Infiltrators are existential problem for Israel
Noah Klieger
Published: 07.01.14, 08:40
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1. Begin took in Vietnamese Boat People
Zechariah   (01.07.14)
Begin took in Vietnamese Boat people and gave Temporary Refuge .Israel ought have some temporary refugee Policy for non Jewish people's .Admittadly in Israel there are Millions of Arabs Most who hate us but some Arabs appreciate the considerable human rights far from optimal quite far but Something.
2. We cannot take an entire nation into our state.
Phoenix ,   Israel   (01.07.14)
We do not have to! That would mean suicide of the Jewish nation and the Jewish dream! We cannot take an entire nation of savages that come from enemy nations that are already causing great problems and damage to our state. They must be deported! Slowly but all must go!
3. They're Not Infiltrators: Refugees!
J ,   Tel Aviv   (01.07.14)
They're refugees, not infiltrators or "cushim" or any other of derogatory terms used regularly. They are entitled to their dignity and that begins with calling them by the right term and accepting that this phenomenon is par of course in our modern world. I can only imagine what would happen if all those Israeli's illegally working abroad were called "yids" and "infiltrators!"
4. Correct
Expert ,   USA   (01.07.14)
During WW2 in the USA, there were posters all over saying we must conserve meat and food to provide for our soldiers. Israel, being perpetually under attack, doesn't have the luxury to help the whole world at this point. it simply needs to survive.
5. #3 only 1% qualified as refugees with UN !!! NOT refugees
Naftalee ,   Jerusalem   (01.07.14)
In all other places where refugees are you see Families, refugee camps are full of families and kids, these "refugees" in TA = 85% single men around 21 years of age, really they came here to work illegally. Only 1% of those here who applied to UN for refugee status were granted refugee status!!! why? cause the UN knows what a real refugee is. You #3 dont !!
6. #3
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.07.14)
Maybe there are some geuine refugees amongst them but mostly they are illegal iniltrators whom restaurants and other businesses have happily - and illegally - employed, paying them far cheaper wages than theywould have to pay to an Israeli ciitzen. At the beginning, when Sudan was still fighting, killing its Christian population,there were many genuine refugees, but these demonstrators are most assuredly not refugees. The bleeding hearts who think we shold take them in - just where do they get the idea from? We're stuck with them and hopefully the policy of paying them to return to their original countries will succeed. As for comparing them with Israelis illegally working abroad , what stupidity on your part. Israelis haven't illegally invaded any one country intheir thousands.
7. For #3
miri ,   israel   (01.07.14)
Yes, they are infiltrators since they came through the border. 50,000 - or is it 500,000 ? - and they reproduce. We do not need them to overrun our little country. Some ways and means must be determined to rid southern Tel Aviv from their misery.
8. Africans
Ed Codish ,   Pardessiya   (01.07.14)
There are two very basic fallacies here. 1. Israel is not fighting for its survival, certainly not against some Africans. 2. Israel can absorb 50,000 Africans (we have a great record on this) and find them useful and necessary work. Ed Codish
9. #1 NO arabs can compare with the VIETNAMESE..
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (01.07.14)
NO arabs can compare themselves with the VIETNAMESE....... Vietnamese are heroes and great warriors. They are not evil! They are not Muslims, 95% Buddhist and 5% Christians. They being attacked and massacre by the french and the racially motivated americans (white pride) yet they never resort to evils. They die in millions as heroes but they did not plant a single bomb to kill the french the americans, the turks, Australians or NZlanders outside VIETNAM!
10. Such protests are not unusual here.
James Loughton ,   USA   (01.07.14)
11. The irony...
J ,   Tel Aviv   (01.07.14)
We already import thousands of guest workers to build our homes and infrastructure, and take care of our elderly so what's the difference? That they're black? Sadly, the language used to describe the African economic refugees is loaded with racist subtext so spare me the right wing rhetoric. And, Madeleine #6, thousands of Israeli's have infiltrated hundred of kiosks in just about every mall across the USA and Canada--and are working illegally. You can't have your cake and eat too.
12. Israel can not take in NON-JEWS, has no relation to.....
Boohoohoo ,   Israel   (01.07.14)
where they come from or the color of their skin. If they were Jews they would be open with open arms. They are muslims. Let them go to a muslim country.
