Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Ya'alon's frustration got out of control
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.01.14, 13:26
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31. 3 right on the money!
waste of time, ,   treasure and efforts   (01.15.14)
32. Yaalon unlikely to make this mistake, but nevertheless
Mea   (01.15.14)
it is true that the US security plan is faulty. It is bsolutely preposterous for the Americans to believe they can draw up a plan for another nations security. This is American arrogance at it's finest.
33. #12 Big Al, Before you jump
I'd close the window unless I was on the first floor.Big Al, Bogie is a top flight commander in the IDF and like Sharon knows the ramifications of a really bad deal.By speaking out he's showing his displeasure with the so called "peace process".Al, please don't jump, take 2 asprins and go to bed--call me in the morning--By the way, have got $10?
34. through several gestures, can reduce the cooling-off period
Zev ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
This so-called crisis is managed. Kerry and Obama will milk this for all it is worth. I truly hope that Israel will not fall for this tactic and will not give away anything to get back in their graces. If Yaalon is not wanted in Washington he can tell them when you are ready you know my phone number and we will see how soon it is the Americans who will try to mend fences.
35. #6: Truth and clarity are not considered ...
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (01.15.14)
worthwhile commodities in the ME and in diplomatic circles in general.
36. Was Yaalon wrong ?
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.15.14)
Most opinion makers said Yaalon should not have that comment. Nobody said he was wrong.
37. Ya'alon found the PERFECT words !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.15.14)
Kerry is Israels ENEMY No.1 !
38. #12 Big Al
Yaalon's statements were made privately but some shtinker published them order to delegitimize Israel and destabilize the government. Obama wants to appoint someone more amenable. "I will guarantee Israel's security" "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" "There are no death panels" "The video is to blame"
39. #32
Harold ,   USA   (01.16.14)
What a difference a day makes. From a big mouth to a shrinking mouth. Moshe is stepping on the tail of a super power country and that is suicidal. The United States has to forgive Moshe when he apologizes one hundred times.
40. can't tell truth in politics
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.16.14)
Ya'alon's error was to tell the truth. In politics you just make out like Kerry and O'bama are saints, smile and wait for them to leave then spray aerosol around the country to clean up the foul smell that they leave behind.
41. Amazing
Reuven ,   Netanya   (01.16.14)
This whole security issue was created by us, yes us - Israel - because we elected war mongering generals as politicians. Now that the world has enough of this charade that we are keeping up, we start crying that everyone is against us. Time to give back what we took 30 years ago and let them be.
42. I don't care whether he is right or wrong
Sagi   (01.16.14)
His opinion is irrelevant. His sagacity is in question, in fact in very serious doubt. One does not spit into the well from which one drinks.
43. typical jewish response, somebody's
Jim   (01.16.14)
else fault. Or some bazaar excuse, if challenged, the challenger is antisemitic
44. totally disengage from the "peace process" .
mikeT ,   israel   (01.16.14)
the USA reputation has been damaged greatlly by Obama internationally The USA VETO is important as the UN is not a fair battlefield. There is no International community. Shake rattle and roll, identified himself as 'Sheik' rattke & roll ! A Freudian slip on the keyboard! I rest my case!
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