Rockets launched at Ashkelon; IAF strikes terror hub, ammo factory
Mattan Tzuri
Published: 16.01.14, 02:12
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1. Sharon's one big mistake highlighted
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.16.14)
instead of giving Gaza to the terrorists and expecting peace, he should have flattened it until they got on their knees and begged for peace, something like America did to Japan in 1945 and since then their has been peace between them.
2. Try something new
Ron ,   oc us   (01.16.14)
Cut all supplies into Gaza, no more medical visits, no more squatters and if the IAF must bomb something then bomb something besides empty buildings. Israel can also make cheap rockets and they can return the terror visited upon Israel. The tit for tat ain't working.
3. It's no joke being woken up at 1.20 am with the rockets
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (01.16.14)
I couldn't get back to sleep as they were intercepted over our street and you start praying that with a bit of luck Kerry may have been passing through, sneaking back to his hole in US. The Gazans' speak like snakes spitting out their venom. If you really want peace then prove it and condemn those that fire at us.!
4. Assad paying a few faction groups
Observer   (01.16.14)
Assad paying a few minority faction groups to fire rockets on Israel in order to create conflict in Gaza, to distract the Palestinians from what's going on in Yarmouk.
5. Rockets go on because the response is too small
Sam ,   Canada   (01.16.14)
The terrorists are not impressed with the Israeli response so they continue firing rockets. If Israel wants the rockets to stop it will have to impress the terrorists.
6. The answer must be
El Mugrabi   (01.16.14)
The Israeli Air Force response to the rocket is very weak. It must be a 7 days of continued air attack on Gaza so Hamas will think twice next time.
7. Maybe im just ignorant??
Michael ,   Canada   (01.16.14)
As an outsider living in Canada, I beg the question .. How is it that you Israelis can be in the middle of peace talks with people that are still firing rockets at you? Is it because you think that once peace agreement is agreed upon and you have given them land that all of a sudden the rockets will stop? Maybe a bad comparison but i dont give my children treats when they have temper tantrums...
8. Preemption Needed
Brod ,   USA   (01.16.14)
More than Iron Dome, Preemption is Needed.
9. to #5: maybe, maybe not
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.16.14)
in this case, i don't think you are completely right. there isn't a monolithic group called "the palestinians" in gaza. nominally, hamas is in charge, but they aren't the only terrorist group operating there. and the others have their own agendas, which sometimes coincide with hamas, and sometimes don't. it makes sense to "hold hamas responsible" for any and all attacks, as the idf is doing. and in the past, hamas has certainly managed to keep a ceasefire ("hudna") for more than 6 months at a time. but it seems that at the moment, they do not have a broad consensus of the other terrorist groups for that. from israel's point of view, this isn't the right time to get suckered into an all-out war by a secondary group like islamic jihad, and take their eyes off the ball, in tehran, or south lebanon.
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