13. Agree with article. No solution in Israel
Jo   (01.07.14)
These demonstrations will not help them, it will only make the locals more aware of the great number. Most countries take in a few, a thousand or more but not this number. Israel is tiny and has not the land, space or resources to offer such people. Such numbers create an entire new nation within and change the demographic. Africa is huge, surely there is one that can take them in.
14. some are refugees others are economic migrants pretending
zionist forever   (01.07.14)
15. #3...you are full of crap
JL   (01.07.14)
go back to the hole you call home..we dont need this crap in our country
16. Idiocy
Paul Godfrey ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.07.14)
Interesting to know how 100s of 1000s more 'infiltrators' are going to break into the impregnable borders. Leaving aside the illegality and moral turpitude of wall building, let's accept that they exist. This gives Israel a unique chance to give a general amnesty secure in the knowledge that it won't be seen as a precedent as facts on the ground gave changed. But fears
17. Circumcise, Bar Mitzvah, and Swear
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.07.14)
Allegiance to Am Yisrael: for all you who plead to stay. Then become full-fledged JEWISH ISRAELI CITIZENS. Am Yisrael Chai!
18. "Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.07.14)
"Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources."
19. #12, that says it all
sharpshin ,   USA   (01.07.14)
Non-Jews unwelcome in Israel. Please don't call it a democracy if it is a state only for Jews. That sets Israel apart from every other Western free society. No other has a religious litmus test.
20. @ #18: Enhanced Judaism...Bravo!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.07.14)
You prove your own point with your caveman comment about Jewish "evolution." Indeed, Prince Charming, we Jews have OUT-COMPETED nudniks like you.
21. Clear Racism.
Zemen ,   Tel aviv Israel   (01.07.14)
I would say A wrong Understanding from the article writer, I can assure you that it is clear Racism, not treat of existence to the Jews state.many people l know that there bigger number of white illegals than African refugees in Israel but we have never hear anything from the Israel government about this illegals..and secondly why do the police treat the Africa refugees like wild animals...... and why do your leaders call the African refugees Cancer of the nation....
22. Good thinking!
samTLV ,   Israel   (01.08.14)
It is what Hitler said about the aryans!
23. Are tourists infiltrators?
samTLV ,   Israel   (01.08.14)
500,000! I guess you never put a step in south Tel Aviv
24. Not smart Op-Ed
samTLV ,   Israel   (01.08.14)
Protest of illegal workers is common in US. Strikes are organized to show the role of the working force of this population in US. Also, immigration from latin america or Asia is well accepted and it is common to have spanish or chinese as a vernacular language. Israel looks more like Europe with stronger reaction of fears towards immigration.
25. refugees
harvey gefen ,   toronto canada   (01.08.14)
it was wrong for nations to not allow jewish refugees to enter their lands ie,the usa turning away jewish refugees on the ship st, louis.it was wrong for nations to expell them over the centuries.it is no less wrong to do this to them. there crime was our crime'=they were different.this leads to fear;distrust and hate.we should remember "g-d leves the cushite {black } the same as the israelite--psalms.
26.  the refugee problem in Israel exist
lili   (01.08.14)
more than 8300 years old, in the bible there were Edomites immigrants, even than Israelies complaint about over population of immigrants or as they called it "Arim Miskenot" I think we should all look back and find out to what our ancestors did.
27. The Africans are not dangerous and the problem is
Shachar ,   Eilat   (01.08.14)
not critical. But we do need a policy...which should be obvious. Israel should do it's part in aiding refugees in manageable numbers and the world needs to solve the problems that cause the flow of refugees. In the meantime we can stop importing foreign workers while gainfully employing real refugees.
28. Passover Parrallel
Bob ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.14)
"You are not to wrong or oppress an alien, because you were aliens in the land of Egypt." Ouch.
29. infiltrator
h.gefen ,   toronto can.   (01.08.14)
i agree withno,3 totally.the bible says "when a foreigner comes to your land treat him like a homeborne-one law to you all."we are all children of the same g-d.
30. Africa is NOT a country
Stan ,   London, UK   (01.08.14)
This article just shows the crass ignorance and racial rhetoric that qualifies the debate on this issue in Israel. And Noah, if civil servants and elected officials do not represent Israel (para 5), who does??
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