Ya'alon's office issues letter of apology to Kerry
Published: 14.01.14, 23:56
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1. Psaki, useless abortion qunt
Leon   (01.14.14)
Affirmative communist femi action and affirmative negroid destruction action have meant the dwindling down the toilet of history of the USA. Ignore them, soon they'll be gone off the world stage.
2. why did 6 million die
geroge   (01.14.14)
Yes hitlerism but blindness did not help as well. herzog, bibi(asskisser), peres, livni, these are the types who in my opinion would have been blind to hitler to appease the state department not to offend hitler. Yaalon was dead right-kerrry's plan is full of crap and by the way his plan on iran will lead to them getting nuclear weapons. and that what will that pipsqueak herzog say??? You bloody appeasers make me sick!
3. Sorry that the U.S. was offended by Yaalon's comments
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
However, this is precisely what gave Yaalon a "thumbs up" approval rating from the Israeli public. For the benefit of Israel, it would be appropriate for Yaalon to replace Netanyahu immediately.
4. Truth Hurts
Howard ,   SeattleUSA   (01.14.14)
Yalon should have also added that he is a lier and pompus.fool who is full of himself.
5. unfortunatly, the guy is right
arne ,   chicago usa   (01.14.14)
on the money. this so called "peace process" is a joke and a waste of time.Israel's got enemies both north and south--and on it's east (in case Kerry's not looking)--Biggies a good man and people listen to what he says because they know he's right. to much danger all around , not a good time to put yourself at risk.
6. I'm sorry
Devorah   (01.14.14)
But, so far, this has all the makings of a great musical.
7. Anyone who stands up to Kerry has my VOTE!!!!!
Yankee ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
Wonderful to hear SOMEBODY has the brains and guts to do it. SHAME ON YOU Bibi.
8. Good news, means US troops in West Bank, '67 borders
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.14.14)
9. Moshe Yaalons remarks
Norman ,   Atlit   (01.14.14)
I totally and wholeheartedly agree with Moshe Yaalons.Kerrys programme for Peace as he calls it is a great offense To the Jewish Nation ; it is an abomination. Norman Halfteck. Atlit
10. "Well, they would say that wouldn't they?"
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
As Mandy Rice-Davies might have put it. Our Defence Minister is spot on. And the State Department is peed off that we see through their double-talk and treachery.
11. Ya'alon soon as PM
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (01.14.14)
Ya'alon's words were exactly what we we would have heard from Sharon. The US will one day have to deal with him as Israel's PM.
12. Anyone who stands up to Kerry has my VOTE!!!!!
Yankee ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
Wonderful to hear SOMEBODY has the brains and guts to do it. SHAME ON YOU Bibi.
13. And when Arab leaders insult and demean US leaders ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.14.14)
... all one hears from the US State Department is the sound of crickets. That is, nothing. Psaki could have responded by saying "We don't comment on such reports." Instead, the US insists its people and motives are beyond criticism from Israel. From others? That's another matter.
14. Haven't anyone heard was Putin
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.14)
said about the comedy team, Obama-Kerry'? Ya'alon was right on! But, of course Israel will have to grovel and act shocked over Ya'alon's correct assessment, because that is what Israel does.
15. Kerry is not obsessive or messianic
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.14.14)
He's a flippin' clown that belongs in the circus.
16. Strange as it may seem ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.14.14)
.... no one in the sovereign State of Israel cares about the opinion of ANYONE in the lame duck's administration. Moreover, if they wound that easily, they are in the wrong professions. On the other hand -- why is it perfectly acceptable for Obama to make repulsive comments about Prime Minister Netanyahu, but not acceptable for a member of Israel's administration to make inoffensive and entirely true comments about a member of the American administration?
17. We salute the Defense Minister
RayS ,   USA   (01.14.14)
The truth hurts It takes a man of character to speak up when he knows the "proper" thing to say is wrong. The Defense Minister says it like it is.
18. just stop sending aid to the arrogant
Jim   (01.14.14)
19. Fire Yaalon or we stop bankrolling ungratefult Israel!
dovid ,   los angeles   (01.14.14)
20. what's next?
avramele   (01.14.14)
A visit to the temple mount? We all knew Sharon and you Yaalon are no Sharon.
21. Ain't surprised, no sir ,...
split ,   US   (01.14.14)
Rudeness embedded in DNA ,...
22. Offensive to the Muslim in the WH, who cannot tolerate truth
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.14.14)
23. DM Yaalon is Correct!
Chaim T. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.14.14)
Apparently there's only one member of the current govt. in Israel who has the chutzpah to say what every Israeli with a brain knows to be true. The PA representatives, including Abbas, have made quite clear how they feel about Kerry's plan. Why is it that it's "offensive" for Israel's defence minister, a man quite familiar with Israel's security needs, and what's going on in the PA, to voice (correctly) what needs to be said? Should we allow "political correctness" and fear of "damaging our relationship with America" to permit a "peace plan" to go forward, which our DM knows for certain, as do most Israelis, would lead to the death of thousands of Israelis? Long Live Moshe Yaalon!
24. Yaalon surely knows, that speaking the TRUTH is "not done"?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.14.14)
25. message is correct... lets not get personal.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (01.14.14)
Kerry's plan is dangerous for Israel as the Defense minister has pointed out. Kerry, however is just a wannabe presidential candidate looking for a peace prize, so he's just all business. He's actually supposed to be managing (all of the) State Department instead of being the special peace liaison to which he aspires. "Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to go to hell, so they ask for directions" Winston Churchill
26. Yes, But...
nadav ,   tlv   (01.14.14)
He was 100% Obama/Kerry want this peace at all costs- NOT Israel or the Arabs! They have been leading what will be 8 years of failed foreign policies- not only in the Mideast, but also in the Far East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa, i.e. EVERYWHERE. NEVER has America been so ill perceived internationally - even under Bush, thanks to Obama's NSA tactics and his endlessly shifting "red lines". Obama, Hillary, and Kerry are a disgrace and that's why they are looking for a quick win in the peace process! Let's hope a libertarian wins the next election!
27. Ayalon
Reuven ,   Zichron   (01.14.14)
I am reminded that Arik Sharon termed him as "a bok"
Kerry and his non-stop relentless pressure and nonsense offends us. Israelis do not tell Kerry how to live his life and Kerry should not arrogantly dictate to israelis how to live their lives.Then there will not be tension .
29. His comments are accurate!
Scott ,   Haifa   (01.14.14)
Praise God we have a continuation of the substance of Ariel Sharon, in Moshe Ya-alon. He is not afraid to state the truth against the misdirected foolishness of the U.S. Why can't the left see the absolute failure of the Gaza withdrawal. And so they want to withdraw more until our enemies are attacking our airports and main cities? We the people of Israel, most of us anyway are tired of this politically correct stupidity. We don't want this stupid citizen of Israel endangering peace plan Mr. Kerry or Mr. Obama. Hats off to Moshe Ya-alon, our next Prime Minister!
30. The truth!
david   (01.14.14)
He just told the truth. I'd rather have a leader tell the truth then one that hides behind falsehoods. He didn't say anything that we already don't know. Kol Hakovod.
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