Settler 'terror': Price tag in Kfar Qassem, foiled plot against demolisher
Ahiya Raved
Published: 10.01.14, 11:42
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1. and
The article forgets to mention that all the Jews kidnapped and assaulted by the Arabs of Kusra, who were later arrested by the police were released by a judge. Why? The judge found that the police illegally arrested the Jews: there was no evidence to support the police perjurous accusations that the Jews were doing anything illegal.
2. #1 you talk BS
Gideon78 ,   Cpt South Africa   (01.10.14)
If you look at the map...Qusra belongs to Area A or B and it is illegal under Israeli law to enter those areas which are under PA admin. Instead of justifying the actions of the these terrorists...we need to condemn them! They make our work the pro Israel crowd here harder. They are using the exact same tactics as those in Gaza...attacking civilians!
3. At 2??
Yaniv ,   Uk   (01.10.14)
Please explain how vandalism equals to terrorism (a terrorist)???? And how those so called tactics in Gaza equals to the settlers in Judea & SamariA? Surely you don't think missiles are the same as spraying graffiti !
4. Terrorists or not
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (01.10.14)
They are not only spraying graffiti. They are trowing stones (Palestinians gets 20 years in jail for that, settlers are released the same day) They kill and go free, Palestinians gets live in prison. They beat up children and go free, Palestinians are called terrorists and go to jail. The real terorists are the settlers. Even US called them terrorists, remember the burning of a family in their car. But Palestinians are called terrorists if they cross the border finding work.
5. the true story behind the attack
yoni the Jew ,   Jewish homeland   (01.10.14)
the truth is that the attack on Jews happened far from the arab village of Kutsra. The group of Jews were surrounded and pursued for nearly two hours and chased into the village by the arabs. They were nearly killed and everyone is surprised that the arabs did not kill them since arabs are expected to murder Jews. So when it doesnt happen it is a pleasant surprise. Sickening,,,
6. Normal decent Israelis
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.10.14)
living in Israel proper are being held hostage by a group of savages who do not have Israel's best interests at heart. These dual nationals who will disappear when the boycott begins to bite from whence they came are only doing this to protect their subsidised living standards, obtained at the expense of 6 million Israelis who are increasingly finding the cost of living in Israel impossible. The settler terrorists must be brought to heel, for the ling term future and security of Israel
7. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.10.14)
And were you to learn that these Jews were deliberately chased into Qusra by a screaming Arab mob and that the entire incident was just another Pallywood stunt -- what would you say then?
8. #1 You are not telling the truth
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (01.10.14)
Your claim that "all the Jews" were released by a judge is untrue. Seven of the dozen colonists arrested outside Kusra have been remanded in custody. These were known extremists, going around commiting crimes destroying fruit trees, burning agricultural land, poisoning wells and killing sheep, belonging to Palestinians.
9. #1 why? The judge is a jew. Arabs are
Why   (01.10.14)
by default the guilty party in the jewish system of law.
10. No. 8 call it what is is...
Sally ,   UK   (01.10.14)
"going around commiting crimes destroying fruit trees, burning agricultural land, poisoning wells and killing sheep, belonging to Palestinians" Sounds like 'acts of terror' to me.
11. No. 3 Yaniv
Sally ,   UK   (01.10.14)
When Israeli settlers burn down olive groves, attack Palestinian school children, destroy property, firebomb houses, roam around in armed gangs raiding villages, killing livestock, burn mosques, etc etc these are pre-planned acts of terror designed to instil fear and oppression. The 'graffiti' you mention is what is usually left at these scenes of these acts of terror, a 'calling card' left by the terrorists.
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