Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Ya'alon's frustration got out of control
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.01.14, 13:26
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1. Kerry persona non grata.
Lina ,   Tel Aviv, Israel.   (01.15.14)
2. It actually creates security in the feeling of Israelis
JewishHeart ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
A child is most secure when they know their father and mother are protecting them, and standing strong on their boundaries. A liberal parenting style is a disaster for a child and creates insecurity. The same for a country. Israelis in general, although pro-peace for the most part, do not trust Obama's motives for Israel. They also don't trust his strategic understanding. It is Obama who brought Islamic chaos in Libya, capitulated to Iran, Threw Mubarak under the bus, supported Morsi, and tried to throw Sisi under the bus, Iraq and Afghanistan are in choas, and things have not improved with his ME ideas. We aren't even mentioning Syria's fiasco and Lebanon. Israelis are afraid of the mess he can make here as well. Yaalon brought comfort to the Israeli public (this is what I hear on the streets and read into it) that there are at least some people who are able to stand up to the ME mess Obama has brought and is saying, "not in my neighborhood!" Its refreshing!
3. It is time for the US
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (01.15.14)
to totally disengage from the "peace process" . We can never be an honest broker and the two sides are far apart. We want to guarantee Israeli security, however I personally believe any attempts at Israeli disengagement from the West Bank will bring security problems for the State of Israel and that will be blamed on the US. The US should let the Israeli's solve there own issues the way they see fit, however the US should no longer guarantee Israel a VETO to protect it from international sanctions, so as not to damage it's reputation of being neutral in the conflict. That is the only way the conflict is solved is no more US involvement with Israel or the Palestinians. Let the International community deal with it and the US should take it's money and efforts and take care of it's budget crisis.
4. More or less in agreement
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.15.14)
Ya'alon should have bit his tongue and just leaked things to the press thru anonymous sources... However, he is correct on the facts. We as Israelis certainly value the American support, but we cannot commit suicide for it. The Arrow missile and the Iron Dome won't save us from a jihadist insurgency in the West Bank.
5. Kerry does what benefits Hussein Obama,not America or Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.15.14)
6. We All Need Truth Transparency ...
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (01.15.14)
not "public diplomacy" lies!
7. Yaalon tells the truth while the rest of you
Al   (01.15.14)
are nothing more than tuchus leckers hoping to grovel what you can. Were it up to you and your ilk Israel would be history. The Israeli of 48 67 is long gone. He has been replaced by a gang of groveling tuchus leckers with no backbone whatsoever.
8. It certainly was a NECESSARY affair!
Mira ,   Vienna   (01.15.14)
It made clear tomMessianic Kerry that there are limits which not even HE will be able to cross. The People fo Israel are backing Ya'alon!
9. Frustrability
nathan ,   Milano   (01.15.14)
If Kerry is frustrating such an important minister, what could it happen in case of war ??
10. Ya'alon must replace Bibi as PM and FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scream Boogie ,   SCREAM   (01.15.14)
Bibi scares me more than Kerry
11. A Diplomat
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.15.14)
A diplomat is someone who tells you so politely to 'Go to Hell' that you look forward to the journey. As long as Abbas is demanding the right of return to four to five million Arabs to Israel, there can be no realistic solution. Abass knows if he drops this unreasonable demand his own days will be numbered.
12. If I had this guy for a father
Big Al ,   Zichron, Israel   (01.15.14)
I would jump out of the nearest window. Don't you people see how bad these remarks make this country look, and even worse his immediate retraction. Where is is the common sense, the diplomacy?
13. Ya'alon is right as was Netanyahu over Iran.
bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (01.15.14)
Israel is overly dependent on the US. We all know this but there is no alternative yet. Obama, Kerry and anyone else in the U.S. government can openly criticize Israel anytime they wish to. But as soon as an Israeli official criticizes US policy, its Israel that is the obstacle to peace. Just as Netanyahu was heavily criticized for openly criticizing US-EU led nuclear deal with Iran so Ya'alon is slammed for disagreeing with the Obama / Kerry 'peace' plan. This plan simply gives the Arabs what they want and fails to accept Israel's clear security fears. Yes there are more diplomatic ways to say 'I think you are mistaken' and Ya'alon has maybe learned something. But bending over backwards to accommodate the US while endangering Israel makes no sense. Hence the value of Ya'alon's remarks.
