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Hamas losing control of Gaza Strip
Alex Fishman
Published: 19.01.14, 15:03
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1. Two points
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.19.14)
1. It does not matter who was responsible for the rocket barrage from Gaza. Israel's policy has long been to hold Hamas responsible for all such attacks. Hamas needs to keep its house in order. 2. Seventeen missile and mortar attacks require seventeen responses from Israel; seven responses do not send an adequate message.
2. Hamas: keep their house in order?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.19.14)
Hamas' "house" is a "house of cards," built on flimsy ideology, easily deconstructed from within. Their own infighting will erode their viability.
3. Pali terrorists are all the same...........
Ben S ,   Free World   (01.19.14)
They may go by different names, but their goals are the same. They want to murder innocent Jews. Muslim Brotherhhod, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, PLO and Hamas are all over Gaza and they help one another. For peace to ever exist they must all be eliminated.
4. Hamas internal problems
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.19.14)
Actually, the Hamas Liberation Fighters' Gaza establishment, if it is weakening, this is happening partly because of Egypt's treasonous collaboration with "Israel" and its tyrannical persecution of democratically elected Mohammed Morsi. Egypt's current regime thus is despicable.
5. Targeted assassinations
IESKY ,   KY ISRAEL   (01.19.14)
Its been proven, time and time again, that the only time Israel attacks targets in Gaza, its in retaliation for rocket/mortar/other terrorist attacks from the Gaza strip. However, these retaliations have only a short term effect and do not do the job. On the other hand, were the terrorist groups, including Hamas, to know that each and every rocket fired from the Gaza strip would be retaliated to with a targeted assassination, there can be no doubt that after one or two rounds of such retaliatory targeted assassination attacks, the lesson would be learnt and we would get the quiet we desire and deserve. Arik Sharon z"l understood this and used it to great avail (Sheik Yassin, etc.) You cannot deal proportionately with terror. It simply doesn't work.......
6. Little Syria ?
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.19.14)
7. Lets hope Israel than makes Gaza
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.19.14)
what it should be - a parking lot
8. When the time is right, meaning, when the US Congress
A ,   Belgium   (01.19.14)
approves Egypt's annual aid package of $1.5 BILLION, (even though the hypocritical US government "claims" it does not aid governments that have taken power through a coup), the Egyptians will do what Israel should have done long ago...destroy hamas. It takes an arab to know how to handle another arab, negotiating with them is hopeless
9. Rockets
steve gure ,   coconut creek usa   (01.19.14)
Israels response is not strong enough to make the terror groups stop their terro no matter who is responsible. It might be better if the situation deteriates to such an extent that will force the Israelis to take the needed actions .
10. where did the "rebels," i.e., al qaeda, get the grad rockets
CJK   (01.19.14)
if indeed it was al qaeda and not hamas who fired the grad rockets, then where did they get them from? the truth is that hamas cooperates with al qaeda, both against israel and against egypt. in the near future, egypt will clean out the terrorist elements from the sinai and seal off gaza.
11. Simple answer . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (01.19.14)
1) Turn off the gas, water and electricity. or 2) Retake Gaza and deport the whole bloody lot to Europe . . addressed to Ms Ashton.
12. Blame room service
Devorah   (01.19.14)
Padico Holding, which built the 5-star, $47 million Al-Mashtal hotel in Gaza in 2011, said that the fate of Gaza would hinge on the fate of the hotel. The Al-Mashtal "hotel" happens to sit next to a Hamas terrorist training camp. Location, location, location lol.
13. #4
The Mayor ,   Philly, USA   (01.19.14)
Then, as you state, the Egyptian regime and you have something in common!
14. #11 - Go for it, BUT . . .
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.20.14)
You might want to re-read the article about how Israeli Hasbra is failing because if Israel did as you suggest, Europe AND THE US, would devastate the Israel economy overnight. BTW - have you thought about the HUGE number of Israelis would die trying to "conquer" Gaza? Israel can NOT solves its many problems by force because it has reached the limits of its force.
15. Hamas "Judenrat" run Gaza Warsaw ghetto for Israel now
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.14)
16. #14 Israel "has reached the limits of its force."
A ,   Belgium   (01.20.14)
Oh really? Ever heard of napalm? Bunkerbusters? Nukes? America knows all about those things, as I'm sure Israel does too. The only difference is that Israel is too moral (cowardly?) to use them while America sees no problem in toasting of thousands of people at a crack. And America wasn't even defending itself while being outnumbered by hostile neighbors.
17. #16 - As I said "go for it" . . . BUT
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (01.20.14)
before you jump off that cliff, you might want to re-think the whole situation. After Israel makes lots of "crispy critters" in Gaza, what will be left of Israel? Do you really think Israel will not be severely punished by most of the world? How long can Israel survive without an economy? ALL actions have both anticipated and unanticipated consequences - How bad would the unanticipated consequences be?
18. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.20.14)
If they could, they would have done so long since. The fact of the matter is that neither Europe nor the United States is capable of destroying Israel's economy. By the way -- we're not interested in "conquering" Gaza. But rest assured that we can pound it from the air until there aren't two bricks standing one atop the other. So I think that "HUGE" numbers of Israeli casualties exist exclusively in your wishful thinking and your warped brain. Finally -- Israel has not "reached the limits of its force." You haven't BEGUN to see what exists in Israel's arsenal, and I am referring to conventional weapons only. There's a fair number of nonconventional weapons at Israel's disposal. You -- along with the rest of the world -- would do well to keep that in mind.
19. To: Devorah at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.20.14)
Ah, Padico Holding. 80% owned by the Masri family; the balance by an odd consortium of Jordanian investors. Doesn't meet the criteria for listing on any public or private exchange -- so it created its own: "Palestine Exchange" (PEX). With only one company listed: Padico. Taken quite a bath on Al Mashtal. Something about people not really wanting to visit a terrorist haven -- go figure. At least Padico knows better than to invest in the "Palestine Authority."
20. #4
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.20.14)
"Egypt's current regime thus is despicable".....best they can get till they get a secular leader from amongst the people rather than from amongst the military. You have to pity the Egyptians, they are stuck with the rule of law based on Shariah rather than on justice.
21. #16
Mark ,   London   (01.20.14)
I don't think the residents of Sderot or anywhere nearby would relish a solution based on nuking Gaza. Have you heard of fallout?
22. #21 Indeed I have, which is why I pointed out
A ,   Belgium   (01.20.14)
that unlike the US, Israel is too moral to use nuclear weapons unless it is as a suicidal last resort. Incendiaries and napalm against attacking hostile forces are another matter.
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