Kerry: Ya'alon comments shouldn't undermine peace efforts
Published: 15.01.14, 13:59
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1. In a recent Gallup poll and involving 60,000
A ,   Belgium   (01.15.14)
people, the good ol' US of A recieved a huge majority of 24% by those who considered it "the greatest threat to world peace". Considering Obama's pathetic 40% approval rating by Americans (53% disapproval), it's no wonder Israel is fed up with his attempts at forcing Israel to self-destruct via his poodle Kerry. Now the question is, what did King Bibi the Weak have to do to get Ya'alon to apologize for stating the truth about the disaster called "peace talks"?
2. Pity if Kerry is right.
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (01.15.14)
Pity if Ya'alon CAN'T damage the phoney 'peace process' deigned for Israel's demise. But on the bright side, Kerry is full of sh-- and is usually wrong.
3. There will NEVER be peace with Arabs
Mark My Words   (01.15.14)
Yaalon is right. Kerry should claim his Piece Prize and stay home.
4. When Mr. Kerry will be Israeli working
Miron ,   USA   (01.15.14)
for Israeli government he might get a chance to speak on those matters. For now he did fine jobs on some directions for our country. But as far as relationship with Israel goes he is trotting on a very thin ice.
5. Kerry's continuing reference to "peace" is indictive how...
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.15.14)
...naïve the man is, and how disconnected he and his boss are from a reality that Ya'alon is too familiar with. At the most, Israel may reach an accommodation with some of its neighbors. But peace, a loaded word that includes so many components, is simply not even the long term goal of Israel's opponents in the region. This, naïve Kerry, refuses to understand, and we, Jews, will end up paying the price for this naivete, again.
6. Kerry should not undermine Israel
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (01.15.14)
Only the U.S. is entitled to have sensibilities and feelings and is permitted to feel insukted or offended. Israel does not have this luxury because israelis are " second-class citizens" who are fair game to be threatened ,subjugated and mistreated. Only american politicians and diplomates can complain and vent their spleens ,israeli leaders ,such as Mr .Yaalon have to suffer fools like Kerry gladly .
Kerry is extremely arrogant and is certainly no friend of Israel ,although he " pretends " to be a friend. It is best to simply ignore him.
9. #5 NLKatz : Are you naive?
Obama plans to destroy Israel
10. Yaalon is right
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (01.15.14)
Kerry wants a "peace" agreement at any price. He could care less about the securiy needs of Israel. Yaalon is right to reject his offer and he told it like it is. He has no need to apologize.
11. Kerry hasn't reached agreement on anything.
Sam ,   Canada   (01.15.14)
For all his meetings and time spent on the peace issues Kerry hasn't reached agreement on any issue. Anybody can say that the the hard decisions must be made but Kerry hasn't succeeded in getting any. He is determined to get the Palestinians a state but can't get Palestinians to accept a Jewish state. Nothing has changed.
12. The old cliche about Israel wanting peace
has been pretty worn off by now.
13. One should never
Chaim ,   Arad   (01.15.14)
apologize for the truth. If someone gets their feelings hurt because of the truth, it shows pride and arrogance. Well, I think that fits the US administration perfectly. You can be sure, if they are pushing a "piece" plan, there is something in there for them and the rest goes under the bus.
JERSEY JEW ,   NJUSA   (01.15.14)
15. Why apologize when you're right?
Concerned Israeli ,   Central Israel   (01.15.14)
Kerry needs the Nobel Peace Prize as a feather in his cap. He doesn't know anymore about what's going on here than Obama. CLUELESS!
16. Kerry undermined Israel
Kerry ,   New Amsterdam   (01.15.14)
The US all this administration would like to do is bring down the land of Israel they don't care how they do it , with the held of g-d they will destroy them selfs Obama is doing a good job destroying the Americas
17. Kerry hasn't reached agreement on anything.
Sam ,   Canada   (01.15.14)
For all his meetings and time spent on the peace issues Kerry hasn't reached agreement on any issue. Anybody can say that the the hard decisions must be made but Kerry hasn't succeeded in getting any. He is determined to get the Palestinians a state but can't get Palestinians to accept a Jewish state. Nothing has changed.
