Ya'alon lambasted for 'shameless' remarks on Kerry, accused of harming US-Israel ties
Moran Azulay, Shahar Chai
Published: 14.01.14, 14:59
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1. He's right but...
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (01.14.14)
Ya'alon is absolutely correct. However, the problem here is that no one in the Knesset knows how to keep they're mouths shut in public. This conversation should have been kept inside.
2. Typical leftwing comments - attacking the messenger not the
Ilan ,   Be'er Sheva Israel   (01.14.14)
contents of Ya'alon's statements
3. How dare he tell the truth
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.14)
honesty cannot be tolerated in Leftist fairyland. Let's continue on the road to self-dismantlement, and stop spoiling the delusion of peace.
4. Right 100%
Hertzel ,   Tveria/usa   (01.14.14)
Ya'alon is 100% correct. We are playing with the lives of the remaining jews on this planet (post the Hitler killings) as if they were a deck of cards in a child game. Kerry is after his own hallo here, to do what no other mediator was able to do and become "man of the year" in some idiotic american magazine, Israeli leftist are too delusional to see this and are eager to fall for it anyway, Ya'alon named id exactly right, exactly for what it is, the king is naked he shouted, and I hope the Israel will hear him.
5. yaalon should be fired
ilana ,   caesarea israel   (01.14.14)
if netanyahu has any guts he will fire yaalon NOW
JERSEY JEW ,   NJUSA   (01.14.14)
7. Yaalon is spot on
trump   (01.14.14)
His realistic remark took place within a closed room Who decided to reveal it ? -The government to inject some reality into kerry? or - leftists to descredit ayalon?? israel is tiny but very painful to manage without upheavals...
8. Yaalon is my Man !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.14.14)
9. john kerry
sue ,   united states   (01.14.14)
This man is shameless. Ever since he was 'swift-boated' he has done everything to make a come back. His come back is for Israel to give up it's sovereignty for his place in the history books! Shameless, just shameless!
10. Friendship???
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.14.14)
As a jew and pro-American, Ya'alon is right. No friendship is worth the risk of Israel. I have the feeling that there is a lack of transparency from Kerry, and that is enough to throw the towel.
11. Israel is not a banana republic
Arik ,   Hadera Israel   (01.14.14)
Fed up with Kerry, Obama, and their obsession with our tiny state, they have the world to lead, instead they prefer bullying us to commit suicide! I don't want to see rockets on my city to make Oba-Kerry happy!
12. So US can trash-talk Israeli officials, but ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.14.14)
US officials have a history of demeaning and insulting Israeli officials behind their backs, with such sentiments commonly leaked to friendly reporters. Gates tells in his new memoir how he once tried to have Netanyahu banned from the White House because he was considered "arrogant" and critical of US policy. Netanyahu's position was, however, the more realistic, as is Yaalon's. Now Israel's opposition, ever the opportunists, see fit to criticize one of their own for, well, telling it like it is. Kerry is indeed behaving like a "messianic" and an obsessive. And his framework proposal, if advanced, would only put Israeli security at greater risk, not to mention dismiss Israel's historic and legal rights and interests.
13. Let Kerry`s wind to pass in silence (End)
Nora Tel Aviv   (01.14.14)
14. To #2
Buckwheat ,   USA   (01.14.14)
You and Yaalon might be right in substance, but saying it loud was stupid. When will Israeli politicians learn to keep their collective mouth shut?
15. Boogie is too kind
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.14.14)
What he calls obsessive is in reality because Kerry is so stupid that he can only have one thought a year.
16. He's right
Iletzter ,   TA   (01.14.14)
#1. You are wrong. It is very good it became public and unfortunately these should be in Bibi's mouth also. He prods and encourages Kerry , so Kerry knows he can pressure Bibi and Israel , very easily. Unfortunately, we have idiots like Herzog, and Livni voicing their opinions, each are willing to sacrifice the State for their self interests.
17. The Obama Administration.
Robert ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.14.14)
The Americans should learn from the Israelis about the Palestinians and not listen to the Americans about how to be with the Palestinians because how can the Obama administration possibly know what Palestinians are all about?
18. Bravo Ya'alon. If you keep this up you could even be next PM
Amen Brother ,   BOOGIE!!!!!   (01.14.14)
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make an Israeli proud!!!!! Livni et al are disgusting suck ups.
19. he is 100%
daniela ,   panama   (01.14.14)
right. Yaalon is right. With so many trips and so many months of talking the only thing we have seen from the palestinian side is nothing. No recognition of Israel as a jewish state.. only recognition of their refugees.. no talk about the jews that were thrown out from the arab countries, no security. It seems that Kerry learned from Obama.. run for the Nobel price even if the " peace" you speak about will not lead anywhere. Yaalon.. yasher koach..
20. A Dummy
yaakov ,   TA   (01.14.14)
Ya'alon is the same man who keeps postponing the enforcement of the draft for Hassidic men. Not satisfied with that, he now wants to poison relations with the USA. When will is Israeli politicians learn that their big mouths cause big problems overseas? Only the PM should speak for Israel...
21. Stop dreaming the American dream
Naomi   (01.14.14)
Have some backbone, Livni and the rest of the MKs that criticized Ayalon.
22. Ya'alon's Comments to Kerry
Pearl ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.14)
I support what Moshe Ya'alon said, someone had to stand up to the nonsense Obama and Kerry have planned for Israel. Kol Hakovod to him, he deserves praise for his comments.
23. Kerry is supposed to be an internediary between "us" and "th
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.14)
In such an arrangement,it will only work if stricxt confidentiality is maintained,without either side making public statements,which will only negate progress,(if any) Maybe that is the intention of our Knesset blabbermouth!. Abbas has already made negative comments to his people,but at least has not bad mouthed Ketty.He is trying to achieve what,until now,has not been achievable,so I wish him good luck.Without a 2 state solution,one way or another,Israel will become further isolated..We simply cannot try to alter demographics of Jew/Arab balance by finding another million people to import en mass. We dont have even housing for the people we already have here! To continue ro maintain the status quo by military might at the expense of addressing the human problems on the west bank,will only cause more misery.Two wrongs dont make a right,and there will come a time when we will not have ANY friends or supporters.Also,each time we 'upset' the west bank Arabs,we create new enemies there.
24. He just said what everyone with a brain is saying
Lawrence ,   Raanana   (01.14.14)
25. Yaalon is right, Kerry should apologize...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./Israel   (01.14.14)
Who the hell does those Yankees think they are. Why don't they mind their own effing business and leave us to do the same...
26. I say stop aid to Israel...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A.   (01.14.14)
and this parasitic state will vanish on its own. No need for Iranian nukes...
27. Yaalon should be made Prime Minister
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
If Kerry is upset at his comment, let him stay home, Israel does not need him. Livni can follow him there.
28. Yaalon, clearly, desribes reality: Kerry has little know-
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.14.14)
ledge or understanding of the reality in this part of the world, and even lesser appreciation of Israel's most vital national and security interests.
29. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Without
US aid & support israel is crap.
30. Translation. Negotiations are worthless but be nice to US.
Sam ,   Canada   (01.14.14)
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