decency .
6. #1 Downgrading
Murat ,   Antalya   (01.06.14)
the people of Africa as illegals is racism. Those people are not there for holidays. They left their home countries because of war. One day you may be in the same situation.
7. Belgium
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.06.14)
In Belgium when illegal migrants register to obtain a legal status, they have to go a migrant center where they sleep and live. They get no money from the state and are not allowed to work.
8. Quite a bit of nerve
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.14)
Gather them up and ship them back to Africa. How dare they disrupt Israeli life in such a manner? Just send them packing. They are not needed, not wanted and do not fit into the fabric of Israeli society. Get rid of them.
9. back NOW to where they ILLEGALY come from
STEPHANE ,   YAFFO   (01.06.14)
10. EU/embassies organized this!
nadav ,   tlv   (01.06.14)
The EU and many of its wealthier members paid far left Israeli NGOs to organize these "protests." Never mind the fact the Spain, UK, Italy and Greece send REAL refugees fleeing actual war from Syria and Libya to island interim camps like Lampedusa!! Australia also send refugees from Afghanistan etc to a detention camp on Christmas Island. BUT of course, the UN and the far left governments in the world only takes issue with Israel, a tiny country of barely 8 million surrounded by vile regimes bent on its destruction!
11. Israel must not be the destination of illegal migrant ...
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.06.14)
... workers, and refugees, by DEFENITION, are only those who came to Israel DIERECTLY from their home country. In this case ALL who arrived in Africa, after they crossed into Israel against the law, passed through at least one or two other countries. Israel has not been the first country to which they arrived, hence Israel ought not be held responsible for their destiny.
12. GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE then deport the lots of them
STEPHANE ,   YAFFO   (01.06.14)
13. Let the embassies transfer them to other countries
Naomi   (01.06.14)
and take these restless ingrates out of this country.
14. Fine Employers to pay for them going back
15. Refugees Really.....
Josh ,   Tel Aviv   (01.06.14)
Where are the Female refugees.Every refugee camp in the planet is overflowing with Woman and Children.Are these so called refugees in Israel that scream slogans about freedom, dignity, human rights so selfish and unmanly that they flee from Dictators,Conscription,War,and whatever other bull they are tutored to say and leave their woman and children behind.They should be screaming for military intervention now, by the international community in order to bring freedom,dignity and human rights to the woman and children left behind in their countries.
16. To #6 what war?
Arik ,   Ramat Aviv   (01.06.14)
There is NO war in Eritrea!!!!!!!!!!! They did not ran away from war, they ran away from a country where crimes are PUNISHED by hanging or cutting hands off for theft! Unfortunately, our government is less harsh and they don't get hung for raping Israeli children and women.
17. Not one Israeli Flag anywhere.
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.06.14)
I drove down the tayelet on the way to work today and saw a large group of them protesting across the street from the American Embassy. I saw about flags from about 4 different African countries and a few American flags. However, I did not see a single Israeli flag in there. I am happy that they are proud of their heritage and all, but it would make sense to me that if they wanted to be a part of OUR country, they would want to support it with the flag of what they would like to be their country. As I see it, and how probably they do too, Israel is just the sucker that wouldn't kick them out. They had to go through a few large countries to get here and they didn't stop anywhere along the way. And they wouldn't dare demand rights in any of those countries as well.
18. "Freedom is our birthright" - reads one of the banners.
HaifaGuy   (01.06.14)
That just did it for me.
19. Yes
Aaron ,   Israel/US   (01.06.14)
Freedom is your birthright to LEAVE. You are free to leave a country in which you are unwelcomed and unwanted and were not permitted to enter in the first place. Please, just go already.
20. this is not a spontaneous demonstration.
this is not a spontaneous demonstration. Israel needs to know who is behind it. Who is trying to impose the direction of the Jewish state in a direction that is not hers?
21. Find them, arrest them, deport them
Ron ,   oc us   (01.06.14)
And, while you are at it stop with Arab entry from Gaza a plug the holes in the fence. There at least 80,000 Arab squatters and 65,000 illegal Africans in Israel. Get rid of these illegals and shed the triangle and the planets only Jewish state might survive.
22. #8 how dare they?
Mari   (01.06.14)
you know what? You sound just like some people during WWII when Jewish refugees tried to cross borders. I never thought I would hear Jewish people make cruel and ignorant comments about refugees like I read here. IF they are in Israel illegally- who let them cross the border? I guess having a wall around the country isn't doing much good, is it?
23. #10 get the facts
Victor   (01.06.14)
what bosh- get the facts straight: the refugees land in Lampedusa(or Spain), from there they eventually go on to other EU countries. They are clothed, fed, received a small amount of money, but are not allowed to work until their status is cleared.
24. They have got a good deal in Holot
Zionist forever   (01.06.14)
In Holot they get a roof over their head, the get fed, they have most the day to themselves and they even get paid around 500 shekel a month for doing nothing except agreeing to be taken care of at taxpayer expense. They instead think we owe them homes, jobs and the right to settle down make new lives for themselves in Israel never to return home. We need to be firm on this one tell the illegals & their supporters, the UN and any other countries that criticize US included. The liberal Europeans don't exactly welcome people like this with open arms, the US is very tough so why can't we be allowed to say no?
25. abhorable!
oded ,   usa   (01.06.14)
200k + of illigal aliensflood israel and no one does a thing to stop, curtail and get rid of them?amazing.
26. I have a ?
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.06.14)
I don't know much about this issue, however looking at the images etc and reading a few news reports here and there I have to believe that the government is right in terming them infiltrators due to the fact that most are men. If there was an equal amount of men & women you could called them refugees, however it is obvious they came to seek money because they wouldn't of left there women in such "dire" conditions.
27. number 6
A V ,   london uk   (01.06.14)
take them to your country then as you are so good
28. Boycott businesses that hire illegal workers
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.06.14)
Part of the problem is that the government turns a blind eye to illegal workers or gives permits to businesses to employ them so they can pay them substandard wages. The government needs to fines businesses that employ illegals. When they can't earn money, they may take the governments's offer of NIS 5000 & leave.
29. be fair
Adam Mama ,   tel aviv   (01.06.14)
the word refuge by definition does not relate to any sort of crime ,thus deeming refugees as criminal would be the same as calling Bin Ladin and any terrorist group as the most innocent person or group ever.Why do we violate others rights? i know refugees tease the locals, but a jail is no the right solution to the problem.
30. They march on foreign embassies for help?
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (01.06.14)
Yes, each foreign embassy should take 2000 "refugees" to their countries. That would be a real help.
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