Ya'alon's office issues letter of apology to Kerry
Published: 14.01.14, 23:56
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31. Wonderful
David ,   On this planet   (01.14.14)
instead of sticking together The peace makers are against each other and thrive to show how wonderful they are towards the US.Yaalon is being truthful while Livni and Peres keep kissing up and licking Kerry's boots. what a mess
32. Yaalon and Kerry
Robert Klein ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (01.14.14)
Congratulations to Defense Minister Yaalon for saying what many of us think and believe. I would not buy a used bicycle from Kerry.
33. Ya'alon's Rermarks
Ike ,   Chicago, USA   (01.14.14)
Offensive, inappropriate. So far, no one has said UNTRUE!
34. Ptaki: We're doing so much to give you PIECE you ingrates...
No proud Jew is ever ,   LIKED by goyim!!!!!!   (01.14.14)
Israel to US - thanks but NO THANKS
35. "'offensive and inappropriate" but honest for a change!
Michael Redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (01.14.14)
36. much more offensive are obama & kerry's lies to Israel
bernard ross   (01.14.14)
In 2016 both will be out of office and not representative of the US
37. Truth is Israel's strongest weapon.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.14.14)
Yaalon did nothing but speak the obvious truth about Kerry. Israel's true friends respect him for it. The truth is the strongest weapon against Fictional Palestine and the bogus dangerous "peace talks with Palestinians".
38. "Offensive", but correct or not?
Anat ,   Haderah, Israel   (01.14.14)
39. Daniel 9:27 "And he shall confirm the covenant with many.."
SCB ,   USA   (01.14.14)
40. Kerry, Vietnam and Israël
robert ,   Antwerpen (2018)   (01.14.14)
While Israël needs American military hardware, it certainly should not rely on American troops to police the border. They did so in Vietnam and left when the cost in lives became too high. They went into Irak and left when the cost in lives became too high. They are leaving Afghanistan for the same reason. Politics dictate wether America stays, not agreements.
41. Ya"alon Speaks The Truth
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (01.14.14)
Jen Psaki is the pretty face of the Obama Administration. Her role is to distort the truth with disinformation from the State Department. The State Department has always been filled with Arab supporters, but past Presidents have kept them under a tighter leash. This administration has demonstrated its Arab favoritism over and over again. Ya’alon spoke the truth! Whatever Kerry’s real motives are his actions are not in Israel’s interest. Kerry is meddling in the affairs of the Jewish People and he needs to get his nose out of those affairs. Netanyahu may be uncomfortable with Ya’alon’s comments because they are public, but he has to know in his heart they are true. Peres is merely an old glad hander who has lost his relevance in today’s age. As long as he scurries about and the press prints his comments he thinks he is doing something positive.
42. The TRUTH hurts..."dear" American friends =
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.14.14)
43. Yaalon attributed comments re US Secretary of State J.Kerry
tom klein ,   Manly, Australia   (01.14.14)
Finally someone said what had to be said. Bravo! Only that Kerry has no misplaced obsession or messianic fervor. He and his department and the US President unfortunately have no idea about world matters and treat the world and specially middle east with unsurpassed naivety.
44. The truth hurts the State department,
45. Boogy in Hans C Andersons story of Kings New Clothes
Alan ,   SA   (01.14.14)
Boogy is only one in the Gov that sees that the King is in the altogether. BOOGY WE SUPPORT YOU.
46. Kerry the man who batteries the US army in Vietnam
E.M Jordan is Pales ,   S.F   (01.14.14)
How possible anybody can trust the man who batteries his comrade in Vietnam and he lied for one reason which he wanted to get the vote from the lefties to be senator .Moshe Yaalon is 100% is right. Kerry is ready to scarify State of Israel to get peace prize.
47. oh oh lots of damage control now
Israella   (01.14.14)
Will the US get over it - yes, for sure. Will Israel be forgiven, of course, especially now that all the big guns, including Liberman, have jumped to condemn Ayalon. But, that little niggly question remains - is the US really doing everything to 'support Israel's security needs' or are we just being bullied to agree and accept Kerry’s plan?
48. Of course it is offensive!
Dani   (01.14.14)
Truth is always offensive to serial liars!
49. Pay-back time
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.14.14)
The arrogance of Yaalon and his talkback supporters will inevitably backfire and boomerang. And then the whining will begin in the "Land of the Arrogant"...(i.e. "antisemites" etc)
50. Sit back
ee ,   NY NY   (01.14.14)
and wait for the pal to turn the final offer down they never miss and opportunity to miss and opportunity. Better off with silence on Israel part.