18. Kerry the fool
Jeff ,   S.A.   (01.15.14)
Kerry might be a nice Guy but he is a shmok, a fool with no understanding of arabs. Peace is not in their interrest, they are not looking for the 2 State solution. Their goal is that what the Iranians say aloud, to wipe Israel off the map. It starts with a Judenrein palestine without Jews and an Israel full of Arabs. They didn't want a 2 State solution in 48 and its still the same, nothing has changed.
19. The government should back Ya'alon
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (01.15.14)
instead of separating themselves from his perfectly truthful and accurate statements. It's time to send Lurch home with his pro-Koranic proposals, and do exactly the opposite of what our enemies, disguised as friends want us to do. All Americans in Israel should renounce their citizenship and recover their money in America, before the fangs of fascism takes over the whole, once great, failing country.
20. Kerry is dictating under orders from Obama
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (01.15.14)
They plan to put Israel in Harms way and out of the way. Government should insist on seeing the Iran secret accord, have a full disclosure of Kerry Abbas talks, and stop releasing terrorists
21.  Kerry the dreamer
ky   (01.15.14)
As someone that believes in a balanced and sane Middle East I kind of sit on the fence between not supporting a greater Israel with occupied territory and all the disasters that it will bring but at times when Israel is under attack believe it has the right to defend itself when attacked for no good reason. For me John Kerry has the look of a dreamer, a. man who desperately wants to to good. Unfortunately the only thing that matters in the Middle East is the reality. Terror, violence and hatred . This reality may change in a hundred years but for now America needs to deal wit the reality and not the dream of what Mr Kerry would like it to be.
22. קרי
david ,   jerusalem   (01.15.14)
Ya'alon has hit the nail on the head. Kudos to our smart government who got the message out and then said "aint it awful"
23. Ya'alon for King of Israel !!!!
Salim ,   Canada   (01.15.14)
Maybe he should tweek his nickname a bit... King "Bogie" may not sound pleasing to some refined ears.
24. Israeli exceptualism
Bob ,   Brooklyn   (01.15.14)
No other country is treated by the US and the American media with such kid gloves as Israel. And quite frankly no President has been more forgiving than Obama. (Remember the Reagan/Bush years and then Obamas holding back of his inherited defense secretary Gates.) As a Jew and a Zionist I am often grateful for that double standard. However even close friends and family have their limits as to how much abuse they can take. A little humility and seichel is in order.
25. Arrogant ?
JACK ,   NETANYA   (01.15.14)
What a stupid remark , BiBi should fire him right away . He knows that the U.S. is the only real friend that we have.
Ben ,   USA   (01.15.14)
27. N.L.Katz #5: They don't care.
Steve   (01.15.14)
Do you think Obama and Kerry care if copious quantities of Jewish blood flow as a consequence of their "peace" initiatives? No. They do NOT care. They will not loose any sleep over slaughtered Jews any more than Obama lost sleep over the murders of American officials in Benghazi.
28. #25 JACK
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (01.15.14)
The USA are not your friend. At least not under the Obama Administration. The earlier you realize this, the better for you.
29. Sec Kerry is naive, very naive:
Jeremy Eliot ,   Chicago Il.   (01.15.14)
Earlier this month Kerry was finger-wagging Egypt for declaring the Islamic Brotherhood illegal. The "Brotherhood" has very strong ties to Iran and Al-Qaeda. Mr. Kerry is naive, dangerously naive!! Israel cannot trust him.
30. 19. The government should back Ya'alon
They should, but you need to ask, Has Bibi sold out ? I pray not, but we are being punished partly for his chemistry with a rogue President
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