14. YA'ALON Frustrated with Bibi
Boogi Ya'alon is frustrated that Bibi forced him to vote in the cabinet to free terrorists. Bibi knew it was wrong and he forced Boogi to go along with it. Boogi chose to attack Kerry and Husein Obama but his frustration is actually at Bibi. 22 Arab States is enough. Say no to Palestine. Israel is a Jewish State. The Jewish people have ZAHAL and Hashem and we can survive without Kerry and Obama With Love of Israel David Jacobs
15. #1
Harold ,   USA   (01.15.14)
Writing comments are free of charge but please try to pass your message to John Kerry officially.
16. Trust the lying, cheating and deceiving Obama at your peril.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.15.14)
17. This piece of opinion
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (01.15.14)
The author is not worried about the fact that Yaalon is right. He seems not to care that the USA plan is simply far away from reality. But he is worried about Boggie not being "politically correct"! You know what, if you do a poll 90% will prefer people who say the true like Yaalon over people who are "politically correct " like the author!
18. Telling the TRUTH
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
Since when is telling the truth about a situation and the right of a member of the Knesset to speak out against a wrong "FORBIDDDDEN" because it may not be "POLITICALY CORRECT" ......Kerry should respect his statements, because he / we will have to live with kerry's lack of knowledge just so he can win a nobel prize.......Thank you Minister Ya"alon for speaking the truth......
19. Yes Boogie was right.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (01.15.14)
Ya'alon was absolutely right & said what had to be said, he should not have apologized. Kerry get lost & go home.
20. #2
There is now proof that Obama lied about Benghazi and lied about the IRS scandal. There is proof that Obama negotiated 6 months time to give Iran to develop nukes safe from Israeli counter-measures. No one actually believes Obama did not know that millions of Americans would lose their good insurance for a useless "obamacare" card. On top of the fact that Obama is a known liar, Israelis know that Ya'alon is objectively right about Israeli security and that Kerry's only purpose is to get a Nobel prize for himself.
21. between us
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
A lesson to Ya'alon: never trust an itonai, especially when you tell something "secret - between us" to the man. A journalist always will jump on a information when he sees it as a scoop.
22. Kerry is a murderous monster
viet kong kerry ,   Dai nahng   (01.15.14)
hated for his treason by everyone in America besides the Nazi Leftists.
les ,   canada   (01.15.14)
all Kerry is doing, mindlessly pushes Hussein's agenda. and it is not for the benefit of Israel. they don't seem to listen to the ayatollah's renting against Israel (and the usa), or hamas's "forecast" giving 8 years to eliminate Israel, or hizbo's threat of bombard civilians with thousands of rockets....the truth is: if you don't eliminate your enemies, they will eliminate you!
24. Mainly: Kerry is insignificant!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.15.14)
25. Just say "NO". No "sophistocated" response needed.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
Give the strong, uncompromising "NO" that Kerry's malignant "peace keeping" deserves. That is how the strong leaders of Russia, China and other nations respond to unacceptable demands. No phony "sophistication" is needed.
26. He said it and rightly so!
tiki ,   belgium   (01.15.14)
27. Frustrated my Tuches; It needed saying
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.15.14)
Ya'alon meant Obama who is driving Kerry hands on through Amb. Indyk. Obama has already put Israel in harms way, wants us out of the way. All Israel should shout to its friends in the USA. Never again. Your President is over the edge. STOP HIM
28. Yaalon was right
CJK   (01.15.14)
the obama regime has one goal and that is to dictate the capitulation terms to the sovereign jewish state of israel. obama tries to dress up his immense hostility to israel and his dictatorial tendencies as good will and sweet caring, but the israeli public knows full well that he does not have their intersts at heart. there is no doubt whatever that obama and kerry and their people are obsessed with jews and with israel.
29. Ya'alon forgot
s. kansas ,   eilat   (01.15.14)
Never ever trust a journalist from Yediot. I'm surprised Ya'alon forgot in whose company he was.
30. 7 Al, BEHAVE ! ! !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.15.14)
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