51. "Given all US is doing to support Israel's security"
Steve Klein   (01.14.14)
Reuters says: "The remarks of the Defense Minister (Moshe Ya'alon), if accurate, are offensive and inappropriate especially given all that the United States is doing to support Israel's security needs," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said..." This is one of many reasons why Israel MUST wean herself from US aid and dependency. Israel is NOT a third world economy and has recently discovered significant oil and gas deposits. Israel should make as many of her own weapons as is humanly possible and buy the rest on the open market. Enough with this unhealthy dependency. Enough is enough!
52. Obama regime has been blatantly pro-Islamist
CJK   (01.14.14)
obama supports the muslim brotherhood; obama is letting the shia terror regime retain its nuclear weapons program; obama's lybian war has turned the country into an islamist haven, and allowed islamists to loot lybia's huge weapons stocks; al qaeda is flourishing throughout the muslim world, including iraq and syria; syrian children are dying of hunger as a result of the obama regime's policies. all of obama's policies have had a direct negative effect on israel's national security.
53. 22 Muslim radical states is ENOUGH!
Benny ,   Iran   (01.14.14)
There are 22 Muslim radical states, in havoc, chaos , mayhem . They are perpetual & violent enemies of Israel & the West . We don't need a Pal state to create more mayhem. That's their specialty. Before the 67 war, they were Jordanians. They will always be Jordanians.
54. Keep in mind Gates' book
mea   (01.14.14)
Gates's book details how the WH is run by inexperienced staff empowered by the president to make rank decisions. This is the crew that (alongside Gates himself) greeted Israel's Prime MInster at the BACK door of the WH, downsized a decades old tradition of a WH Sedar to a reception and has systematically sent the message that the President does not like Israel or Jews. This administration is the frost in history to be framed up around the presidents education at the knee of pro-Palestinina professors ceded into the US (and EU, UK) history chairs of virtually every major college and university in the US. Many or most of those chairs are funded by "gifts" from the Saudis. Now we see the fallout--and even the Saudis are disgusted by the president's inability or unwillingness to allow other opinions to have a voice in this admin's policies, let alone their bad manners. Yaalon is dead on, absolutely. There is NOTHING the Obama administration could possibly teach Israel about security. I congratulate him for his comments.
55. As long as Kerry is in Rome
Devorah   (01.14.14)
Maybe he should ask the vatican to pray that he receives a pair of baytzim so he can handle the truth about his self-serving and obnoxious behaviour without reacting like a sissy.
56. ya'alon is no diplomat
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.14.14)
which is probably why he is defense minister, and not foreign minister. now it's up to lieberman to tell kerry off, diplomatically. if obama insists on linking everything in the middle east to the arab-israeli conflict, why doesn't israel insist on its own form of "linkage", where everything depends on iran's nuclear talks? so far, obama has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and come up with absolutely nothing - the "easing" of the sanctions is now over $20 billion and climbing, while iran denies having made any concessions on its make-believe "right" to make weapons-grade uranium and plutonium. it's too bad the israeli government doesn't have the balls to walk away from ALL talks until there is tangible, and verified, progress on the iranian file.
57. manic maybe; messianic no
r ,   Atlanta   (01.14.14)
...DACON9   (01.14.14)
all that the United States is doing to support Israel's security needs," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a brief statement YEAH GOOD FOR KERRY,OBAMA AND CLINTON Without regard to ISRAEL WHO HAS THE EXPERIENCE
59. Obama has and is offensive not only to Israel
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.14.14)
But also to the U.S. From his beginning!!
60. sharon and herzog
marv   (01.14.14)
sharon did some very good things and some things not so good. He unleashed yaalon to smash west bank terror that barak had nothing about. Howver, sharon botched the gaza issue as he was up to his eyeballs in other troubles and aging fast with overweight. herzog, the son of a distinguished general, a lawyer shows himself to be a bloody weakling. He believes abbas, he learns nothing from gaza, he doesn't understand military geography joined by livni, lapid( a real dunce) and lieberman who is now finished(no one but putin will vote for him- he understands nothing about defensible borders). after everything jews have been throuhgh, and now able to defend themselves, they want to depend ont her US and nato as the jews of europe depended on roosevelt. No, absolutely no. Do not be cowed or intimidated. if US wants to sanction israel, go ahead. Haber, oren, sarid, levy and verter, livni and olmert, ramoni, joined by leiberman, peres, the cast of characters are chosen??!! they are no better than anyone else and certainly not chosen. If israel is to die as hamas wants it to, then it should do so guns blazing, taking the whole neighbourhood down with it and maybe europe as well rather than giving up its gun and relying on kerry and obama who could give 2 hoots about jews and israel. Yaalon is dead right. i am ashamed of herzog and his whole gang.
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